Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Council...Time for Some Inquiry and Subpoenas

I have received information from a source that City Administrator Eric Olson holds a weekly staff meeting at 9am every Monday.

My source indicates that at that meeting the week BEFORE LAST Olson stated to the staff that they had received the report.

If the source is correct, the Mayor is lying.  Council, you have the power to investigate.  Please do something to find the truth.

Time for some swearin' and oathin'!

UPDATE - Just  received!  See below.

This is public records request. 

I'm confirming (receipt) of the investigative report involving the fire chief and deputy fire chief.  

The City Administrator Eric Olson announced in a staff meeting on Monday April 11 and April 18 that the mayor indeed received the report from the attorneys and that he ( Olson ) was awaiting the mayor's response. 
To clarify, I'm not asking for the report, just in fact that the City is in possession of the results.

I look forward to your response. 



Anonymous said...

Let's also see the public records of beggs and Lane billing the City for the investigation report, and what that evolution cost of the taxpayers. If no report, then NO payment.

bob kerrigan said...

I will afford you one more opportunity to retract everything you have written about me concerning your false statements concerning any purported involvement I have had in any investigation involving any city employee. I have had none at all directly or indirectly, period You published it knowing it was false and if you claim you did not know it was false at the time of initial publication then you knew it was false after I advised you in writing. You have continued to refer to this baseless accusation knowing it is false. Bob Kerrigan

Anonymous said...

If you think that lies have been exposed to this point, just wait until a lot of people start telling the truth! This is definitely going to kill some careers.

Anonymous said...

Dont count on any of it, the Council is as worthless as the Mayor and his staff.

Anonymous said...

Is Bob Kerrigan really on this blog demanding truth after being caught in several lies himself? Sounds like he's trying to separate himself from this travesty. Can't say I blame him though. After all, who would want to be associated with this band of idiots. Before going after their harassment and retaliation targets, they should have first gone by Barnes & Nobles to pick up a few copies of Conspiracy for Dummies.

Anonymous said...

Dear City Council members, I hope you are reading this blog and realize the citizens are expecting some decisive leadership from someone in City Hall. The Mayor has failed miserably to lead so its up to you to right the ship. Otherwise, Pensacola is going to become a bigger laughing stock than it already has. Please deliver us.