Thursday, March 10, 2016

Council Wasting Time with Budget Analyst Search

Councilman Bare is once again proposing bringing on a full time budget analyst, a move that Council shot down a few months ago.

In the agenda for next week, Bare proposes the following:

Job Listing

This is a clear case of the required duties not matching the position's required experience and salary range.

The UWF website below shows the 2013 Average Starting Salary for Accounting Graduates was $53,700.

A range of $42,615 to $65,206 is shown for business majors.

Its 2016.  Maybe salaries have been dropping since 2013?

The 2016 job salary range for the budget analyst job has a cap $1,200 above the lowest starting salary for business majors in 2013.

Finance majors receive no training in governmental accounting which is a specialized area many seasoned CPAs have no experience in.

I have never seen a degree anywhere in budget analysis!

Wait, it hit me!  Has some GOB's under performing child who can't find a job been slotted to get this one?

The posting the Council Executive put together is not going to result in a top performer for the job and will result in the Council being disappointed in the ability to perform of the person hired.

And the requirements of the role call for one heck of a lot more experience than a year.

Following Tricky Dick Barker's shell game requires someone with not only significantly more experience but also trained in Governmental accounting.

This hire would be as effective as the potted plant at the airport.


Anonymous said...

They will never catch up to Dick. Too smart.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
They will never catch up to Dick. Too smart.

March 10, 2016 at 8:18 AM


We are Anonymous
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Anonymous said...

It seems as though Barker has been kept around well after retirement because Hayward needed someone who didn't mind being "creative" (corrupt) with the city's finances. He has taken "creativity" (corruption) to a whole new level.