Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dance Ashton Dance!!

Team AM1620 recovered today from the catastrophic technical difficulties it experienced last week when the Mayor went on the radio and announced no tornado damage in the City.

The Newsradio team was able to record the Mayor's interview this week and asked some pretty pointed questions of the Mayor.  Here's some highlights:

On why the Mayor stated on the show that there was little damage by the tornado in the City:

"Obviously later on in the morning I got the update on Dunmire Woods, we had 104 residential structures damaged..."

"we definitely had a lot of damage but we were focused on that east side (outside the City) and collaborating with the County and trying to work together because we were able to see the feed on Channel 3 all night"

See the feed!  Really!  Why are you not out there?  Why is Sherri Myers driving the streets, Charles Bare on the phone, and you are seeing the feed on Channel 3?

Is Allen Strum running the City?
Is TV where our City leader gets briefed?

Leave your house and do your job!

Andrew:  Was there a breakdown of information?
Hayward: No

I did hear that Eric Olson "dropped by the EOC for about an hour the night before".  I'm sure he was rushing home to see if the latest issue of Outside magazine arrived.

"So obviously I'm on the radio with you at 7:30 in the morning so I hadn't seen right there off west of Ninth Avenue"

By 7:30 AM after a storm that hit at 8:15 PM the night before, the leader of our City, the Strong Mayor hadn't had a call, text, or meeting regarding catastrophic damage in the City.

What?  Is that how being the leader works? Hey Mr. President, we had a natural disaster last night, but we didn't want to bother your evening.

Who is running this Circus you call a City Mayor?

More later on Hayward dancing on the issue of automatic aid.

Andrew, Great Job! When you get going on an issue, your dancing monkey dances right along.


Anonymous said...

Andrew is all about keeping friends in town. He is not a news guy.

Anonymous said...

Typical Andrew/Ashton lovefest, I mean interview: Andy: so mayor, I hate to ask but you know I have to, it's my job. Somethings up with the fire chiefs. Any comment? Ashy: everything's like, you know, fine. Andy: ok. Great. On another touchy subject, again people want to know so I have to ask for them, tornado damage? Ashy: you know, like everything's totally fine. I mean you know you saw my picture with the governor over at the county damage and I wasn't even smiling. Shows you how seriously I took it. Andy : well there you go. You heard it here from the mayor folks. Everything's ok. Nothing to fear. No need to worry. So mayor when it the next party/baby kissing/ribbon cutting/imaginary project announcement? And can I come? Please? Pleeeeeease

Anonymous said...

What a poor excuse for a mayor. Hayward is terrible!

Anonymous said...

Good pathetic was that? Another song and dance from the mayor and his "media team". The clown and monkey are definitely fitting for these morons. What a joke.