Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hello...City Staff, We have Ordinances and Codes If You Weren't Aware

Does the City staff even know we have ordinances and codes in place? Evidently the question needs asking.  Recently, the new Publix lot on Cervantes had some heritage trees destroyed during the clearing process many of which should have been protected and now we learn how ECUA clears large parcels to place its tanks in neighborhoods. Note their previous work here locally!  Is this where the City staff is headed?

Oh, City Staff must consider the proposed storage tanks as outside storage for the old medical center building.

How does this happen?

What do you think happened to the value of the property next to the tank since the previous photo?

I bet their property went up 40% in value with that economic development next door.  NOT

If that property owner was a member of Brian Spencer's wine and cheese, chicken liking crowd, that tank would NOT BE THERE!

Does the City staff inform developers of the City's codes and ordinances at their first meeting or do they just assume the developer will just stroke checks to mitigate any issues or the developers will clear it with the Mayor?

In the letter below from the City's Planning Services Administrator to the developer of the Cervantes Publix site, the City makes sure to make requirements for the following:
  • architectural style
  • finishing
  • loading dock screening
  • decorative LED lighting
  • repurposing bricks from the demolished historic homes into the new sidewalks
  • providing bike racks and
  • landscaping
That's the City's focus...repurposing bricks from the demolished historic homes!   

Not saving trees older than the homes that were destroyed.




Anonymous said...

Staff seems to currently see their role as aiding those looking to build or develop work around the codes and ordinances. Instead of helping the builder or developer adhere to the rules they seem to offer them guidance for "getting around" them. There is a difference.

Anonymous said...

Staff does what the mayor says. Period. Good bosses want people who will give them their best advice. The mayor only wants people who will do what he wants & not ask questions.

Anonymous said...

The Publix site is not even in a designated district.
Glad they are making suggestions but North Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods are designated districts with zoning and restrictive guidelines and these hideous projects just seem to glide in.

The oldest code here is What is your last name?

Anonymous said...

The county does NOT! And the EPA now knows! Happy dance.

Anonymous said...

Let's see....rotting, falling down building in north hill is ok. Proposing to put in tanks with nice landscaping that will help prevent raw sewage from pooling in the streets is a disgrace? Let's protest!