Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wilkins Was MisInforming the Press from Beginning on Fire Chiefs

Below is a partial transcript of a public record voice mail below provided by Chief Glover to me in response to my direct inquiry of him regarding his administrative leave and the circumstances.

In the voice mail from the PNJ's Will Isern to Glover on February 5, 2016, Isern states very clearly:

"Just wanted to let you know I spoke with the City Administrator Keith Wilkins just now and he told me that you and Chief Schmitt are NOT the focus of the investigation. He said he didn't actually know what the focus was but is apparently not anything...its not into you two is all I can say."

Seems what we have here is another "breakdown in communication" Mr. Wilkins.

Wilkins was not informed of the witchhunt put in progress by Eric Olson and Ed Sisson and assumed his role of patsy in the scheme.

Yesterday, on 1620 Wilkins talked about the "breakdown in communication" that surrounded the City response to the recent tornado.

"Breakdowns in communication" appear to be abundant in the Hayward Administration.

Its out of control!

Day 51...and counting


Anonymous said...

If Wilkins has an ethical bone in his body, he better use extreme caution when dealing with the likes of Rusty Wells, Ed Sisson, Eric Olson, Dick Barker, and Ashton Hayward. None of them adhere to standards of ethical behavior and have no moral compass. It's not possible to live and work with integrity when your superiors and colleagues have none.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of the craziest situations I've ever seen in my life. There appears to be no way out of this mess created by city administration. This should be the last place of employment for all involved in this debacle. Over 50 days into an investigation about what? The public and it appears that the Chiefs themselves are still in the dark!

Anonymous said...

Rule #1 in an attempted conspiracy -
Make sure that all conspirators are on the same page. These clowns broke Rule #1 and everything has gone downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

I read in the News Journal that the investigation is almost over. There are several sketchy details about this whole thing. There are still conflicting reports as to the nature of the investigation and who is actually being investigated. Not to mention the timing of the changes to the HR Manual. What's even more questionable is the length and secrecy of the investigation. In comparison, the Fire Chief of Milton and his wife the secretary were placed on administrative leave the same day as the two Chiefs in this case. The allegations against the Milton Chief and his wife were clear from the beginning even though that case is a criminal investigation. So this case was treated with more secrecy than a criminal investigation.

Anonymous said...

The City has really showed their hand in this situation. It's obvious that they would do anything to get rid of the interim fire chief and assistant fire chief. No wonder Ashton never named a fire chief. It appears that there is a lot more to this that needs to come to the surface.

Anonymous said...

Keith Wilkins has actually been defending this investigation. He has stated, "the chiefs became comfortable in their positions." "They are not entitled to those jobs and the mayor can terminate anybody at any time without reason." This doesn't sound like an impartial "investigation" to me. It sounds like it didn't take long for Wilkins to drink the Hayward-aide. Can't wait to see how his stance changes after he gets his access to city hall revoked as he's escorted through the revolving door with a box in hand.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 26, 2016 at 8:25 AM. I believe that you're referring to the investigation into the Pace Fire Chief and his wife who have allegedly been embezzling funds from the car seat program. Although your point is still valid.