Wednesday, March 16, 2016

With so many questions, Strong Mayor becomes Invisible Man

Right now in the City, Mayor Hayward has the following issues going on:

  • No resolution on the Fire Chief investigations now in their second month
  • The City's failure to properly handle the recent tornados and who was aware of the situation
  • If the City will commit misfeasance by entering into an automatic aid agreement for fire service
  • City Council "ready to act" on his Longhollow tower lease with a campaign contributor
  • EEOC complaints against his City Administrator and HR director
  • North Hill up in arms regarding the ECUA tanks
  • More and more people openly calling for his recall
Now more than ever people want to hear from their Mayor.  It's a good thing he has a weekly radio interview with Andrew McKay on AM 1620 to get his message to the people and answer the above questions.

But in typical Hayward fashion, when the going gets tough, the Mayor gets scarce.

It's a radio interview.  You don't even have to be there.  Maybe he's between burn phones.

In the last two weeks, the Strong Mayor has put up the sanitation manager and the parks and rec spokesperson to fill his spot with Andrew.

Today, Citizens learned about the Easter egg hunt this weekend and the touch a truck event at the Maritime Park.  Both great events, but not exactly what AM 1620 was looking for when agreeing to give the Mayor a prepared interview each week I'm sure.

Maybe next week we can here about the hard work going on at the City garage which I do appreciate but not exactly what Citizens want to hear about with so many issues out there.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Congressman Hayward has more important things to attend too ...bwahaha!!! The thought of him actually becoming a Congressman is laughable but scary at the same time.

Anonymous said...

He's fooled the voters in Pensacola twice so I don't doubt he can fool the district. Hell -- Trump is loved by a majority of republicans, so why not boy wonder?

Liz Watkins said...

Too busy working on Congress campaign.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ashton. You got your picture in the paper yet again!!! Unveiling a historical plaque must be hard work and occupy a lot of your time. What about all these issues? The PNJ didn't ask did they? Oh well, everything must be ok. We'll just carry on. And hey, nice suit. The shirt looked a little empty but the pocket square was tre-metro!!!! (And don't act like you don't read this blog and the comments. You're FAR to vein not to).

Anonymous said...

The Mayor has rendered himself irrelevant. The papers don't bother to ask him questions. 1620 takes his crumbs. Outzen is play for pay.

The truth is the Mayor has zero to offer in the way of intelligent commentary. He has no solutions. He has no plans. He is not going to Congress. He may finish some of what he started. He is just going to coast until the business community finds a better option for Mayor in 2018.

Everyone can get all worked up. The bloggers can comment. But, this is the reality.

The Mayor brings no value. to any discussion. The Mayor is irrelevant. The City Council has collapsed. Garbage is getting picked up. Grass is getting cut. This is the big, bold leadership you should expect over the next year and a half.