Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kerrigan Waiting at VanSickles Door

Can anyone think of any reason that Bob Kerrigan, a personal injury attorney, would be waiting by the office door of Russell VanSickle, an employment lawyer, yesterday as interviews into the Fire Chiefs finished yet another round of questions?

Was VanSickle in a car wreck?

I hope that there is a retainer agreement by the City for Kerrigan because according to the City everything associated with the Fire Chief investigation is not subject to disclosure outside the City!!

Hey Maxwell, a records request is on the way.

If you were not convinced something is fishy about this investigation before, you should be now!


Anonymous said...

Not surprised at all. Bob Kerigan plays a significant role in what Hayward does. The word around town is Kerigan has been secretly speaking against Glover because of his stance against racism and discrimination for awhile now. So it wouldn't surprise me at all to know that he was there to offer his "assistance". The difference in modern day racists is that they attempt to operate in anonymity because being overtly racist is not good for business. However, hatred and ignorance more often than not clouds judgment which ultimately exposes them. Please don't be hoodwinked citizens of Pensacola, some things are really racist as they appear. Good luck to the Chiefs because unfortunately most people including those being discriminated against opt to keep their heads buried in the sand. By the way, I happen to be white and what I know about people like Kerigan and others of his ilk disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

This is unreal! First the Mayor's criminal defense attorney is investigating the chiefs, now his creepy attorney weirdo puppet master Kerigan happens to be at the other attorney's office during questioning? Yet, another in a long line of screw ups.

Anonymous said...

Very good questions Maren. It's becoming more and more clear that this conspiracy has a predawn conclusion. Hayward has spared no expense to make something out of nothing so termination of the Chiefs can be justified.

Anonymous said...

Should anyone really be surprised? The GOB Mafia is alive and well. I sincerely hope nothing mysterious happens to either of these men.

kerrigan said...

Your anonymous writers here are typical. Racists in hiding,one and all. You should refuse to publish hateful statements by anonymous sources that cause racial tension in our community. So you can start to get a better grip on this you have knowingly published a lie. An unmitigated absolute lie with not a single fact true - all lies. And your cowardly anonymous friends you get to applaud your fabrications don't have the guts to disclose their names. By the way my deceased father was a firefighter and these guys know how I feel about them. Bob Kerrigan

Maren DeWeese said...

Mr. Kerrigan,

I have a direct reliable source that you were standing at Mr. VanSickles door when the recent interviews concluded.

Are you calling my source a liar?

Were you at Beggs & Lane outside of Mr. VanSickles door?

Have you and Mr. VanSickle discussed this matter?


George Hawthorne said...

Mr Kerrigan,

I always state my name. The racist and discriminatory behavior and actions are not from anonymous sources, however, directly coming from the Mayor's office. Clearly, the actions towards the chiefs and the history of the PFD's discriminatory operations is also clearly described in various lawsuits and complaints throughout the years.

Most people post anonymously because of the much repeated history of retaliation and terminations from City Hall. Clearly, you haven't read the MGT reports about the history of discriminatory procurement practices at City Hall and more evident in the private sector. The problem is systemic racism and historical practices of cronyism, nepotism and preferential treatment of friends and family in procurement throughout the City. Furthermore, individuals such as yourself that continue defend the defenseless and excuse and explain incompetence in an attempt to maintain the status quo.

The Mayor needs to be recalled and someone needs to instill integrity, ethics and transparency in the administration, because, clearly the Mayor can not do so. Good governance is a cornerstone to a sustainable society and this is not happening in the Mayor's administration. His advisors are giving him BAD advice and the staggering costs of legal fees and litigation demonstrates the inability to govern with competence ... or it is just part of the plan by "lawyers" such as yourself.

How much is your retainer agreement for city "legal services"? Or probably a more accurate question is, "how many co-counsel agreement do you have with the various attorneys on retainer for legal services for the Mayor?"

Bet that is "attorney-client" privilege and that you are getting good cashflow from the Mayor's incompetence and/or his following bad advice from "advisers."

Anonymous said...

Bob (aka Out of touch with reality),

I'm not sure if your comments that people who are responding to the despicable acts described are all racists is an example of you being completely out of touch or if it's just pure ignorance. Most people like myself choose to remain anonymous, not because I'm a coward (I promise you wouldn't want to meet me in an alley alone!); I choose to remain anonymous because of the very thing that the chiefs are going through right now. Cowards are those who perpetuate racism covertly and claim that race is NEVER a factor in any given situation. That's an insult to anyone with a brain. Cowards are those who exploit blacks and other people of color while committing acts of racism in anonymity.

Frankly, you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS and UNQUALIFIED to even speak on the subject of racism. You dont even know the meaning of the word. Furthermore, you are clearly subjective in your thinking and in your defense of Ashton and his staff. Trying to convince others that race issues are non-existent is part of the problem and racist in itself. That is exactly what many people like yourself choose to do. Clearly, this is a not a conversation that you're ready to have even at your advanced age.

Your racist thinking is demonstrared by accussing those who speak out against racism of themselves being racists. That's laughable and one of the oldest tricks in the book. You are one of those who NEVER say a word about racism until someone calls out racist acts. Then you attack those who see and speak out against racism for what it is. According to you, the only racists are those who say something about racism when it occurs.

You bring up the fact that your father was a firefighter as "proof" of how you feel about firefighters. I have a serious question for you. I am familiar with how black firefighters have been historically treated all over America but particularly in the South. How did your father feel about black firefighters in the workplace? Was he openly supportive of blacks when most white firefighters hated the thought of black firefighters? I anxiously await your response.

Signed Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Bobby K, how does the summary judgement for Ed Fleming and the Fish House taste? Bet that new sign is glowing a little brighter in your direction tonight. Listen closely, you can hear the laughter. Back a show pony and get embarrassed by work horses. Are you paying that bill for the tax payers? Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to anonymous @ 7:18. Anyone who works for the City knows that they can't speak out and criticize this mayor or his henchmen because they will be summarily discharged with no recourse -- because all rights of appeal have been eliminated. I'm so glad that I left the hell hole that Pensacola is behind. And I tell everyone who is considering moving to the Pensacola area that it is a racist, sexist backward region that should be avoided at all cost.

Anonymous said...

Kerrigan acts so senile. He probably didnt even know he was outside the door until his secretary had to pick him up. Kerrigan really needs to retire and enjoy the few years left.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Kerrigan,

I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you have failed to extend to others and assume that you simply don't know what you don't know. See link below.

Quotations from the Wise man in the article above:

"(CNN)There's an old saying that it's hard to know what you don't know, the premise being that when you're ignorant about something, you aren't likely to realize your blind spots."

"But I'm not so sure. Sometimes, knowing what you don't know just requires a certain degree of humility. For instance, I don't know calculus, because I never took it in school. But here's the thing: I know that I don't know calculus; and as such, I would never presume to know it, let alone to tell others for whom it had actually been their major that I knew it better than they did." Tim Wise

Anonymous said...

How nice it would be if white Americans would exercise restraint when it comes to the topic of racism and discrimination in America.

Although whites have rarely had to know much about it -- and though most of us, by our own admission, socialize in nearly all-white environments where we won't benefit from the insights of persons of color who have, indeed, had to major in the subject -- we continue to insist that we know more about it than they do.

To wit, a just-released poll from CNN and the Kaiser Family Foundation, which finds that white Americans are far less likely than persons of color to believe that racism remains a serious problem in the United States.

While roughly two-thirds of blacks and Latinos believe racism is a big problem in America today, only about four in 10 whites agree.
Even a simple recognition of ongoing racial inequities in life chances differs markedly across racial lines, with clear majorities of African Americans perceiving that the typical black person is worse off than the typical white person in terms of income, education and housing, while about half of all whites fail to perceive such inequality of condition.

So despite the fact that African-Americans are worse off than whites in every single category of well-being, and despite the research indicating that these disparities owe significantly to discrimination both past and present, most whites believe there are few, if any, ongoing inequities in need of being addressed.

~Tim Wise

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Anonymous 2:04, that is an outstanding article! Although there were some truths which are difficult to accept as a middle aged white male, I believe that reading this article at least opened my eyes to another perspective.

People like Mr. Kerrigan would do well to take 10 minutes and read the entire article. Perhaps it would open his eyes and eliminate some of his blind spots. I do realize however that sometimes it's easier to go through life with those blind spots.

Unless those of us who have not had to endure the hatred associated with racism, we are doomed as a society. Furthermore, how can anyone who denies the fact that racism exists accept any other difficult truth?

Suggesting that people who cry out against racism are racists is disingenuous and an obvious attempt to deflect attention from where it needs to be.

That tact seems to be used often to justify injustices perpetrated against African- Americans.

kerrigan said...

Let's see if we can put the hay down where the goats can get it. You make up a story and then demand the person you implicated in some nefarious act has to answer your questions to prove they are innocent of the offense you baselessly accused them of doing. I suspect all these anonymous writers are in fact you and whoever joins with you in this childish rumor game. That is why no named sources are ever revealed. So now it is time for you to publish the name of your source of by not doing it admit you made it up. Do you have trouble understanding? Every word of what you have published is a lie. By the way I have never met Mr. Glover and I have never ever said a word about or against him. I have never met with anyone about whatever is involved with the fire department because it is none of my business. This is how people like you and your hateful speech fuel racial discord. I know you love it and these so called anonymous writers do as well. It is certainly not helping our community relations. But, that is of no concern to you. Do you know who paid to have the Martin Luther King non-violence training for the Escambia County law enforcement officers? Fred Levin and I did for $35,000.00 and we did it anonymously at the time. We did it to help our African American community that was dealing with racially based conflict with white police officers. You are disgusting and I repeat intentionally fueling racial discord. So please stop it. Bob Kerrigan

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kerrigan, you suggest that those of us who choose to post here anonymously are "typical", "racists in hiding one and all". The posters here seem to all be speaking against what at least appears to be racist acts. I'm confused with how that's being racist.

Or are you simply saying that you should be given credit for at least being openly racist?

Anonymous said...

Please explain to the goats why your vehicle was parked at Beggs & Lane the other day.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor hired LuTimothy May to implement the MGT program. May was responsible for the ordinance. The Mayor looked the other way for 3 years. He paid May, and May did not come to work.

George Hawthorne said...

The Mayor did not hire LuTimothy to implement the MGT program ... that was strictly a political appointment to appease Lumon and if checked would probably be found to be a "ghost" job. That is easy to bust - just check his timesheets, security pass timelogs and the schedule of his various other board appointments all over town ... he can't be in 2 places at once

Lutimothy was unqualified to implement the program and he was not in charge of providing the ordinance.

The Mayor NEVER supported such efforts and always tried to stall and decimate the implementation of a program that would be effective and legal.

The ordinance and the program was handled by the Mayor's office directly with first Coleen Castille, the Ms Fountain and now Olson. They never implemented the ordinance nor program as designed.

How do I now? I helped write the program and ordinance and disparity study as a consultant with MGT>

Anonymous said...

What Mr. Hawthorne says is true. The appointment of LuTimothy May was not to support the black community, it was done to suppress it! Hiring LuTimothy who was once outspoken on racial injustices was nothing more than a strategic move by the mayor. It was done to quiet the Mays which Ashton thought would in turn quiet the rest of the black community without any real initiative. How much money has been wasted on diversity studies in Pensacola? It doesn't take research to explain the problems associated with the systemic racism in this town.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kerrigan, with all due respect it's easy to sit in the comfort of your office, living a lifetime without ever facing injustice solely because of the color or your skin. Please don't embarrass yourself by attempting to posture yourself as an expert on something that you know absolutely nothing about. It makes you look even more foolish than those eyebrows of yours.