Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kerrigan's Pants on Fire!! Kerrigan Hides the Evidence!

Bob Kerrigan, the Mayor's puppet master, posted on my blog the other day:

"Every word of what you have published is a lie. By the way I have never met Mr. Glover and I have never ever said a word about or against him."

Well, I have proved twice (including pictures) that Kerrigan has been a fixture at Beggs & Lane with no City mandate or contract to be there.

Well now lets dive into the biggest lie Kerrigan told.

"By the way I have never met Mr. Glover and I have never ever said a word about or against him."

Kerrigan has a strange little newsletter he writes called the "Bowling News".  I have discussed it before.

Kerrigan in the last 24 hours has realized he was caught lying and pulled down his March Bowling News from his blog.  It was posted to the blog below on March 8, 2016 and as of this morning, its gone!

What Bob didn't realize is that a cached copy is still visible on the Web and it still contains the deleted post.

"This is Google's cache of It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Apr 5, 2016 14:37:44 GMT. 

The current page could have changed in the meantime."

What Kerrigan says in his rant is:

We welcomed the new city council president who spoke to us about all the employees he wants to hire to establish a shadow city government. He said that the kinds of decisions they need to make require a greatly expanded work force. He wants to tackle the Global Warning debunking and other international issues. He said that he has demonstrated his ability to take on the big issues and make decisions in a timely way citing the food trucks and free parking for him. He explained his leadership role which sadly is ending in eight months. He mentioned the cheap shot he received about being a “Mary Kay Husband” but it would not deter him from being the leader God called him to be. One of our members asked him what he did at City Hall all day; he said that was no one’s business but he and Sherry Myers’. He was asked about an employee who sued the city, who is now suspended, previously costing the city thousands. He said that although the employee lost the prior suit and the city had to pay thousands in lawyers’ fees, he encouraged other employees to file frivolous suits because that allowed him to support them when they lost, which is what good leaders do.

Hey Bob, who were you talking about in the bold area above?

You said I was lying Bob...everything I said was true.

You were at Beggs & Lane.
You lied about "never ever said a word about or against him" (Glover)
You are a liar Bob!

The you tried to cover your lies by taking down the evidence Bob!  That makes you intellectually dishonest Bob!

Intellectual dishonesty is a failure to apply standards of rational evaluation that one is aware of, usually in a self-serving fashion. If one judges others more critically than oneself, that is intellectually dishonest.

You are busted Bob!


Crazy Old Punk said...

Don't you just love the UP-YOURS-SIDE of Florida!!! Don't hold your breath waiting for anything to be done about this matter. The State's Attorney is only interested in chasing drug users and pushers. If your part of the local Oligarchy (all those rich folks with connections and news (propaganda) sites including about three of the PNJ's Renaissance Men) you can do as you please with no repercussions. Eddins needs to be replaced with someone with no ties to the ruling elite before you'll ever witness any perp walks. This community voted Wayward into office twice so you can count on Eddins remaining as well.

Anonymous said...

Bobby boy, you are soooooo busted! Mr. Glover's attorney is going to have a field day picking apart everything that you fools have done. Sisson, Wells, Olson, Hayward, and yourself have got to be the dumbest group of harassers in the history of retaliation.

Anonymous said...

Dang Bob, you must be on that good stuff! First you come on this blog calling Maren and all anonymous posters liars and racists. Now you've been caught lying several times over the past few days. What do you have to say about that?

Anonymous said...

Kerrigan's partners at Kerrigan, Estess, Rankin, McLeod & Thompson must be horrified at the harm he's doing to the credibility of their firm.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think things can't get any more bizzare. It seems that something more unbelievable comes out every day. I'm completely blown away by this entire ordeal. I have never been more ashamed to say that I'm a lifelong resident of Pensacola. It will be very interesting to finally hear what Chief Glover has to say about everything that has occurred.

Anonymous said...

Can Bob Kerrigan be given a box? He's certainly earned one.


Not Maren

Anonymous said...

Agreed! This unwanted publicity has got to be bad for business. What a total embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Nice! So this is the guy who criticizes the credibility and integrity of others? What a hypocrite. Maren, thank you for taking this elitist jerk behind the woodshed, exposing him and then giving him an old fashioned beat down.

Anonymous said...


Am I missing something here? If Mr. Kerrigan has no interest in the firefighters investigation why is he so involved? What's the connection? Not sure about the meaning of his comments in the article but Mr. Kerrigan does seem to have a strong opinion in favor of the city. Can someone please shed more light on this? Thanks in advance.



Anonymous said...

How can Kerrigan look himself in the mirror? Of course, the same can be said for Hayward & all those he has hired. The employees he fired should form a club -- the many, the proud, the ethical.

Anonymous said...

It seems very suspicious that Kerrigan is spending so much time at Beggs & Lane as the city announces the near conclusion of the investigation. I think the investigation needs to be investigated!

Anonymous said...

Ms. DeWeese,

In spite of the ridiculous assertions by Mr. Kerrigan, I'm not you. I just started following the investigation into the fire chiefs a few weeks ago because it was so intriguing to me that so little information has been provided by the city. I'm retired now so I have had the opportunity go back and catch up on this story. I admit that I was a little perplexed by your recent Bob Kerrigan posts initially. So, I took the time to go back to the beginning of the suspensions to read all of your posts.

In your post dated Feb 2nd, titled Pulse is Being Fed HR Information From Inside City Hall, I noticed that you stated The Pulse is supported by none other than Mr. Kerrigan. If true this would explain his frequent presence at Beggs & Lane and implicates his involvement in what appears to be a conspiracy from the very beginning. Can you elaborate more on Kerrigan's connection to all of this?

Thanks in advance.