Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Another Case Against Hayward Administration

Escambia County Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court
Courtviewer Records Search
Case Number 2016 CA 000594 Case Judge N / BERGOSH , GARY L
Case Type OTHER CIRCUIT CIVIL POST 2010 File Date 04/14/2016
Case Action Code Case Status OPEN
Rcd Party Type Name Race Gender D.O.B. / D.O.D.
1 Plaintiff OUTZEN, RICHARD M    XRef-ID:
2 Defendant CITY OF PENSACOLA,      XRef-ID:
Rcd Date Description Document Tag #
1  04/14/2016   CASE FILED 04/14/2016 CASE NUMBER 2016 CA 000594
2  04/14/2016   CIVIL COVER SHEET 0.500000000000
3  04/14/2016   COMPLAINT/PETITION FILED 1.000000000000
4  04/15/2016   BERGOSH, GARY L: ASSIGNED


George Hawthorne said...

Thanks, Ashton, Eric, Lisa, Rusty and Sisson! This discriminatory fiasco is becoming very expenses and in direct conflict of the interests of the Citizens.

The more concerning issues is that the citizen's and the daily "news" paper doesn't think this entire issue of the fire chiefs is worthy of outrage.

This administration "can't even cover-up the cover-up" to their racial discrimination and retaliatory actions to "civil servants" that are exceeding their performance expectations for the citizens of Pensacola - saving lives and providing public safety.

RECALL the Mayor and fire Olson, Wells Bowling and Sisson.

Anonymous said...

How many more services will have to be cut in order to pay for all the legal fees and penalties from Hayward's failure of leadership?

Imagine the kind of city we could have if millions of dollars weren't being squandered.

George Hawthorne said...

If you want to look at precedence of what this will cost the City, look no further than "last weeks" Fish House "losing" litigation for the City that will cost about $800K-$900K for Merrills attorney (the judge ruled the city had to pay the winner's legal fees) and just about as much for the City's attorneys, about $1.5M or more.

Let's put the Mayor's incompetence in perspective.

The Mayor led a "witch hunt" after Collier Merrill and the Fish House that; the taxpayer's paid $1.5M wasted expenses; that returned NOTHING however, could have paid for Gallery Night for the NEXT 15 YEARS.

See incompetence is costly to Pensacola.

Now care to estimate this fiasco's costs?

Anonymous said...

If you think this is bad just wait till the Chiefs get done with these amateurs who have already built up a strong case against themselves. What a bunch of idiots!

George Hawthorne said...

Anonymous 1:15

This is ALL on the SAME "legal tab" for incompetence regarding the Chief's - if they would not have started the "Chief's witch hunt"; he wouldn't have to try to cover it up; if he didn't try to cover by not releasing the damaging records; there would be NO suit.

ALL the SAME tab - RECALL the Mayor and fire Olson, Bowlings, Wells and Sisson.

A SEPARATE tab for "incompetence" will be the lawsuit filed surrounding the "tower fiasco" brought to light by Olson attack on Ms Melanie Nichols last year - when she questioned the Mayor, Olson and staff about allowing and approving a new tower lease - that will be on a "new tab."

Liz Watkins said...

Chiefs should get millions of dollars!

Anonymous said...

Our un-illustrious Mayor will do as his Mentor the dishonorable Governor Ricky Boy Scott already has done when caught lying and not following Sunshine Laws....We the people will pay while he pockets 100,000 a year. I say we need pay Wayward minimum wage since it's far more than he is worth.

Anonymous said...

The only thing saving the City from having to pay big $$$ is that the Chiefs have been on paid administrative leave so they haven't lost any salary or benefits. Now if the City is stupid enough to take some employment action against them -- fire, demote, suspend, etc. -- and of course the City is that stupid -- then the Chiefs will have a case worth some money.

Anonymous said...

The Citizens need an update on the investigation of the mayor and his cronies.

PNJ, I HOPE YOU ARE SEEING THESE POSTS AND COMMENTS! Fired State department employee Erick Olsin flees Europe to Pensacola and snags a $150k a year job with a City, no experience required.

Giving NO-BID contracts to donors and friends. Does it not offend anyone that your tax dollars are paying $5,000 a month for social media for the mayor?

This is sickening. We can't wait when we get a new congressman who can put skinny pants behind bars.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a more corrupt and less competent group of individuals. They all must be rejects who would be hard pressed to find a job anywhere else in their current positions.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the chiefs go to court and many of the city's employees and former employees testify under oath how Eric Olson vehemently dissuades the use of email to communicate. Department directors, or whatever they are now called to avoid confirmation from city council, have been briefed by Olson to use email sparingly. I no longer work for the gestopo aka the City of Pensacola, so that gag order also put out by Olson doesn't apply to me.

Anonymous said...

^Anonymous @ 5:42 PM, I partially agree with you that the only thing saving the city is that they have not stopped paying the Chiefs. However, I'm not a lawyer, but in my humble option the horse has already left the barn. Obviously, it would cost the city less to try to bring them back. (Assuming they'd even want to come back after all of this). Even if they come back there seems to be a solid case of harassment and retaliation for filing the EEOC complaints. It just seems that the city has dug themselves a deep hole and now they don't know how to proceed.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the blocks getting hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vernon, How's the boss enjoying these blog posts? I know, I know, you can't comment on that! Go back and tell him I said his shoes look like crap.

Anonymous said...

I've heard rumors that the city is going to appeal this. Of course the attorneys "working for the city" insist that an appeal should be filed. How else can they continue getting paid? It's easy for the the administration to fork over more of the taxpayers money. They will likely lose the appeal costing even more. What is going to take to stop this insanity? Time for a RECALL!!!!

Anonymous said...

This has all really gotten out of hand...The blatant defiance of the current administration is costing the taxpayers a lot of money and there seems to be no end in sight. The claims of a "transparent" government have become such a joke that Pensacola is actually used as a case study in Sunshine Law classes to illustrate Sunshine Law violations. Way to go Hayward!