Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reading this Makes Me Believe Kerrigan Needs a CAT Scan

Bob Kerrigan has posted on his blog a post he calls Bowling News.  No it's not an expose' on the failures and mumblings of City Attorney Lysia Bowling.  Its a rambling rant of some really odd stuff.

In this edition Kerrigan discusses:

  • The ill effects of blue pills
  • Sex talk in the Bible
  • The City Council President and
  • Preacher jokes
Here's the City Council President piece:

We welcomed the new city council president who spoke to us about all the employees he wants to hire to establish a shadow city government. He said that the kinds of decisions they need to make require a greatly expanded work force. He wants to tackle the Global Warning debunking and other international issues. He said that he has demonstrated his ability to take on the big issues and make decisions in a timely way citing the food trucks and free parking for him. He explained his leadership role which sadly is ending in eight months. He mentioned the cheap shot he received about being a “Mary Kay Husband” but it would not deter him from being the leader God called him to be. One of our members asked him what he did at City Hall all day; he said that was no one’s business but he and Sherry Myers’. He was asked about an employee who sued the city, who is now suspended, previously costing the city thousands. He said that although the employee lost the prior suit and the city had to pay thousands in lawyers’ fees, he encouraged other employees to file frivolous suits because that allowed him to support them when they lost, which is what good leaders do.

The Bare / Myers comment is too much.

The part about the EEOC lawsuit being frivolous is a direct opinion of one of the Mayor's top advisers and clearly shows that the Mayor does not appreciate nor care about the nature of the damage his HR director and City Administrator are doing to the City.

Since we all know Kerrigan is one of the Mayor's puppet masters, based on his statements don't expect the investigation to be fair at all.  Hold this post.  It goes to retaliation by the Mayor's office.


Anonymous said...

Great job Maren

Anonymous said... Kerrigan still have a driver's license, let alone a law license?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I love it when arrogant, ignorant, racists expose themselves for who they truly are. First and foremost, Mr. Kerrigan is extremely unqualified to intelligently speak on race issues. He's unequipped to engage in such a conversation because his view is from a different set of lenses and he is frankly out of touch with reality. It's hilarious to me when someone like him who has likely lived a life of privlege weighs in on something that he knows absolutely nothing about. I doubt he has experienced discrimination of any kind in his life. How would he like it if someone discriminated against him for wearing a diaper?

He's the type that would argue that hanging a black person is only considered racist if the hanging was accompanied by the use of racial epithets! He knows that winning or losing a case does not mean the case had merit but he also knows that it does not mean that the case was frivolous. Yet, he goes on record mumbling his opinion as if he is stating facts. He honestly appears to be suffering from dementia or some other disorder which is a ltitle sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sure he thinks he's some kind of "Gonzo" blogger, creating some kind of participative semi-fictional narrative to roll out his feeble opinions on local politics. The difficulty is found in the "feebleness" of his opinions.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute idiot! Reading his blog just killed many of my brain cells. Thank you Bob, I am a lot dumber having read your nonsensical diatribe. You have completely gone off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

I usually just read the blog like most people to stay abreast of what's really happening in the city. I rarely comment but WOW...No wonder Hayward is such a screw up. When you look his "advisory team", it's clear that he's been doomed for failure from the start.

When your "Team" is made up of the likes of Bob Kerrigan, Lysia Bowling, Eric Olson, Ed Sisson, Colleen Castille (Fired), Tamara Fountain (Fired), Rusty Wells (Still), Dick Barker (Still), Rob Larkin, etc. there should be zero expectations for following the law, morality, leadership, professionalism, fiduciary responsibility, integrity, ability, knowledge, ethics, standards, or accountability.

As for Bob Kerrigan, he has repeatedly proven that his acumen for anything that requires thought or intellect is not his forte. It's scary that he is actually able to practice law. I wouldn't want him representing me over a parking ticket even if his services were free! I've often said that you can't judge a book by its cover, but Mr. Kerrigan is proof that there are exceptions to every rule.

I could really have some fun at his expense by making him look foolish. But, then again he's doing a fine job of that all by himself.

On the serious side, someone who really cares about him should tell him to just stop talking, if that person exists.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy serious? He can't be...unless he is trying to win a contest for the most stupid rant of all time. My grandma always said, "Money just makes you more of what you were before you had it." Based on Kerrigan's current level of stupidity, my guess is this guy is filthy rich.

Anonymous said...

That has to be one of the most bizzarre things I've ever read. I hope that nobody takes him seriously.

Anonymous said...

Great find Maren! Thanks for continuing to expose the GOB network. I only have 3 words left to say, RECALL, RECALL, RECALL!!