Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fire Witch Hunt Takes Turn...Will Acting Interim Chief Be Put On Leave Also?

In a new turn in the Fire Chief investigation, Russell VanSickle of the Mayor's personal criminal defense law firm has turned his attention to an area never at issue until the current investigation was underway.

VanSickle is investigating the Child Car Seat installation program and the cash donations made to the department for that service.  This program is the same type of program being investigated by the State Attorney's office in Pace.

Evidently, when Chief Schmitt turned in his City property it included his access to a safe in the Fire Administration Building which holds the donations made to the program.

Here is the rub and why keeping Glover and Schmitt on Administrative leave while this is investigated is wrong and is just an expansion of the witch hunt to find something on the Chiefs at all costs.

Neither Schmitt or Glover are responsible for the program.  Acting Interim Chief and Fire Marshall David Allen is solely responsible for the program.

I am friends with David Allen but if the investigation is including his program, why is Acting Interim Chief Allen not immediately placed on administrative leave pending the investigation as this program actually involves cash!



Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter!!! This is what happens when you give an attorney carte blanche to investigate something when he knows nothing about the subject. HE IS RUNNING UP HIS HOURS. He will investigate SOMETHING until the cows come home. Van Sickle is almost up to 60 days of investigation times 8 hours per day at $250/hour. This whole thing may not be about an investigation but rather a pay off to Van Sickle!

Whatever happened to out city council putting a stop to Hayward's spending on outside legal firms?

Anonymous said...

The fix is in...the fire department has moved on with assistance from Sisson and Olson. They are no longer on the web site and David Allen has moved into the fire chief's office. Go ahead with firing the Chiefs already! Deas couldn't deliver and neither could Olson, Wells, or Sisson. Now it's up to Van Sucker to get the goods after 50+ days and counting. How long does it take for these morons to set someone up? They're not only incompetent at their jobs, they're incompetent at setting people up!

Anonymous said...

The only purpose of this so called investigation is to ruin those who dare speak out against the systemic racism that everyone knows exists at city hall.

Anonymous said...

Maren, the acting interim fire chief is not a target. It's not about addressing issues. What city administration has done is identify targets and then try to find something on them.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty apparent that after 60 days of trying to find something that would justify their actions, the City is now reaching. They have caused so much damage to these two public servants that it's next to impossible for them to return to work and lead the department effectively. This was likely done intentionally. If the chiefs return to work, there would probably always be a cloud of doubt and speculation about them. They would also be returning to a work environment where their subordinates know that the administration is out to get them. There are no winners in this situation especially the taxpayers who will be paying for another probable lawsuit. Frankly, I hope they sue the Good Ole Boy network big time.