Monday, April 25, 2016

Olson Does Not Meet His Own Job Classification

Below is a link to the Job Classification for Eric Olson's position, City Administrator.

City Administrator

"Seven (7) years of municipal management experience"


Let's repeat that!

"Seven (7) years of municipal management experience"

Eric Olson's resume is at the link below.

Included in No Confidence Vote Materials PAGE 8

What does it say?  Let's see:

  • Naval Flight Officer 1987-1991 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Olmstead Foundation Scholar 1992-1994 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Combat Direction Center Officer 1994-1996 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Operations Officer 1997-1999 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Regional Desk Officer 2000 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Defense Attache 2002-2005 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • ROTC Dude 2005-2008 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Liaison Officer 2008-2011 Municipal experience...Nope!
  • Veteran Outreach Coordinator 2011-Hired by City Municipal experience...Nope!
I don't understand??
How can he be in a role that was never advertised and that he is not qualified for?

Are job classifications really needed?
Can anyone just work anywhere for the City?



Anonymous said...

No Maren just anyone cannot walk into City Hall and get a job. You first have to know someone on the inside that is aware of upcoming vacancies.

Anonymous said...

Maren - Sisson had to change the minimum qualifications of his position once he was hired! He is not fit to work with people at all. He is just an arrogant punk who probably got his lunch money taken from him every day at school. If I wasn't afraid of contaminating my hand, I'd give him a wedgy myself. He is the absolute worst HR person in the history of HR and I am being totally serious. He doesn't know his job and EVERYONE hates him.

George Hawthorne said...

Eric Olson is the most ineffective and unqualified Administrator that Escambia County, Pensacola and possibly the State has ever seen. You just highlighted his qualifications, let me evaluate a few key points to his PERFORMANCE as an administrator.

Examples of Required Work he has failed to meet

1. Administers the annual City budget in a manner that maintains an efficient balance between the quality and cost of government. (Look at the cost of legal fees for the various legal and operational blunders by the Hayward administration since he was CA, i.e. Fish House, Tower Lease, EEOC "investigation")
2. Oversees disaster preparation planning and provides managerial leadership and resource support during emergency or disaster response. (No show at the Emergency Operations Center during tornado didn’t know that the City of Pensacola was effected)

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities – Clearly he does not meet these

3. Knowledge of effective managerial principles, practices and methods. (Just ask the Fire Chiefs or any of the intimidated employees)
4. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with, elected officials, government and community agencies, other employees, and the general public. (He has no credibility with any of the above)
5. Ability to maintain a high level of integrity and ethical performance at all times. (Are you kidding me, the man has no integrity or ethics, ask Ms. Nichols or review the KNOWN and EXPOSED lies by Olson in the press)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Anonymous at 9:24 AM you have to prove yourself completely incompetent, unethical, and willing to break the law. Most of all you have to do exactly what the mayor says even though he doesn't know crap about anything.

Anonymous said...

Let's remember, Hayward hired Derek Cosson & he didn't qualify either. Hayward wants what he wants, so this is no surprise.

Anonymous said...

This should come as no surprise to anyone who is aware of what's being going on at City Hall since the Boy Blunder was first elected. When you elect someone who is grossly unqualified and immensely incompotent, you would normally expect them to surround themselves with individuals who are well qualified and experienced. However, when the person in charge is an ego-maniac, as is the case with the mayor, his selections will always be low level rejects who would do anything to keep the job that they never should have been considered for in the first place. Think about those he has hired and I defy anyone to prove that any of them do not fit in that category.

Anonymous said...

The City of Pensacola has ALWAYS been a happy retirement village for naval officers. This has been the practice for many, many decades. It matters not whether the person is competent or experienced in a particular field, there will be a place SOMEWHERE on the city payroll for a retired naval officer. Perhaps the city is hoping that this policy will somehow dissuade the Navy from closing NAS.

Most of these retired officers have had enough common sense to muddle their way through their jobs until they could land their second golden parachute. Olson may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't think that his actions can be blamed on stupidity. Instead, I believe that his actions mirror the management practices of everyone who has been in this administration. The similarities are not a coincidence. I believe that they are all "following orders" from above. So let's put the blame where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

^^Good point! I almost forgot about the creator of Dick's Blog. Ashton has hired scum bag after scum bag.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the the problem is the one in charge but no one is forced to compromise their integrity and violate ethics. That is the choice of each individual. It's time to take all of the trash out.

Anonymous said...

Same story different day...Is anyone really surprised by any of this? It would have been surprising if Olson actually meet any of the minimal requirements. He's just another scrub and as it was once said on Duck Dynasty, "scrubs are out".

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the City of Pensacola where standards and the law only applies to 99% of its citizens and 99% of its employees.

Anonymous said...

It is called the Peter Principle and Olson out did himself. How ironic.