Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wilkins In the Dark On Fire Chiefs; Admits Breakdown of City Communications in Tornado

Assistant City Administrator Keith Wilkins was on AM 1620 today with Andrew McKay and discussed the Fire Chief situation.  Wilkins noted:

  • Today is the 50th day of the administrative leave.
  • The investigation should wrap up in a week or two
  • Wilkins doesn't know a lot of the details himself

Wilkins did note a "breakdown in communication" within the City regarding the tornado response and the Mayor and Olson's complete lack of knowledge as to what was happening.

This is the first time that anyone from the Ashton J. Hayward administration has EVER admitted that the City made mistakes and gooned a situation up!  Better be glad Keith that the Mayor is in Miami and Olson is on vacay also.  They don't like admitting failure.  Olson may call your boss...oh, that's him!

Also, Wilkins attempted to describe the operations at the EOC.  His statement that had the Mayor been at the EOC or not is "just optics rather than functional"

Wilkins stated the Mayor is NOT IN CHARGE in when it comes to situations that require qualified individuals.

That fact alone that in critical situations Hayward is really not in charge, is really not the Strong Mayor and "is just optics" deferring all powers to a County employee makes me feel better actually.


Anonymous said...

CAREFUL Keth. Those pesky policies and procedures can always be checked for accuracy. So in the Incident Command system, in the event of a natural disaster, who is the City's Incident Commander overseeing the entire functional (not optical) response of the entire City organization? Might it be the fire chief? What role for the deputy fire chief play in the IC structure? Those who have actually gone through the training can tell you that information and liaison are critical and sit right up under the Incident Commander. If Olson had any such training and actually knew his role, he wouldn't have even reported to the EOC because that would not be his role. Keith, I'm sure based on his statement has been trained. He knows the lingo. This was pure CYA BS (read business as usual for Ashton). They have truly risen to the level of their incompetence. Congrats stuffed, empty shirts. What's it going to take to pull the curtain back and expose these false wizards for who they truly are. Unfortunately, it will probably cost someone their life.

Anonymous said...

How telling that Wilkins said that the Mayor isn't in charge when it comes to situations that require qualified individuals. What the heck?! Most intelligent voters knew that Hayward was unqualified to be Mayor. He'd never even supervised one employee, yet alone been responsible for hundreds of employees. But at this point in his second term, he still can't handle (or ensure others are capable of handling)emergency situations? I worked for the city a few years ago -- (pre-Hayward)and several months into Hayward's administration -- and most employees were required to take emergency response training. In addition, practice emergency response exercises were held so that city staff were prepared in the event of a tornado, hurricane, etc. The fire chief & assistant chief were key to this process.

What I expect has happened is that Hayward has instilled so much fear in the workplace & that departments & employees who previously worked together no longer do so. If Hayward had a brain -- or had even read one book on managing employees -- he would know that instilling fear in the workplace generates negativity, anger and frustration, as well as undermines high quality, innovation, productivity & motivation.

Anonymous said...

The investigation of the fire chiefs is a clear example of the incompetence and unethical behavior within Hayward's camp. It has also brought the extreme racism and discrimination at city hall to the surface. Getting rid of the confederate flag didn't change the racist attitudes and actions. It's still the "Downside" of Lower Alabama!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Wilkins is being set up to be the next in a long line of City employees thrown under the bus! When this is all over with someone is going to have to take the fall so that the Mayor's image is not tarnished, although it's much too late for that. If Ed Sisson and Eric Olson survive this, it will just confirm the level of corruption that so many already know exist in city hall. This situation has also exposed how weak city council is with this form of government. The council members who were voted in by the citizens seem to be nothing more than ceremonial ribbon cutters with no tangible power. This means that the people have NO POWER whatsoever.