Friday, March 11, 2016

Myers Wants Answers in Olson / Mayor Tornado Debacle

Sherri Myers wants answers to what went wrong in the City's response to the tornado.

Her questions are as follows:

These questions deserve answers!  Eric Olson better start at least pretending he knows what he is doing.

Once again Council, what will it take for you to FINALLY vote NO CONFIDENCE in Eric Olson.
  • Attacked a Citizen trying to damage her livelihood (Melanie Nichols)
  • Is subject of an EEOC complaint
  • Is responsible for the Fire Chief debacle and the City's retaliation
  • Changed the employees due process promised the state to make himself superior decider of employee issues.
  • Can't effectively lead the City in times of emergency
  • Is pushing for automatic aid at the expense of taxpayers in your districts
Council, unless you make your opinion of Olson heard, someone is potentially going to get hurt due to his failures!

That's what happens when you hire an unqualified career staffer who never had command in his Navy career and the best job he could get on the outside was not for profit coordinator.

As for Congressman Hayward:

The Mayoral response to the floods was for him and An to pass out pizzas and give his business partner Cody Rawson no bid contracts under his emergency executive authority.

The Mayoral response to the tornado was to blame Channel 3 for not covering it in their newscast while he was at home watching TV rather than at the EOC.

What would his response to a hurricane be?


Anonymous said...

Hayward needs to make a choice between the citizens and Olson who has proven time again he could care less about them. If he won't give Olson and Sisson boxes, maybe it's time for a recall. All citizens who are fed up with how negligently city hall is being managed should attend the city council meeting this coming Thursday to send a message. Obviously, the mayor doesn't believe that he nor his staff are accountable to the people.

Anonymous said...

Do you seriously think these incompetent arrogant buffoons will provide a response? Ashton and Olson - proving it is possible to be a stuffed shirt and an empty shirt at the same time.

Congressman Hayward - I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Anonymous said...

Good luck holding this administration accountable for anything. It's as if they have a total disregard for the law and the people they are supposed to be serving. It's time to clean house with these elitists who belive that they have to answer to no one.