Friday, March 18, 2016

City Council Notes 3/17

Before the Council starts whining about the long meeting that ran until 12:30am, remember since they made a choice to cut the schedule to one meeting per month they each are paid about $1,200 per meeting for their "service".

How many folks make $1,200 for one meeting a month!

Tweets of the Night - Will Isern
  1. After 2 hours 45 minutes, we just got to the first agenda item
  2.  Asking for the resignation of City Administrator Eric Olson is becoming a common theme at City Council meetings
Jerry Couey has asked you twice Mr. Mayor!  Nuf said!

The City is facing a $100 million lawsuit due to the actions of Ed Sisson.

Once again calls for Olson to be fired.
Olson called Gestapo, asked is this North Korea?
"You Mr. Olson are a disgrace"

When Hayward finally has enough and throws Olson to the curb, he should make the Mayor pay him for relocation because his options in Pensacola may be "limited".  He may be the most hated man in the City at this point.

Mr. Newton's statements were SHOCKING about racism in the Fire department and did not paint Rusty Wells in a very favorable light. Shocker.

LBJ, I get your point about consistency and agree, but why belittle Citizens? Your stares and looks at the Citizens when they heckle you are hilarious!

During the Approval of the Agenda, Lysia Bowling babbled about...mumbling and fumbling.  She comes off like a complete moron. Bobblehead throws around big words that collectively mean not a dang thing. It's embarrassing.  Also, it appears she has been moved to the kiddy table rather than being allowed to sit with the grown ups.

The Council passed an ordinance to create the budget analyst role but with no intent to fill it.  No one will ever apply for it as it pays so far below the job requirements.The only person who would apply would be as qualified and capable as Lysia Bowling is for the City Attorney role.

The Mayor's $1 a year lease to the DIB has changed and now the City wants more. Another shocker. Bare to DIB Director Ron Butlin "So what you were initially told changed, that's happened to me too".  Bowling once again speaks but doesn't say anything but babble about what needs to be done. She is lost.  She has no answers!!

When Sherri Myers found out all the tree fund moneys have been spent downtown when they primarily come from the north end of the City she throws down on Spencer about his run for Mayor saying when he comes looking for support for Mayor she will ask him what he has ever done for the North end of the City.

Quote from Andy Terhaar, representative of District 3, "I'm not a district person, we need to look at the City as a whole and decide."  He's running for a district role but states he's not a district person. Yep. He said it.

Ed Fleming when defending the Longhollow tower was hilarious when he was talking about the venomous and slanderous attacks on his client and then forgets his clients name.  It's Gene Church, Ed!  Fleming then venomously attacks each of the Longhollow tower opponents for their beliefs and causes. Fleming makes the tower issue all about Christianity, abortion, the ACLU (calling them the Anti Christian Liberties Union). Fleming is making the tower issue about religious matters because he knows the legal and leasing facts are not in his favor.  

You can't make this stuff up!


George Hawthorne said...

Will someone please start a recall petition. This "circus" is out of control and the Mayor is to blame.

Anonymous said...

George -- I moved away from the hell hole that is Pensacola so I cant start a recall petition. George -- if you're a city resident you could do it.

George Hawthorne said...

I wish I were, I couldn't take the madness either and moved out of the City and vowed not to move back until the this group of elected officials are gone and there are more honest politicians in governance. Otherwise, I would have ALREADY started the petition.

I like Pensacola, however, the racism and cronyism became unbearable and I started wondering why do I need to put up with the foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another local over paid attorney is heading to the Cukoo's Nest

Gene Church said...

Maren, you are wrong. You can make this up.

Ed Fleming does accurately recognize venomous and slanderous attacks. It might be worthwhile if he looked here.

Fleming accurately assessed little Jimmy Scaminaci's motives. He doesn't live in Pensacola or Escambia County. His involvement has NOTHING to do with storm water (and neither does the facts-if the tower were not there, there would be NO difference in storm water runoff, because the City has already determined that it is not financially viable to dig out the area, since the water table is so close to the surface). He is quick to insist on referring to himself as "Doctor" (anyone with a PhD who does this may well be addressing an inadequacy).

Scaminaci describes religious radio as "a religious-political or political-religious movement rooted in neo-Calvinism, guided by Christian Reconstructionism theology, incorporating New Apostolic Reformation religious ideology and practices, and corresponding to a very conservative, authoritarian, hierarchical, patriarchal, white supremacist worldview."

As both "the legal and leasing facts" are in our favor, we are dealing with the motivations of those who are fighting to stop this tower.

Yours appears to come from a self-importance and desire to attack all things in City government, with a desire to one day sit in the Mayor's chair.

Anonymous said...

George -- I am with you, but I moved far away and there's not way I would move back. I couldn't stand the racism, sexism, & xenophobia. When people ask me about Pensacola, I don't have many kind words to say. No one needs to put up with such a hateful, unethical community.

Anonymous said...

When all else fails. When your argument isn’t an argument at all. And, when you know you’re wrong and you’re losing. That’s why they call the ad hominem argument “the fool’s last resort”.

You would think for the kind of money Gene Church is surely paying Ed Fleming to represent him he’d come up with better than scurrilous attacks on the character of the citizens who brought the issue to the city council’s attention. But, wow! Fleming took it to new territory, claiming that Divine Word Communications and Gene Church have been selectively targeted for anti-Christian hatred by a cabal of humanist ACLU card-carrying abortion advocates.

With the mayor nowhere in sight and Larry B. departed, (for what could easily be presumed, St. Patty's day celebrations at the Azalea), Gene must have been pondering Mark Twain's quote, “No man is a failure who has friends”.

Anonymous said...

What a painful meeting and how disappointing that once again, the PNJ can't get it right. Where was the hypocrisy? The Workshop on Monday followed the Agenda Conference so they couldn't include their decision to ask the City Attorney to follow-up on the Tower Issue until Thursday night. No action could be taken at the Workshop so Sherri had to wait until Thursday Council meeting. It was discussed at length among the Council members, on Monday, with the exception of Larry Johnson, who did not attend the Workshop. To compare that with the 'sneak attack' of ECUA's non-publicly noticed presentation was like comparing apples to watermelons. The Citizen group from North Hill, Long Hollow, and Eastside requested to be on the agenda two weeks before the Council meeting. The Mayor agreed and then his attorney, couldn't prepare what she needed in time, so they were made to wait until the April Council meeting. Imagine that. So ECUA was going to be given 15-minutes of presentation time, whereas the neighborhood group was DENIED! Your darn right that they had every reason to demand the ECUA presentation be stopped. The public cannot ask questions after a presentation, only the Council. To allow the Council to receive one-sided evidence on a known controversial issue would have opened the City up to a lawsuit. The Council was justified to halt the presentation and should be applauded.

Anonymous said...

George -- More's the pity. I can only assume that the majority of Pensacola residents are happy with Hayward & those who were fed up made the great escape. There's a reason Pensacola is known as LA -- lower Alabama. I will never move back.

dahlingECG said...

"He is quick to insist on referring to himself as "Doctor" (anyone with a PhD who does this may well be addressing an inadequacy)." YES, total inadequacy. Sitting in classrooms for years perfecting their knowledge of a particular subject is the burden of those with small hands and giant "I'm better than you" egos.

You're a religious man, right? Bringing Catholic radio for those of us who don't have Mother Angelica on EWTN? If your angle is evangelizing on behalf of Catholicism, please take a note from scripture and turn the other cheek.

Arguing on this blog gives more insight to your character and intentions- perhaps it's a John DuPont complex that comes with the whole "I'm providing the people with messages from the Gospel and it's ME you have to thank for said blessings and spiritual salvation", I don't know. But what I do know is that political posturing on behalf of God's business makes all of this even disappointing. Happy Easter.