Friday, March 11, 2016

Kraher to have Nothing to Add in Longhollow Tower Workshop

On Monday the City Council will hold a workshop on the Longhollow tower lease.  One thing is for sure.

If Council Executive Don Kraher has one document to present to City Council on Monday, on Tuesday I will be visiting the State Attorney Office to file a complaint on Sunshine Violations.

I made a public records request of the following:

Presentation by Don Kraher on Longhollow for Mondays Workshop

The response I received stated:

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request. 
We shall see.


Anonymous said...

City Hall is up to its usual corrupt/non-transparent behavior....notice on the City's Agenda Conference Calendar that THIS very important and long awaited Workshop is the ONLY workshop that doesn't have it's name or purpose of the Workshop listed on the calendar. They don't want the Public to know about this workshop.
Also, it is also the ONLY Workshop held that has NO background documentation or reference materials:
January 25, 2016 Rules & Procedures Workshop - 16 pages
February 22, 2016 Budget & Local Option Sales Tax Workshop - 18 pages
January 11, 2016 RESTORE Project Proposal Workshop - 159 pages
November 9, 2015 Human Rights Ordinance Workshop - 46 pages
September 14, 2015 Maritime Park Lease Template Workshop - 38 pages
September 9, 2015 Operations of Maritime Park Workshop - 13 pages
August 17, 2015 Transportation Network Companies Workshop - 55 pages

Notice a trend - All of the above Workshops had titles, purpose, and supporting documentation for the public and the Council to review before the Workshop.

The way they are handling this Workshop, and refusal to fulfill a valid public records request, is unfortunately showing the public yet another chapter in City Hall's mishandling of the issue. It's past time for the State's Attorney's Office to step in.

Anonymous said...

Never thought I would get to this point, bur I'm now in support of a recall. This is as bad as it gets people.

Steve said...

This is how much you are paying for incompetence!

City Attorney $150+k

City Administrator $130+k; Assistant City Administrator $100+k; Special Assistant to City Administrator $100k; including the she-man office manager $50k

Council Executive $100k, his three assistants $200k (Good luck trying to get them on the phone, they work part-time)

This is nearly 1 million dollars annually being wasted on incompetence and "learning on the job training" buffoons.

Don't get me started on other departments, such as belly busting bubba HR King. By the way, how is that groupon Lipo suction going?