Monday, April 4, 2016

Kerrigan Responds

Let's see if we can put the hay down where the goats can get it. You make up a story and then demand the person you implicated in some nefarious act has to answer your questions to prove they are innocent of the offense you baselessly accused them of doing. I suspect all these anonymous writers are in fact you and whoever joins with you in this childish rumor game. That is why no named sources are ever revealed. So now it is time for you to publish the name of your source of by not doing it admit you made it up. Do you have trouble understanding? Every word of what you have published is a lie. By the way I have never met Mr. Glover and I have never ever said a word about or against him. I have never met with anyone about whatever is involved with the fire department because it is none of my business. This is how people like you and your hateful speech fuel racial discord. I know you love it and these so called anonymous writers do as well. It is certainly not helping our community relations. But, that is of no concern to you. Do you know who paid to have the Martin Luther King non-violence training for the Escambia County law enforcement officers? Fred Levin and I did for $35,000.00 and we did it anonymously at the time. We did it to help our African American community that was dealing with racially based conflict with white police officers. You are disgusting and I repeat intentionally fueling racial discord. So please stop it. Bob Kerrigan


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kerrigan, were you outside the door of vansickles office, or not?
Attacking other blog comments is smoke and mirrors.

We are waiting for your answer mr. Kerrigan.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr. Kerrigan, inquiring minds want to know. In language that I know you can appreciate, "just answer the question please".


Not Maren DeWeese

Fed up with Pensacola said...

Maybe comments are anonymous because people that speak out against this cities "power people" find their businesses closed, properties facing code violations and city gas and sanitation service bills skyrocketed... Also, they can have their jobs put in jeopardy. Pensacola-the city that strives to keep its citizens poor and under-informed.

Anonymous said...

City employees don't dare speak up or they will be fired -- or forced out in some manner. Look at how Hayward treats city employees. It's deplorable.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Fed up with Pensacola. If you criticize Bob's boy-toy Hayward then they will have code enforcement stalk your property, call your boss, get you fired, and worst yet, send that Hobbit Derek Cosson to stalk you and write fake stories about you on "The Pulse". The Pulse's only advertisers are the Dynamic Duo of Dick's Blog-Councilman Johnson and Bob Kerrigan. The only thing transparent in this town are the Mayor's team of thugs.

Curious (Not Maren) said...

Hey Bob. Tell us more about the local African American community's racially based conflict with white police officers.

Anonymous said...

"By the way I have never met Mr. Glover and I have NEVER said a word about or against him."

Mr. Kerrigan, based on the link below in the article written by you, your quote above is an absolute lie!

You sir would make a terrible attorney. Oh wait, you are one.

Best regards,

Not Maren

Anonymous said...

This was in The Bowling News: March 2016

"He was asked about an employee who sued the city, who is now suspended, previously costing the city thousands. He said that although the employee lost the prior suit and the city had to pay thousands in lawyers’ fees, he encouraged other employees to file frivolous suits because that allowed him to support them when they lost, which is what good leaders do."

This was a quote from an article written by Bob Kerrigan. He was referring to deputy chief Glover who is one of the suspended firefighters.

Anonymous said...

How's that hay tasting Bob (the goat) Kerrigan? Your condescending arrogant posture has you looking pretty bad my friend. Everything that you've said has been proven to be a lie.

And by all means, please be careful not to dislocate your shoulder as you pat yourself on your spineless back after revealing your "anonymous" $35,000 payment for the non-violence training.

Anonymous said...

All I hear from Bob Kerrigan now is crickets!

Anonymous said...

Not Maren either!

Of course people write in anonymous, Mr Kerrigan.

This place is screwed up!

The small minded so called leaders will call your politically connected employer if you have the wrong vote for a mayor sign in your yard!

Or they will call your employer to try and get you fired if you dare to speak out against the corrupt crew running this city - see Melanie Nichols trip through hell courtesy of the mayor's office and his goons.

Or they will try and humiliate you publicly in a council meeting - Especially the paid clowns sitting in the chairs complaining about public service and missing Thursday night at the Azalea lounge .

I've just been here here too long and have seen and know too much said one city councilman.

Otherwise most people don't notice how corrupt it is here.