Thursday, March 31, 2016

Messer Surfaces in Ft. Pierce

$165,000 Per Year...Not to Shabby!

Jim is a really nice guy but with Jim all I can say is... the Boss always gets the opinion they ask for.

And we have Um, Uh, Eh, Um, Ah...Bobblehead!

Messer Employment Contract


Anonymous said...

All I can say is good grief!

Anonymous said...

I hope they have the funding for "Fish House" debacles. Sorry, but Jim has sidestepped his part in this nonsense long enough.

Anonymous said...

Yep -- rather than giving the mayor his best advice & counsel, he was bought & paid for & supported whatever the mayor wanted to do. What a travesty for the citizens of Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

Actually thought this was an early April Fool's joke. In retrospect, he had the easist job in the city. His job description was simply to give the mayor the legal opinion that he demands and pays cthe city attorney to deliver. Messer made a complete "mess" of things for the City at the taxpayer's expense.

Anonymous said...

Proof that you don't even have to be good at your job. I hope that the citizens of Ft. Pierce aren't expecting much. Wish we could offer Bowling as a package deal!