Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Council, cancel the tower lease! Enforce the code!

Yesterday the City Council met to discuss the Longhollow tower issue. From all reports, Council rattled their swords with some tough talk and some real hand wringing.

News reports say Council is going to act!  Grrrrr!  Council is growling. Ashton must be scared.

A few notes on the "work" of Council Executive Donald Kraher located within Ricksblog
Click Link to Staff Questions re Longhollow Tower.

  1. Council met on March 14, 2016.  Kraher did not even submit his questions to Eric Olson until last Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  Last Tuesday. Months of waiting.  Last Tuesday!
  2. Donald Kraher DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL THE CITY ADMINISTRATOR'S NAME.  Hey Mork, at least I spell your name correctly!  
  3. Did Kraher really expect any answers to these questions?  Many have already been answered by Olson in the press.  Kraher is a lawyer by training. I expected more.  These all appear to be put together last minute so he can say the questions were asked, but really not expecting any response from Olson. 
  4. FYI, Eric Olsen is the TV star of NCIS Los Angeles. He plays Deeks.
The City Administrator thought so little of Kraher's letter that Eric Olson did not even respond.

That's right Citizens of Pensacola Florida!

Your elected officials directed their staff to inquire of the Mayor and his flunky as to how the process unfolded here.

The Mayor and his flunky responded with nothing!

That's how much Mayor Hayward and Eric Olson really think of the Citizens asking for accountability and transparency from their City Government.


And finally, Mayor Want to Be Spencer better tread lightly here while he beats his chest.  If the Planning Director ever comes clean with all of the alleged emails, alleged favors requested, alleged unauthorized communications under the Mayor's staff communications policy and alleged insider access she has been asked for by Spencer over the years or opens up her personal email account to review, somebody's Mayoral desires may come crashing down!!!

On that thought, lets open up her personal emails for all emails to or from Brian Spencer since he took office.  Should be interesting.  I'm sure they have all been saved as public records.


Anonymous said...

go for it Maren!!

George Hawthorne said...

Now you are on a roll!

Clearly, the Mayor has consolidated his power on the Council through the "voting block" actions, vocal advocacy and "blind eye turning" by Spencer, Terhaar, Canada Wynn, Wingate, and few others at various times. This has been the primary reason the Mayor has been emboldened to perform as we are witnessing.

However, Spencer has a "special set" of potential conflict of interest "issues" as you have raised over the recent years.

RECALL the Mayor and FIRE Olson!

Anonymous said...

I am totally baffled that no one at this late date can tell us for certain the exact height of the tower. That is the first thing that should have been done and it should have been done a long time ago. The city can send one of its engineers to the site with a surveying instrument to determine the height. Or, if a certified height is required, pay one of the many firms in town $250. There's a good firm right across the street from this tower. Knowing Gene Church (and I know Gene Church) the tower is somewhere north of 400 feet tall.

So why, after all of this time, is Don Kraher still not able to disclose the tower height. Why, after all of this time, is Mr. Kraher asking the city council members "Who knew what? What did they know? When did they know it? And was that information provided to the City Council?” Gee, Mr. Kraher, I though those were the questions we asked YOU to answer five months ago. I feel like we are talking to the three know-nothing monkeys! Procrastination is the name of the game.

Gene Church won't answer any questions. Hayward won't answer any questions. City staff won't answer any questions. Their attorneys reply with non-answers and tell us that "all is well." It's time to break out the subpoenas and get a rope (not necessarily in that order).