Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mayor Hayward is Lying or The Worst Mayor in History

Today in his weekly interview with Andrew McKay, the Mayor was asked:

"Do you have the report yet? Do you have anything to tell us?"


"Andrew I do not. And I did hear some rumors.  That's just silly. I don't have the report and you know, I've been completely away from this."

"To answer your question, No I do not.  I've seen no report. There is no report on my desk. That's just silly.

"I'm as anxious as you are!"

This "Strong Mayor", this CEO, is either lying through his teeth or is the most uninvolved buffoon in history.

Let me spell it out clearly:

  • The two highest ranking leaders of the fire department are put on leave for charges as serious as accepting a rental car upgrade and a possible insinuated comment in a speech.
  • The "charges" were put forward by the Mayor's direct report Ed Sisson.
  • The chiefs were put on 10 day leave because no one at the City realized admin leave was capped at 10 days. A policy exception was required "BY THE MAYOR"
  • The Mayor's personal criminal defense firm is hired to do the investigation.
  • The Mayor's Puppet Master is seen almost daily at the firm doing the investigation.
  • The press is going ape over the wasted salaries for the Chiefs and the cost of the investigation.
  • The Mayor is caught attempting to state that his City Administrator misspoke in laborious detail on the radio for 5 minutes.
Surely, the Mayor, a college educated titan of business, has reviewed and assessed for himself the charges made by Sisson?

Surely, the Mayor, a great leader of the people, has seen that the charges would never amount to serious consequences and was just letting the process play out.

Surely the Mayor, a proponent of minority issues, can see the perspective that the entire investigation looks like a clear case of retaliation?

Surely, the Mayor, a man who approved the OHM lease without a final Council action and a man that touts his supreme authority under the charter, is taking command of a process that ran out of control and is reigning it in.


he really is just "anxiously" sitting in his office waiting for the door to open and someone to bring him a report and tell him what this whole three months has been about?

Folks, his own words!

"I've been completely away from this."

"I'm as anxious as you are!"

The suspense must be killing me too Strong Mayor.  Glad someone, evidently the village idiot is in charge while you sit there all tingling and anxious!


Anonymous said...


George Hawthorne said...

Someone, ANYONE - who is a voter in the city of Atlanta - PLEASE initiate a RECALL petition.

If this does not clearly evidence maladministration, misadministration, incompetence and neglect of duty then THE CITIZENS of Pensacola are complicit to this tragic situation - what else do the voters of Pensacola need?

I will have MY attorney prepare it, if needed. We need to pull the plug on this incompetent, lying and racist Mayor and his minions.

Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that the Van Sickle investigative report will be released in November of 2018.

Anonymous said...

George -- not the City of Atlanta. Try Pensacola. But I agree. This mayor is both a liar & incompetent.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond pathetic! One minute he proclaims having supreme authority over this situation because of his "Executive Powers", the next minute he claims, "I've been completely away from this." Sounds like Hayward is trying to now separate himself from the impending doom and has gone into save my political career at all costs mode. I see boxes in the near future for Olson and Sisson.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. So the mayor has the authority to extend their administrative leave every 10 days indefinitely and he actually admits to doing so with no knowledge of what's going on with the investigation? Sorry, but I'm going to have to raise the bs flag on this one. Good grief! For a politician he is such a terrible liar.

Anonymous said...

Mayor's staff caught in multiple lies so far
Wilkins? If he hasn't it's just a matter of time

Pensacola how's that Transparency and Restoring Trust thing working out for you?

Anonymous said...

But, wait...........there's more!

We have a city council that has the authority (but not the guts) to launch a formal investigation into these shenanigans. The city council can subpoena Van Sickle, Olson, Sisson, Kerrigan, and even Hayward. We have hired a city council to protect us from losing over $40,000 in salaries and who knows how much in attorney fees. The city council should also be protecting us from the mega-buck law suits that are surely on the way.

City Council - DO YOUR JOB !!!!!! My city councilman had no problem knocking on my door asking for my vote. It's time for him to earn those free pizzas he eats at every meeting.

Anonymous said...

^^^Great points!! But unfortunately it won't ever happen because the Mayor "owns" a majority of the votes on council. Charles Bare would make a motion that the investigation be conducted, Sherri Myers would 2nd it, then Spencer, Johnson, Terhar, and Cannada-Wynn would vote against it. Then, after a lengthy diatribe lamenting how he hates to vote against it Wu does so anyway. (5-3) in favor of the Mayor as usual.

Anonymous said...

He lies even when every single city employee knows he's lying. City employees do not trust this administration at all. The fake smiles and disingenuous accolades given to employees by the Mayor and his staff are meaningless because no one truly feels secure. We're forced to laugh at his and Ed Sisson's corny jokes while acting as if everything is wonderful when it's not. It will be interesting to see how many others have been discriminated against, harassed, and or retaliated against when employees are subpeonaed. Make no mistake about it, MANY employees look at this blog and Rick's blog every day hoping that the truth comes out about this horrible staff.

Anonymous said...

^Yes!!!...I am one of many who is sick to death of how employees are treated. Glad the truth is coming out about the corruption that starts from the mayor's office.