Friday, April 22, 2016

Hey Eric Olson...Talked to Herman Simm Lately?

City Administrator Eric Olson burst onto the US Navy scene with all of the dignity of the village idiot as displayed in the photo below.

Later in his Navy career, Olson details in his resume (which Charles Bare attached to the 2015 No Confidence Vote documentation) the following:

No Confidence Vote Materials

US Department of State records also confirm this fact.

Principal U.S. Officials 
Ambassador--Joseph DeThomas
Deputy Chief of Mission--Mark Pekala
Head of Political/Economic Section--Stuart Dwyer
Management Officer--Thatcher Scharpf
Legal Attach--James Nixon
Consular Officer--Paul Mayer
Public Affairs Officer--Thomas Hodges
Defense Attache--Commander Eric Olson (USN)
Chief of Office of Defense Cooperation--LTC Kenneth Pope

In probably the biggest farce ever in the history of resume padding, Olson states:

"Produced intelligence reports that were used as the basis for U.S. policy decisions in the region during the critical period leading to Estonia's membership into NATO and the European Union"

What it "could" have said was:

"Worked with the most successful Russian spy in history as he crippled NATO and subjected the region to exposures that would damage Estonia and NATO for years to come."

You see...while Olson was the Defense Attache he worked with Herman Simm, a Russian spy.  The Der Spiegel article at the link below details the actions of Simm.

"This is the same man (Simm) whom NATO, in a classified 141-page report, has recognized as the spy who was "most damaging in Alliance history." The report alleges that Simm, as the former head of security at the Estonian Defense Ministry, had access to most of the classified NATO documents his country received after joining the alliance in the spring of 2004."

It continues:

Estonia became a member of NATO on March 29, 2004. Simm set up the National Security Authority, a department in Estonia's Defense Ministry. In his new position, he decided who would have access to which documents. Likewise, he was responsible for managing the protection of classified documents, the system for secure data transmission with NATO and the EU, and background security checks of officials.

Simm's Russian contacts were particularly interested in encryption technology, and he delivered so much information on this subject that NATO would later conclude in its classified report that Simm's activities made the alliance "more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks" because "our weak points are now well-known by our adversaries." The three-week wave of cyberattacks on Estonia in 2007, which practically shut the country down, offered alarming evidence of the severity of the threat.

Great Job Eric!  And we thought Tamara Fountain's credentials were "iffy".

Can't wait to see what his Navy and Department of State file says!


George Hawthorne said...

Maren - Did you see the resume entry that states, "Developed public relations strategies to influence public opinion in favor of Estonian cooperation with American initiatives"?

So does this explain his "public statements" that have been consistently been proved to be false. In fact, I would suggest that he has intentionally tried to mislead the public in an attempt to "influence public opinion."

This man is an embarrassment and dangerous to the citizens of Pensacola. Clearly, he has abused his position and authority to harm city employees and to evade and omit the truth of his dealings in this position.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, he was responsible for "intelligence" something that he is clearly lacking. I feel much safer from Russian attacks knowing that he got FIRED!!! Ashton has an innate ability to find and hire losers and even keep losers who were here before he became mayor. No roll call necessary you know who they are.

Anonymous said...

No wonder our City is so messed up when we have a corrupt Mayor at the helm and he surrounds himself with low-life, thugs. Eric Olson is the worst City Administrator that our City has ever seen. Can someone please name one single thing he has done right? One thing he has improved, streamlined (destroying and hiding public records doesn't count), where he has saved the City money, improved anything in the City? He stares daggers at the audience and Council members during City Council meetings and looks like a nut who's ready to pull a gun on the public at any moment. I hope that Security is giving him a search and swipe with the metal detector before HE ENTERS City Hall.

Anonymous said...

This Mayor and this administration must go!

I will donate to the cause! Let's go, let's get the troops going on this!

Anonymous said...

Hayward has proven his knack for making the worst possible decisions including hiring the worst possible people in top positions.

1. How do you knowingly hire someone to be the City Administrator after he was terminated for his involvement with a Russian spy?

2. If you say that you were not aware, how do you not know as the mayor?

I'm not sure what would be worse, Hayward knowing about Olson's past or not knowing. Either way it shows a true inability to lead and puts the City at great risk. This all just magnifies his malfeasance and misfeasance throughout his tenure as mayor.


Anonymous said...

This is what we've come to expect from the idiotic mayor. No qualifications necessary , just the ability to agree with and do exactly what Hayward says.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely unbelievable even with Hayward in charge. What an embarrassment to Pensacola which is probably the only job opportunity he's had since being fired.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, let's see, alleged "deviatons from hiring practices" verses aiding a Russian spy. Call me crazy but there seems to be a little hypocrisy going on at city hall. The mayor and his staff come down on two lifelong public servants with fire and brimstone for some obscure, unsubstantiated, bs? (Sorry, it was hard coming up with any other word that was fitting) In contrast, the staffer responsible for day-to-day operations of the City, who assisted Russian espionage efforts against the United States gets a second chance? So, how did Eric Olson end up in Pensacola with the top position and salary? He had to find a completely incompotent employer and staff who was inept enough to hire him and amatuerish enough for him to fit in with.

Anonymous said...

Again, we had none of these problems before changing the Charter. Pensacola is not mature enough for this type Government. We need to go back to a Council Manager form of Government. It works better than this.