Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Today's Pensacola Fire Department

Today's Pensacola Fire Department stands in stark contrast to the PFD of the past.

The discrimination lawsuit a few years ago by 4 black firefighters has created a transformation within the PFD.  Our fire department has held strong throughout this chief dilemma.

Today's firefighters have worked hard to change the racially hostile culture of the past. 

Racism is not tolerated by the firefighters of today's PFD.

The following is a repost from July 2015 that explained the transformation of the PFD and where the department is today. 

PFD...Where are they now?

Over the past two weeks you have read of the dismal racial history of the Pensacola Fire Department. You have read affidavits regarding racist acts and outright discrimination. You have seen the City Administration dismissing the issues and instead of punishing the firefighters committing these unthinkable acts...they were promoted.  In fact, in some cases, promoted all the way up to Chief.  

Despite the inaction of City leadership both prior to Hayward and over the last 4.5 years of Hayward's neglect, the PFD has moved on.  They have healed from the past and thankfully most, if not all, of the racist individuals are no longer with the Pensacola Fire Department.  The Fire Union membership has elected as their President for the past two terms one of the firefighters that was party to the lawsuit.  The Union has also added anti-discrimination language to their bylaws.  

Our Fire Department is strong.  They are courageous and they are there for their "brother" and for the Citizens.


The Mayor has continued to disappoint!  


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the past is destined to repeat itself because of the mayor and his staff. The message appears to be that race discrimination is acceptable and those who oppose it will be punished in some way. If there are racists in the fire department, why would they now resist the urge to act upon their beliefs? It sounds as if those who committed racist acts in the past were actually rewarded instead of being punished. Even being promoted all the way up to the position of chief?

It's been my experience that in such an environment, even those who are not "racist" become more tolerant because they don't want to rock the boat. Ashton Hayward is singularly responsible for creating a renewed atmosphere of tolerance towards racism. Obviously, Chief Schmitt and Chief Glover "got out of line" by taking a stand for racial equality. I hope that Pensacola remembers this next year if Hayward dumb enough to participate in the MLK parade. Then again, he's just oblivious enough to believe that people can't see who he relly is. What a sham and a shame.

George Hawthorne said...

The discrimination has now permeated the Mayor's office to include the Mayor, Olson, Sisson and those who have participated in this shameful "EEOC complaint retaliation" against the Fire Chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Our mon-leader, spineless, clueless joke of a mayor has managed to destroy any hopes of healing the injustices of the past. Maren, there were some who questioned you for exposing the city for its systemic racism of the past. Hayward has left no doubt that racism is alive and well tarting from the 7th floor of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I read this blog often but rarely post. I must say that what I've been reading over the past 3 months is extremely disturbing. I feel betrayed by this mayor who has wasted my tax dollars with the Fish House lawsuit and now this unbelievable investigation that's going to cost even more.

Anonymous said...

With Ashton Hayward as mayor the fire department is sure to revert back to the days when racial slurs were as common as someone saying good morning. He has truly exposed himself for who he is and has surely lost the respect of all African American firefighters who had to endure blatant racism.

Anonymous said...

The mayor's actions are deplorable and malicious. He has definitely set Pensacola back many years especially at the fire department. No one even mentions the potential impact on the services that we the citizens pay for.