Friday, March 4, 2016

City States Investigation of Alleged Misconduct by Fire Chiefs

First, the Fire Chiefs were told that they were being placed on administrative leave for an "independent investigation".  No allegations were noted.

Then, Eric Olson goes on the radio and states the Chiefs were put on leave "due to the EEOC complaints" they made.

Then the Chiefs are given a list of allegations against them by Ed Sisson and presented to VanSickle by Keith Wilkins (who told the Chiefs he knew nothing about the allegations), none of which indicate any misconduct but primarily process related items.

Now the City has responded that the Chiefs are accused of misconduct!

The following statement was included in a recent public records request.

Section 119.071(2)(k) of Act pertaining to a complaint of misconducted filed with the City against a City employee and all information obtained pursuant to an investigation by the City of the complaint of misconduct.

The grammar above ("misconducted") is verbatim from the records request.  Evidently Maxwell Branham, the City's Public Records Coordinator is about as inept as Ed Sisson ('Memoradum")

Lets see:

  • Independent Investigation
  • EEOC complaint
  • Alleged process issues
  • Misconduct

Olson removing documents from the Fire Admin building?

I hear a train approaching!


Anonymous said...

FIRE ERIC OLSON and RECALL THE MAYOR! A complete embarrassment to the City of Pensacola.

The Upside has become the UPYOURS to the taxpayers!

Mark Clabaugh said...

I have said this before and I will say it again. Pensacola went off the tracks when it changed its form of Government. It is not grown up enough and now we have EXACTLY what was feared and known all to well by those opposing the change in the Charter. Unfortunately, Maren was in support of the Charter change, however, in her wildest imagination could never have foreseen the extent of dysfunction that exists today. In fact, I am not sure that even the most fervent of those in opposition could have foretold this story.

We have had 6 years of this form of Government. We know all too well the issues. Personally, it is past time to review the Charter and revamp. My personal feeling is having a professional city manager whom is accountable to the Citizens through the City Council.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone INVESTIGATE the HR Director Ed Sisson? He rolls around (literally) cursing and demeaning employees. He is a well known racist and sexist. No wonder his girlfriend left him... total pig

Anonymous said...

It seems that the city strategy is to:
1) Drag this issue along so that people will lose interest
2) Make broad, vague allegations until they find something on the two individuals that will stick
3) Make broad, vague allegations so that anything found would fit

Bottom line is that this process is obviously NOT about truth or justice. City administration has several goals in mind:
1) Create fear among other city employees who may be targets of discrimination
2) Deter future employee complaints
3) Discourage witnesses from speaking out
4) Find a termination offense to weaken or negate the EEOC complaint
5) Wear down the individuals on suspension that they might give up or make a deal
6) Create an environment which would make it impossible for them to return to work

The city has now placed itself in a position where they MUST find something bad on both individuals by any means necessary. Let's face it, if there was really anything of substance to the allegations, would they still be suspended with pay? Murder cases don't take this long to solve when you have the "suspects" in custody and unlimited access to the "crime" scene. That's especially the case if you need to plant or remove evidence!

Anonymous said...

^Anonymous 8:42 PM...That sounds good, but who would investigate? The HR manual has been altered so that Sisson and Olson are the ultimate decision makers in the appeals process. So if either of the two are the alleged offenders, it's a no win situation. I agree that Sisson is a racist and sexist but who is
Would be willing to file a complaint now? Employees now work in complete fear because they see what's happened to two career employees who know one really knows what they've been accused of.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 8, 2016 at 8:48 PM There will NEVER be an investigation on Ed Sisson or Eric Olson. Why??? Because they are doing exactly what the mayor wants them to do. This corrupt administration does not value employees. Don't believe the lies when Hayward claims that, "Public Safety is my number 1 priority". Just look at his actions. Don't believe his lies when he claims not to be a racist because he grew up with black friends. Where are they now? Unfortunately, there is no end in site for this catastrophe we know as the "Strong Mayor".

Anonymous said...

So now we wait for the next twist...Will there be new charges now? It seems apparent by the city's inaction that they must be trying to regroup and come up with something against the two chiefs. Obviously the "investigation" has not resulted in a finding of "misconduct" thus far. With the way this shady situation has unfolded, I'm certain that any substantial finding of wrongdoing by either of these two men would have at least resulted in suspension without pay and possibly termination. Ironically, it seems that even using the city's own partial attorney to conduct the "investigation" didn't work. Can hardly wait for the Boyd forum at the council meeting this week. Time will only tell what additional corruption that city staff has been engaged in will be exposed.