Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who was in the EOC the Night of the Tornado?

I have obtained the card key logs for who visited the Escambia Emergency Operations Center the night of the tornado and the next day.  They are very telling about how the night progressed and who was present to direct the operations.

The records confirm what I had been told about City Administrator Eric Olson.  I had been told that he arrived about 5pm and stayed "for about and hour".

The records indicate that he did in fact arrive at 5:05pm.  No exit records are available as no swipe is required for exit.

City of Pensacola personnel on site during the height of the storm appear to have been zero or minimal based on the records.

A PFD Battalion Chief was onsight at 6:45am, basically first light.

Olson never returned.  Hayward never appeared.

Severe-Weather-Feb-23-24-2016 EOC Log


Anonymous said...

What happened to the EOC the city set up at fire central? That was done after Ivan & prior to Hayward. Maybe no one knows about it since both Chiefs were relieved of duty & few -- if any -- of the department directors who were employed at the beginning of Hayward's first term are still around.

Anonymous said...

The City was no where to be found in the aftermath of the storm. They do not care about the citizens or tragedies that face them.

Anonymous said...

Why does the City Administrator needs a "special assistant" Rusty Wells? What does Mr. Wells do? How much does he make? Why doesn't he go to work when everyone else does? Why is he allowed to have 2 - 3 hour lunches?

Anonymous said...

See video here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFtXCHvkrX8 for complete belly busting bubba HR Director bouncing around.


Anonymous said...

The setup at Fire Admin provides full video connectivity with the County EOC and multiple City locations. However, the Mayor or City Administrator would be the ones to activate it.

Anonymous said...

A dummy trying to give CPR to a dummy.
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