Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In a Fire When Seconds Count, We Need the Fire Service We Pay For

I am hearing concerns from fire experts on the statements by the Escambia County's Public Safety Director regarding the fire that claimed the lives of 4 children.

In a Channel 3 interview, it was reported:

"The house was in the county, prompting a county fire station to respond. They were about 2 and a half miles away, but a city fire station was about a mile closer.

"It's definitely a tragic event, but I don't think that distance would have made a difference," said Mike Weaver.

People need to know how quickly fires spread and that they spread exponentially. A properly functioning smoke detector will generally sound within 10-20 seconds.

The following videos demonstrate this



The reason automatic aid is a bad idea is that when seconds count, City resources don't need to be off on calls for people unwilling to pay for them.

"When giving Automatic Aid, be sure 50% of your firefighting capacity stays inside your service area and does not respond."


Most Pensacola Stations have only ONE operational vehicle.  If it's off on County calls, how is 50% maintained in the service area of that station?

Mayoral Fire Math

1 truck - 1 truck = 50% coverage
3 firefighters on a truck = 2 in 2 out
2 men and two trucks =  proper International Airport coverage


Anonymous said...

The fire station on North "W" Street is actually more like 5 miles from the address of the house fire. What happened was a tragedy but what's even more tragic is when officials try to say nothing went wrong and that there are no better ways to address issues. This only primes our community for future tragedies like this one. It "may" have not made a difference but to say with certainty it wouldn't have mattered is simply wrong. There are solutions if everyone would stop playing politics and trying to paint the picture that everything is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I'll betcha dollars to doughnuts that the woman was renting the home under Section 8. It is the slumlord's responsibility to provide smoke detectors in his rental homes. If my assumption is correct criminal charges need to be filed for negligent homicide. Whether that happens or not depends on which GOB slumlord owns the property.