Monday, April 4, 2016

Myers Takes Larry B to Task...Larry a Rule Breaker??

In a recent email to the press, Councilmember Sherri Myers pointed out some facts that indicate that Larry B. Johnson is a "rule breaker" also.

In case you haven't been keeping tabs on how long council members speak at City Council meetings, I would like to share this link with you from Nov. 24, 2015.

If you will go to 23.08 Larry Johnson begins to speak regarding agenda item # 1 having to do with EDATEs for Daily Convo.  He speaks and engages in discussion with various individuals until 35.53 on the video (almost 13 minutes).  He then speaks again 2x for a total of five and half minutes.  Councilman Bare allowed Johnson 17 minutes to speak and ask questions.  I find it truly incredible that Larry Johnson is concerned about council members speaking over their allotted time. 

LBJ, did you brake the rules also?  

Myers breaks the rules!
Johnson breaks the rules!
Bare doesn't enforce the rules!
Cannada-Wynn wants a legal opinion on everything from the Bobblehead. (Hint: It will be whatever Ashton wants)
Spencer keeps promising District 6 he will handle issues. They never get handled.
Wingate looks like he wants to throw a shoe at the Mayor.
Terhaar doesn't consider himself a District Councilmember
Wu is happy to find his seat.

City Council...Oh I miss it soooooooooo much!


Anonymous said...

At one time Larry Johnson was a decent councilman. Not sure what happened, maybe the mayor has something on him. I personally think is is just an old drunk, worse since he bought the bar. I remember him telling me how bad the mayor was 3 or 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

He was never a decent councilman. From the beginning he hid when tough votes needed to be taken, he stormed out if he didn't get his way or if the meeting went too long for his schedule, he only represented his friends -- not all of the citizens in his district, and he's never been willing to stand up to Hayward.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, watch the video of the last Council meeting, Larry Johnson was practically in a prone position all night. It's a wonder the chair didn't break or flip him out of it he was laying back in it like he was going to take a nap. The only time he sat up straight was when he was jumping up to storm out of the room like a toddler. Sit up straight Larry, quit pitching hissy fits and do your job or go home. You are an embarrassment to the whole community.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in any position of authority and law enforcement in Pensacola is currently breaking the rules. Uber is still illegally operating in Pensacola. The $1000 bribe ran out.