Friday, April 8, 2016

BOMBSHELL ALERT: Fire Investigation Done under False Pretenses

Last week at the continued City Council meeting, Mayor Hayward and Council President Bare got into an exchange that was chronicled by the PNJ's Andy Marlette on Sunday.

Bare: I understand the system and I understand how executive and legislative branches work .… I do have a question though, because you just said something was false .… I just want to make sure I’ve got that correct. You said, they were put on administrative leave because they filed EEOC complaints, you said that was false .…

Mayor: YOU said that. You said they were put on administrative leave pending an investigation ....

Bare: That’s what YOU said to the media.

Mayor: That’s what YOU said. That’s what you said on March 17th.

Bare: You’re saying that’s false?

Mayor: That’s false. That’s what I’M saying. That’s what the mayor is saying. YOU said on the 17th that that is false ....

Bare: They were not put on administrative leave because of their EEOC complaints?

Mayor: That is correct. I guess that’s what YOU said on March 17th.

Bare: That’s what YOU said to the press.

Mayor: That’s what YOU said .…

Besides sounding ridiculous, the Mayor is lying according to Eric Olson, his City Administrator! 

Revisionist history is not possible in the digital age, Mr. Mayor!

On February 9, Eric Olson stated to Andrew McKay:

McKay: What was the process from them (Chiefs) filing EEOC complaints to them being put on administrative leave a week ago?

Olson: So we have EEOC complaints from both individuals and normally I wouldn't talk about EEOC complaints with respect for confidentiality to all the parties involved but since they have been brought forward to the public in other forums I can say we have the two EEOC complaints. Anytime the City receives an EEOC complaint our insurance carrier is notified. When our insurance carrier is notified, our insurance carrier then takes one of the attorneys that it has on retainer to check into the matter. In this case it happened to be Rob Larkin from Allen Norton & Blue. When he was notified he then advised me that we should put the two individuals on administrative leave and that we should retain an outside counsel to conduct an investigation. So that's really the timeline. The EEOC complaints were filed.  We had one that was filed in late December.  The notification process was after the holidays that the notification happened. So once the insurance carrier got it they notified their counsel then talked to us and gave us this advice. So really acting on the advice of Counsel that is exactly what happened. Last Tuesday the two individuals were placed on administrative leave and we hired outside counsel to conduct an investigation.

McKay: Is there an investigation of these individuals or of misconduct, or is this entirely just a standard protocol response to the fact that your attorneys, the attorney delegated by the insurance company said this is how you ought to respond to the EEOC complaint and the public disclosure through other channels of some of the facts surrounding that allegation.

Olson: What this is, you're exactly right.  This is an investigation. This is an investigation based on the advice of Counsel. And that's where it is. The outside investigator will take the initial complaints and determine where to go from there.

The outside investigator was to review the EEOC complaints per Eric Olson!

No talk of charges against the Chiefs!
No talk of investigating hiring practices!
No talk of rental car upgrades!
No talk of demotions!
No talk of Car Seat money!

Due to the EEOC complaints!

The City Administrator CLEARLY states that the Chief's were put on leave on the advice of Counsel because they filed EEOC complaints.

The City Administrator CLEARLY states the outside counsel was to conduct an investigation into the EEOC complaints NOT into any alleged wrongdoings by the Chiefs.

Based on Olson's own words, VanSickle should have been investigating the complaints of the Chiefs NOT going off on a witch hunt of charges made up by Sisson.

Based on the Olson interview, so many questions are to be answered.

And Mayor Hayward, you either don't know what is going on in your own City Administration or you are a flat out damn liar!


Anonymous said...

Maren, unfortunately and sadly, it is both. The mayor has to lie because he has absolutely no clue what is going on anywhere in the city about anything in the city. Empty shirt!!!! And his tit for tat exchange with Bare is comically tragic. Calling others a liar and referring to himself in the 3rd person ("that's what the mayor is saying"). Stuffed shirt. Proving once again that it is possible to simultaneously be a stuffed, empty shirt. That whole interaction reads like an Abbott and Costello routine. I have more intelligent conversations with my 3 year old.

And by the was Ashy - Nice Suit!! Are those new shoes? Italian, of course. How's An? When's the next photo shoot? Idiot.

Anonymous said...

tick tock, tick tock.........71, 72, 73..........

News that makes them look bad usually appears on a Friday so that it gets the least amount of attention. So maybe we will see the results of the investigation today, probably around happy hour!

Anonymous said...

Nah...Too close to the next City Council meeting. I'm guessing it will come out next Friday, the day after the Council Meeting. We wouldn't want the citizens to have an opportunity to respond to this travesty now would we!

Anonymous said...

What's sad is that they will continue to do whatever they want without any repercussions whatsoever. Pensacola is getting exactly what they voted for--TWICE!!! Not sure what it's going to take for the people in this town to stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

This is by far the most warped and corrupt example of governance I've seen in all my years. There is no logical reason or should I say excuse for the lies and deception from the mayor and his administration.

In case you've missed it here's a quick recap of those caught in outright lies:


Hell, that's practically his entire staff and his secret adviser.

Anonymous said...

This scandal is sure to get Pensacola some unwanted national exposure. If those involved had an ounce of self-respect they would resign. That includes the mayor who would never resign because he knows that the day he leaves office he goes back to being a nobody.

Debra Lee said...

Smells a lot like the witch hunt they went on after the President of the Union.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there are very few who are willing to call Ashton out even when everyone knows he's lying. I applaud you Ms. DeWeese for standing up for what's right and challenging the status quo for the betterment of the city. What has happened over the past several months with city administration is shameful to say the least. I'm hopeful that this will encourage voters to let their voices be heard when it's time to elect city officials again. How can anyone trust these liars?

Anonymous said...

It's difficult to elect good politicians during election time when you have so few running. The only candidate against Wayward in the last election was a virtual unknown outsider candidate that had no chance of winning. The GOB network is large enough to win against any outsider on a one-on-one basis.