Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Council Budget Grows from 2016 by 25%

The cost of Council continues to swell.  The Council will discuss a budget request for 2017 of 25% over 2016.

The increases really are astounding and include:

  • 5% pay increase for current staff...who gets 5% anymore??
  • 100% increase in office supplies
  • 77% increase in operating supplies
  • 173% increase in Repairs & Maintenance
  • 233% increase in Small tools
  • 43% increase in professional fees...on top of the new Council Counsel and Budget Analyst
  • 50% increase in communications
  • 31% increase in advertising
  • 17% increase in training
  • 240% increase in Other Contractual Services
  • 28% increase in Misc.
  • 133% increase in unclassified
  • 400% increase in noncapitalized assets
Food and drinks?

Council = Waste?
Mayor = Fraud?
Sisson / Olson = Abuse?

Yep...we may have them all covered in Pensacola!


Anonymous said...

The priority needs to be the situation at City Hall and the Fire House.

Worrying over the supply of "Post It Notes", has me shaking my head in disgust.

Anonymous said...

You love these fools so much that you protect them from the truth...

Anonymous said...

We were told that the new charter was going to SAVE money! Instead, we are spending 25% more money and getting 50% less meetings.