Monday, April 4, 2016

Citizen Lets Olson Have It on Fire Chiefs

Below are statements made by a Citizen to City Administrator Eric Olson:

Eric Olson, this wreaks of the Melanie Nichols case just months ago when you tried to get her fired at her job for speaking out against that tower being put up in her neighborhood. As a result, a vote of “no confidence” was taken, and I’m disappointed it didn’t pass.

And now doing the exact same thing, again, with the 2 top leaders in the fire department that you tried to do to Melanie Nichols: as I see it you’re trying to get them fired !!!!!!!!!!.  Fire Chief Matt Schmitt has been with the fire department for more than 36 years. Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Glover has been with the fire department for over 25 years and from what I can find they both have a good record.  I see this action you have taken as deliberate retaliation because they filed a complaint with EEOC.

Here is how I see it: With so little information out there, I can only come to this conclusion: You ask them to come to city hall and then ask them to surrender their keys and badges. And when they asked what they did, you had no answers.

In my opinion, I believe it has to do with the Systemic Racism that exists here in Pensacola. It is my opinion that the administrative leave you put in place against these 2 leaders in our community is a direct result of them filing unfair wage practices with the EEOC.  This is your attempt to shut them down. Is it because you’re afraid of what the EEOC investigation will find?????? That Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Glover is totally qualified and the only reason he didn’t get paid the same as the person who’s job he took was because of the color of his skin?

So you concocted this bogus scheme and wouldn’t give the public or them details because you didn’t have anything. You needed time to dig something up and see if you could throw it to the wall and hope it would stick. So you come up with this: they conducted job interviews that didn’t go along with procedure. What about the other people involved with this procedure? Why weren’t they put on administrative leave?

You’re taking the Fire Chief Schmitt down with Deputy Glover because he supported Deputy Glover. To me, I see it as you saying: How dare you do file this complaint- I’ll show you!  Just like you tried to do with Melanie Nichols!!!!!!! Mr. Olson said it was a coincidence that changes were made to the city’s human resources manual regarding its administrative appeal process on the same day the firefighters were placed on leave, hours after Fire Chief Schmitt requested an administrative appeal. From what I have tried to find out, you, Mr. Olson, have the final say on the appeal process now.
And now you’re trying to sell it to the citizens of Pensacola that this was a coincidence???? How stupid do you think the public is?????????? This is your way of sending a message of intimidation that you better not question anything you or the city does, because if you do, you’ll suffer the consequences of your actions. If you can take down the top 2 people in the fire department, then you think you can send a message to everyone else that they better think twice, because if do they do speak out, you, Mr. Olson, will see to it that they lose their job. You seek to rule by intimidation and retaliation.

And now you have warned city employees they could face disciplinary action should they speak out about the 2 city fire chiefs!!!!  Are you kidding me?? Are you a Gestapo ?????????????????

I hope these firefighters sue the city and the truth comes out!!!!!! You, Mr. Olson are a disgrace to this city and I am asking for your resignation. 

I don't think that is a satisfied Citizen, Mr. Olson!


Anonymous said...

Don't think this was from an anonymous poster. The fact that the fire chiefs have been suspended for over 60 days but Olson doesn't even get a vote of no confidence is telling. It demonstrates the true indifference of city council and its lack of respect for citizens and city employees.

Anonymous said...

So much passion and truth in these comments. These are words which reflect the sentiments of many in the community both black and white who have had enough. Eventually this is all going to explode and give Pensacola the wrong kind of national exposure. What side of racism will Ashy be on when the dust finally settles? We all know that it's all about image with him.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better and this is how MANY blacks feel but are too afraid to say it.

Anonymous said...

Every council meeting, the council shows us just how stupid they think the public is. Every council meeting.