Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Uber Agreement Expired...Time to Arrest Uber Drivers at the Airport

The Mayor signed an interim agreement with Uber on November 11, 2015 to operate at the Pensacola International Airport.

From the City Website:

***Update*** The City of Pensacola and Uber reach interim operating agreement to operate at Pensacola International Airport (expires March 11, 2016). Pick-up and drop-off service is now available at the south end of the terminal under the blue awning (just before the terminal).

In December the PNJ reported:

"Hayward did not say when or for how long he plans to extend the agreement, but said he would meet with city manager Eric Olson to work out the details."

Anyone seen an extension?

PPD please start enforcing the City's ordinance again!  Arrest Uber drivers on site at the Airport!

Your bosses, Hayward and Olson, failure to do their jobs unfortunately means you have to do yours!


Anonymous said...

Imagine anyone in Pensacola doing their jobs...Airport police have little interest in anything not involving the coffee pot at the Summit Blvd. Tom Thumb. It generally takes 20-25 minutes to get an airport police officer to respond to anything. And IF, big if, they respond...the law must be shown to them in a manner in which they can comprehend in less than 3 seconds...and they can't seem to comprehend anything.

Fed up with Pensacola said...