Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beggs & Lane Engagement Letter...No VanSickle!

Below is the engagement letter for Beggs & Lane generated by the City of Pensacola.  Frankly, it is without a doubt that Beggs & Lane is an excellent law firm.  Why in the world would such an esteemed firm let this pathetic engagement letter with Insert Lawyer's Name represent and be in any document its managing partner signs.

Engagement Letter

Come on guys!  You are better than this!

A few interesting items:

  • Nix, you signed a document that has the City zip code as 325. That's it.  325
  • Why does a City need a rate sheet that includes one of the top white collar criminal defense attorneys in the area?  Because Ashton Hayward is its Mayor.
  • At $295 per hour how much has the City spent with B&L?
Finally, the Rate Sheet doesn't even mention Russell VanSickle who is conducting the "EEOC investigation" (according to Olson).

How was VanSickle engaged?  He didn't make the engagement team!

Does that make Russell VanSickle a scrub?

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