Thursday, March 31, 2016

Messer Surfaces in Ft. Pierce

$165,000 Per Year...Not to Shabby!

Jim is a really nice guy but with Jim all I can say is... the Boss always gets the opinion they ask for.

And we have Um, Uh, Eh, Um, Ah...Bobblehead!

Messer Employment Contract

Kerrigan Waiting at VanSickles Door

Can anyone think of any reason that Bob Kerrigan, a personal injury attorney, would be waiting by the office door of Russell VanSickle, an employment lawyer, yesterday as interviews into the Fire Chiefs finished yet another round of questions?

Was VanSickle in a car wreck?

I hope that there is a retainer agreement by the City for Kerrigan because according to the City everything associated with the Fire Chief investigation is not subject to disclosure outside the City!!

Hey Maxwell, a records request is on the way.

If you were not convinced something is fishy about this investigation before, you should be now!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fire Witch Hunt Takes Turn...Will Acting Interim Chief Be Put On Leave Also?

In a new turn in the Fire Chief investigation, Russell VanSickle of the Mayor's personal criminal defense law firm has turned his attention to an area never at issue until the current investigation was underway.

VanSickle is investigating the Child Car Seat installation program and the cash donations made to the department for that service.  This program is the same type of program being investigated by the State Attorney's office in Pace.

Evidently, when Chief Schmitt turned in his City property it included his access to a safe in the Fire Administration Building which holds the donations made to the program.

Here is the rub and why keeping Glover and Schmitt on Administrative leave while this is investigated is wrong and is just an expansion of the witch hunt to find something on the Chiefs at all costs.

Neither Schmitt or Glover are responsible for the program.  Acting Interim Chief and Fire Marshall David Allen is solely responsible for the program.

I am friends with David Allen but if the investigation is including his program, why is Acting Interim Chief Allen not immediately placed on administrative leave pending the investigation as this program actually involves cash!


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Council Budget Grows from 2016 by 25%

The cost of Council continues to swell.  The Council will discuss a budget request for 2017 of 25% over 2016.

The increases really are astounding and include:

  • 5% pay increase for current staff...who gets 5% anymore??
  • 100% increase in office supplies
  • 77% increase in operating supplies
  • 173% increase in Repairs & Maintenance
  • 233% increase in Small tools
  • 43% increase in professional fees...on top of the new Council Counsel and Budget Analyst
  • 50% increase in communications
  • 31% increase in advertising
  • 17% increase in training
  • 240% increase in Other Contractual Services
  • 28% increase in Misc.
  • 133% increase in unclassified
  • 400% increase in noncapitalized assets
Food and drinks?

Council = Waste?
Mayor = Fraud?
Sisson / Olson = Abuse?

Yep...we may have them all covered in Pensacola!

Monday, March 28, 2016

City Council...Polishing Rocks Today from 3:30 to 5:00

City Council is due to meet today in a workshop to polish some rocks.

They will discuss 28 changes to the rules and procedures of council...which they rarely follow.

Such important landmark matters to be discussed include:

  • Rescheduling meetings (Is an Admiral's party an extreme hardship?)
  • Adding "Leroy" to the "Boyd Forum" on the agenda.  Has anyone asked Mrs. Boyd?
  • Changing "from time to time" to "as necessary"
  • 72 hours notice for a special meeting rather than 48 hours
  • Changing title on agenda from "Mayor's Report" to "Mayor's Communications"
  • Procedures for shutting a Council member up
  • Postponing an agenda item
  • Taking away the Council Executive's power to add agenda items
  • Jacking up travel funds for Council members

Fire Chiefs out for 55 days.
Longhollow tower still at issue
Mayor attempting to diminish fire services
Investigation powers died for lack of a second and

Council is polishing rocks!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Spencer Wants To Be Mayor...But How?

Brian Spencer keeps alluding to his desire to be Mayor.  He continues to attempt to position himself for the run.

Brian only has one MAJOR problem standing in his way.

(14) To devote his or her entire work time to the performance of the duties of the Mayor’s office, and hold no other elected public office while Mayor.

You see, Brian Spencer is a busy little beaver.

- SMP Architecture
- GB Senior Living Properties
- GB Senior Living Operations
- Lifetime Lodgings
- SOGO Pensacola
- Palafox Quarter
- Breeze Living
- B K Spencer Inc
- 200 Office Complex Inc.
- Palafox Pinacotheca
- Schematic Design
- Saboo Inc.
- Bayfront Lodging
- Northport Properties

Two Serious Questions
  1. How in the world is Spencer going to convince voters he is devoting his entire work time to the performance of his duties with so many irons in the fire?
  2. Does Pensacola really need a Mayor who uses words like Pinacotheca instead of gallery?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wilkins Was MisInforming the Press from Beginning on Fire Chiefs

Below is a partial transcript of a public record voice mail below provided by Chief Glover to me in response to my direct inquiry of him regarding his administrative leave and the circumstances.

In the voice mail from the PNJ's Will Isern to Glover on February 5, 2016, Isern states very clearly:

"Just wanted to let you know I spoke with the City Administrator Keith Wilkins just now and he told me that you and Chief Schmitt are NOT the focus of the investigation. He said he didn't actually know what the focus was but is apparently not anything...its not into you two is all I can say."

Seems what we have here is another "breakdown in communication" Mr. Wilkins.

Wilkins was not informed of the witchhunt put in progress by Eric Olson and Ed Sisson and assumed his role of patsy in the scheme.

Yesterday, on 1620 Wilkins talked about the "breakdown in communication" that surrounded the City response to the recent tornado.

"Breakdowns in communication" appear to be abundant in the Hayward Administration.

Its out of control!

Day 51...and counting

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wilkins In the Dark On Fire Chiefs; Admits Breakdown of City Communications in Tornado

Assistant City Administrator Keith Wilkins was on AM 1620 today with Andrew McKay and discussed the Fire Chief situation.  Wilkins noted:

  • Today is the 50th day of the administrative leave.
  • The investigation should wrap up in a week or two
  • Wilkins doesn't know a lot of the details himself

Wilkins did note a "breakdown in communication" within the City regarding the tornado response and the Mayor and Olson's complete lack of knowledge as to what was happening.

This is the first time that anyone from the Ashton J. Hayward administration has EVER admitted that the City made mistakes and gooned a situation up!  Better be glad Keith that the Mayor is in Miami and Olson is on vacay also.  They don't like admitting failure.  Olson may call your boss...oh, that's him!

Also, Wilkins attempted to describe the operations at the EOC.  His statement that had the Mayor been at the EOC or not is "just optics rather than functional"

Wilkins stated the Mayor is NOT IN CHARGE in when it comes to situations that require qualified individuals.

That fact alone that in critical situations Hayward is really not in charge, is really not the Strong Mayor and "is just optics" deferring all powers to a County employee makes me feel better actually.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Uber Agreement Expired...Time to Arrest Uber Drivers at the Airport

The Mayor signed an interim agreement with Uber on November 11, 2015 to operate at the Pensacola International Airport.

From the City Website:

***Update*** The City of Pensacola and Uber reach interim operating agreement to operate at Pensacola International Airport (expires March 11, 2016). Pick-up and drop-off service is now available at the south end of the terminal under the blue awning (just before the terminal).

In December the PNJ reported:

"Hayward did not say when or for how long he plans to extend the agreement, but said he would meet with city manager Eric Olson to work out the details."

Anyone seen an extension?

PPD please start enforcing the City's ordinance again!  Arrest Uber drivers on site at the Airport!

Your bosses, Hayward and Olson, failure to do their jobs unfortunately means you have to do yours!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Re-examining City of Pensacola Fire Service...Not enough in 2011, Same in 2016

With the discussion ongoing regarding City and County Fire Automatic Aid, I thought it appropriate to look back to the beginning of the Hayward administration to see how fire service has changed.

According to Chief Schmitt in 2011 the fire department size was already at its limit BEFORE an AUTOMATIC AID agreement.  Automatic aid will just result in the City being even more vulnerable should a PFD unit respond to a County issue.

Below is a 2011 InWeekly article on the City's Fire service.  Read it please.  Since then the Airport Fire Station has been downsized even more.

2011...Understaffed then
2016...Hayward and Olson are negligent if they pursue automatic aid.

"City officials often brag on the “world-class” Pensacola Fire Department. It was one of the major selling points for consolidation. What isn’t mentioned publicly is that 60 percent of the city’s fire stations are undermanned to the point that they don’t meet national fire safety standards. Precious minutes are being lost as multiple stations are having to be called in to fight fires before crews can enter burning structures."

Three men aren’t enough for a crew to enter a burning structure, according to the fire safety standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA rules mandate that a firefighter cannot enter a burning structure alone. OSHA Rule 1910.134(g)(4)(ii) also requires two men to be outside a burning structure while two firefighters are inside so that if the men inside the building get in trouble they can be rescued by their co-workers. The three-man Pensacola fire crews must wait for another crew to arrive before any firefighters can handle an emergency inside the burning building or they violate OSHA rules.

The stations that are understaffed are Station 2, off Davis Highway, Station 3, on Summit Boulevard, and Station 4, located on North Q Street. The downsizing included the elimination of 12 fire positions over the past three years.

“The service that citizens are getting is three men showing up at a fire in the first five to seven minutes and then possibly 10 minutes (later) another truck may be able to get there,” said DeWeese. “Residential fires are the most dangerous fires in comparison. Every minute in a residential fire, the fire doubles.”

Interim Pensacola Fire Chief Matt Schmitt confirmed DeWeese’s statements concerning fire station staffing. “We’ve downsized with the budgets of every other city department here trying to make it through the economic hard times we are in,” Schmitt explained. “Positions were defunded; when someone retired out, we just didn’t hire in.”

Schmitt told the IN that the downsizing has created problems when working simultaneously with large, multiple incidents. “But, we do have a mutual aid agreement with the Escambia County Fire Rescue. We can draw on them for support, but it takes time,” Schmitt continued. “Before the downsizing, we could easily manage two major incidents at the same time. Considering the size and scope of a given incident, that could be extremely difficult at this time.”

Stay with mutual will work for everyone!

Thoughts on This Picture?

Dr. Bense:  What a great day for archaeology in Pensacola!
Hayward:  Wonder what it says?

Dr. Bense:  This is a great ending to a fantastic career!
Hayward:  Wish it had pictures

Friday, March 18, 2016

City Council Notes 3/17

Before the Council starts whining about the long meeting that ran until 12:30am, remember since they made a choice to cut the schedule to one meeting per month they each are paid about $1,200 per meeting for their "service".

How many folks make $1,200 for one meeting a month!

Tweets of the Night - Will Isern
  1. After 2 hours 45 minutes, we just got to the first agenda item
  2.  Asking for the resignation of City Administrator Eric Olson is becoming a common theme at City Council meetings
Jerry Couey has asked you twice Mr. Mayor!  Nuf said!

The City is facing a $100 million lawsuit due to the actions of Ed Sisson.

Once again calls for Olson to be fired.
Olson called Gestapo, asked is this North Korea?
"You Mr. Olson are a disgrace"

When Hayward finally has enough and throws Olson to the curb, he should make the Mayor pay him for relocation because his options in Pensacola may be "limited".  He may be the most hated man in the City at this point.

Mr. Newton's statements were SHOCKING about racism in the Fire department and did not paint Rusty Wells in a very favorable light. Shocker.

LBJ, I get your point about consistency and agree, but why belittle Citizens? Your stares and looks at the Citizens when they heckle you are hilarious!

During the Approval of the Agenda, Lysia Bowling babbled about...mumbling and fumbling.  She comes off like a complete moron. Bobblehead throws around big words that collectively mean not a dang thing. It's embarrassing.  Also, it appears she has been moved to the kiddy table rather than being allowed to sit with the grown ups.

The Council passed an ordinance to create the budget analyst role but with no intent to fill it.  No one will ever apply for it as it pays so far below the job requirements.The only person who would apply would be as qualified and capable as Lysia Bowling is for the City Attorney role.

The Mayor's $1 a year lease to the DIB has changed and now the City wants more. Another shocker. Bare to DIB Director Ron Butlin "So what you were initially told changed, that's happened to me too".  Bowling once again speaks but doesn't say anything but babble about what needs to be done. She is lost.  She has no answers!!

When Sherri Myers found out all the tree fund moneys have been spent downtown when they primarily come from the north end of the City she throws down on Spencer about his run for Mayor saying when he comes looking for support for Mayor she will ask him what he has ever done for the North end of the City.

Quote from Andy Terhaar, representative of District 3, "I'm not a district person, we need to look at the City as a whole and decide."  He's running for a district role but states he's not a district person. Yep. He said it.

Ed Fleming when defending the Longhollow tower was hilarious when he was talking about the venomous and slanderous attacks on his client and then forgets his clients name.  It's Gene Church, Ed!  Fleming then venomously attacks each of the Longhollow tower opponents for their beliefs and causes. Fleming makes the tower issue all about Christianity, abortion, the ACLU (calling them the Anti Christian Liberties Union). Fleming is making the tower issue about religious matters because he knows the legal and leasing facts are not in his favor.  

You can't make this stuff up!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hello...City Staff, We have Ordinances and Codes If You Weren't Aware

Does the City staff even know we have ordinances and codes in place? Evidently the question needs asking.  Recently, the new Publix lot on Cervantes had some heritage trees destroyed during the clearing process many of which should have been protected and now we learn how ECUA clears large parcels to place its tanks in neighborhoods. Note their previous work here locally!  Is this where the City staff is headed?

Oh, City Staff must consider the proposed storage tanks as outside storage for the old medical center building.

How does this happen?

What do you think happened to the value of the property next to the tank since the previous photo?

I bet their property went up 40% in value with that economic development next door.  NOT

If that property owner was a member of Brian Spencer's wine and cheese, chicken liking crowd, that tank would NOT BE THERE!

Does the City staff inform developers of the City's codes and ordinances at their first meeting or do they just assume the developer will just stroke checks to mitigate any issues or the developers will clear it with the Mayor?

In the letter below from the City's Planning Services Administrator to the developer of the Cervantes Publix site, the City makes sure to make requirements for the following:
  • architectural style
  • finishing
  • loading dock screening
  • decorative LED lighting
  • repurposing bricks from the demolished historic homes into the new sidewalks
  • providing bike racks and
  • landscaping
That's the City's focus...repurposing bricks from the demolished historic homes!   

Not saving trees older than the homes that were destroyed.



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

With so many questions, Strong Mayor becomes Invisible Man

Right now in the City, Mayor Hayward has the following issues going on:

  • No resolution on the Fire Chief investigations now in their second month
  • The City's failure to properly handle the recent tornados and who was aware of the situation
  • If the City will commit misfeasance by entering into an automatic aid agreement for fire service
  • City Council "ready to act" on his Longhollow tower lease with a campaign contributor
  • EEOC complaints against his City Administrator and HR director
  • North Hill up in arms regarding the ECUA tanks
  • More and more people openly calling for his recall
Now more than ever people want to hear from their Mayor.  It's a good thing he has a weekly radio interview with Andrew McKay on AM 1620 to get his message to the people and answer the above questions.

But in typical Hayward fashion, when the going gets tough, the Mayor gets scarce.

It's a radio interview.  You don't even have to be there.  Maybe he's between burn phones.

In the last two weeks, the Strong Mayor has put up the sanitation manager and the parks and rec spokesperson to fill his spot with Andrew.

Today, Citizens learned about the Easter egg hunt this weekend and the touch a truck event at the Maritime Park.  Both great events, but not exactly what AM 1620 was looking for when agreeing to give the Mayor a prepared interview each week I'm sure.

Maybe next week we can here about the hard work going on at the City garage which I do appreciate but not exactly what Citizens want to hear about with so many issues out there.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Council, cancel the tower lease! Enforce the code!

Yesterday the City Council met to discuss the Longhollow tower issue. From all reports, Council rattled their swords with some tough talk and some real hand wringing.

News reports say Council is going to act!  Grrrrr!  Council is growling. Ashton must be scared.

A few notes on the "work" of Council Executive Donald Kraher located within Ricksblog
Click Link to Staff Questions re Longhollow Tower.

  1. Council met on March 14, 2016.  Kraher did not even submit his questions to Eric Olson until last Tuesday, March 8, 2016.  Last Tuesday. Months of waiting.  Last Tuesday!
  2. Donald Kraher DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL THE CITY ADMINISTRATOR'S NAME.  Hey Mork, at least I spell your name correctly!  
  3. Did Kraher really expect any answers to these questions?  Many have already been answered by Olson in the press.  Kraher is a lawyer by training. I expected more.  These all appear to be put together last minute so he can say the questions were asked, but really not expecting any response from Olson. 
  4. FYI, Eric Olsen is the TV star of NCIS Los Angeles. He plays Deeks.
The City Administrator thought so little of Kraher's letter that Eric Olson did not even respond.

That's right Citizens of Pensacola Florida!

Your elected officials directed their staff to inquire of the Mayor and his flunky as to how the process unfolded here.

The Mayor and his flunky responded with nothing!

That's how much Mayor Hayward and Eric Olson really think of the Citizens asking for accountability and transparency from their City Government.


And finally, Mayor Want to Be Spencer better tread lightly here while he beats his chest.  If the Planning Director ever comes clean with all of the alleged emails, alleged favors requested, alleged unauthorized communications under the Mayor's staff communications policy and alleged insider access she has been asked for by Spencer over the years or opens up her personal email account to review, somebody's Mayoral desires may come crashing down!!!

On that thought, lets open up her personal emails for all emails to or from Brian Spencer since he took office.  Should be interesting.  I'm sure they have all been saved as public records.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mayor Recall Provisions

(a) Petition content.A petition shall contain the name of the person sought to be recalled and a statement of grounds for recall. The statement of grounds may not exceed 200 words, and the stated grounds are limited solely to those specified in paragraph (d).

200 words to sum up his administration? 

6. In a municipality or district of 25,000 or more registered electors, the petition shall be signed by at least 1,000 electors or by 5 percent of the total number of registered electors of the municipality or district as of the preceding municipal election, whichever is greater.

In Pensacola, roughly 1,750 people.

All signatures shall be obtained, as provided in paragraph (e), within a period of 30 days, and all signed and dated petition forms shall be filed at the same time, no later than 30 days after the date on which the first signature is obtained on the petition.

There is a strategy to this provision based on my discussions with knowledgeable folks.

d) Grounds for recall.The grounds for removal of elected municipal officials shall, for the purposes of this act, be limited to the following and must be contained in the petition:
1. Malfeasance;
2. Misfeasance;
3. Neglect of duty;
4. Drunkenness;
5. Incompetence;
6. Permanent inability to perform official duties; and

7. Conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude.

Take your pick!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Myers Wants Answers in Olson / Mayor Tornado Debacle

Sherri Myers wants answers to what went wrong in the City's response to the tornado.

Her questions are as follows:

These questions deserve answers!  Eric Olson better start at least pretending he knows what he is doing.

Once again Council, what will it take for you to FINALLY vote NO CONFIDENCE in Eric Olson.
  • Attacked a Citizen trying to damage her livelihood (Melanie Nichols)
  • Is subject of an EEOC complaint
  • Is responsible for the Fire Chief debacle and the City's retaliation
  • Changed the employees due process promised the state to make himself superior decider of employee issues.
  • Can't effectively lead the City in times of emergency
  • Is pushing for automatic aid at the expense of taxpayers in your districts
Council, unless you make your opinion of Olson heard, someone is potentially going to get hurt due to his failures!

That's what happens when you hire an unqualified career staffer who never had command in his Navy career and the best job he could get on the outside was not for profit coordinator.

As for Congressman Hayward:

The Mayoral response to the floods was for him and An to pass out pizzas and give his business partner Cody Rawson no bid contracts under his emergency executive authority.

The Mayoral response to the tornado was to blame Channel 3 for not covering it in their newscast while he was at home watching TV rather than at the EOC.

What would his response to a hurricane be?

Kraher to have Nothing to Add in Longhollow Tower Workshop

On Monday the City Council will hold a workshop on the Longhollow tower lease.  One thing is for sure.

If Council Executive Don Kraher has one document to present to City Council on Monday, on Tuesday I will be visiting the State Attorney Office to file a complaint on Sunshine Violations.

I made a public records request of the following:

Presentation by Don Kraher on Longhollow for Mondays Workshop

The response I received stated:

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request. 
We shall see.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Council Wasting Time with Budget Analyst Search

Councilman Bare is once again proposing bringing on a full time budget analyst, a move that Council shot down a few months ago.

In the agenda for next week, Bare proposes the following:

Job Listing

This is a clear case of the required duties not matching the position's required experience and salary range.

The UWF website below shows the 2013 Average Starting Salary for Accounting Graduates was $53,700.

A range of $42,615 to $65,206 is shown for business majors.

Its 2016.  Maybe salaries have been dropping since 2013?

The 2016 job salary range for the budget analyst job has a cap $1,200 above the lowest starting salary for business majors in 2013.

Finance majors receive no training in governmental accounting which is a specialized area many seasoned CPAs have no experience in.

I have never seen a degree anywhere in budget analysis!

Wait, it hit me!  Has some GOB's under performing child who can't find a job been slotted to get this one?

The posting the Council Executive put together is not going to result in a top performer for the job and will result in the Council being disappointed in the ability to perform of the person hired.

And the requirements of the role call for one heck of a lot more experience than a year.

Following Tricky Dick Barker's shell game requires someone with not only significantly more experience but also trained in Governmental accounting.

This hire would be as effective as the potted plant at the airport.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Reading this Makes Me Believe Kerrigan Needs a CAT Scan

Bob Kerrigan has posted on his blog a post he calls Bowling News.  No it's not an expose' on the failures and mumblings of City Attorney Lysia Bowling.  Its a rambling rant of some really odd stuff.

In this edition Kerrigan discusses:

  • The ill effects of blue pills
  • Sex talk in the Bible
  • The City Council President and
  • Preacher jokes
Here's the City Council President piece:

We welcomed the new city council president who spoke to us about all the employees he wants to hire to establish a shadow city government. He said that the kinds of decisions they need to make require a greatly expanded work force. He wants to tackle the Global Warning debunking and other international issues. He said that he has demonstrated his ability to take on the big issues and make decisions in a timely way citing the food trucks and free parking for him. He explained his leadership role which sadly is ending in eight months. He mentioned the cheap shot he received about being a “Mary Kay Husband” but it would not deter him from being the leader God called him to be. One of our members asked him what he did at City Hall all day; he said that was no one’s business but he and Sherry Myers’. He was asked about an employee who sued the city, who is now suspended, previously costing the city thousands. He said that although the employee lost the prior suit and the city had to pay thousands in lawyers’ fees, he encouraged other employees to file frivolous suits because that allowed him to support them when they lost, which is what good leaders do.

The Bare / Myers comment is too much.

The part about the EEOC lawsuit being frivolous is a direct opinion of one of the Mayor's top advisers and clearly shows that the Mayor does not appreciate nor care about the nature of the damage his HR director and City Administrator are doing to the City.

Since we all know Kerrigan is one of the Mayor's puppet masters, based on his statements don't expect the investigation to be fair at all.  Hold this post.  It goes to retaliation by the Mayor's office.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Who was in the EOC the Night of the Tornado?

I have obtained the card key logs for who visited the Escambia Emergency Operations Center the night of the tornado and the next day.  They are very telling about how the night progressed and who was present to direct the operations.

The records confirm what I had been told about City Administrator Eric Olson.  I had been told that he arrived about 5pm and stayed "for about and hour".

The records indicate that he did in fact arrive at 5:05pm.  No exit records are available as no swipe is required for exit.

City of Pensacola personnel on site during the height of the storm appear to have been zero or minimal based on the records.

A PFD Battalion Chief was onsight at 6:45am, basically first light.

Olson never returned.  Hayward never appeared.

Severe-Weather-Feb-23-24-2016 EOC Log

Friday, March 4, 2016

City States Investigation of Alleged Misconduct by Fire Chiefs

First, the Fire Chiefs were told that they were being placed on administrative leave for an "independent investigation".  No allegations were noted.

Then, Eric Olson goes on the radio and states the Chiefs were put on leave "due to the EEOC complaints" they made.

Then the Chiefs are given a list of allegations against them by Ed Sisson and presented to VanSickle by Keith Wilkins (who told the Chiefs he knew nothing about the allegations), none of which indicate any misconduct but primarily process related items.

Now the City has responded that the Chiefs are accused of misconduct!

The following statement was included in a recent public records request.

Section 119.071(2)(k) of Act pertaining to a complaint of misconducted filed with the City against a City employee and all information obtained pursuant to an investigation by the City of the complaint of misconduct.

The grammar above ("misconducted") is verbatim from the records request.  Evidently Maxwell Branham, the City's Public Records Coordinator is about as inept as Ed Sisson ('Memoradum")

Lets see:

  • Independent Investigation
  • EEOC complaint
  • Alleged process issues
  • Misconduct

Olson removing documents from the Fire Admin building?

I hear a train approaching!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

City of Pensacola Circus Roundup...Que the Music

Here's the current status on some ongoing issues and some new issues that have many asking questions.

Fire Chiefs - Both Chiefs have been interviewed by the Mayor's personal criminal defense firm.  The allegations are apparently ridiculous.  The Citizens will likely be grabbing pitchforks for Olson and Sisson when the allegations are announced.  Over one month of administrative leave and for what? Administrative leave is unprecedented in any employee investigation action outside of a shooting!  The Mayor must make a decision here.  HIS Chief Human Resource Officer made formal allegations against two senior level employees.  He can't have a City HR department where the department head is seen as an attacker and not someone who is approachable and employee centric.  The only way the EEOC and Fire Chief complaint get minimized is for the City to admit no wrongdoing by the Chiefs and for Sisson to get a box.

Removal of Evidence? Olson was seen lurking around the Fire Admin Building the other day.  He entered with nothing but left with a black folder.  Removing evidence the Chiefs left in their offices before Russell VanSickle visits? What was in that black folder Mr. Olson?  We will find out!

Tornado Response - Council members are hopping mad about the City's failure to stay on top of the damage in the City.  It appears that 12 hours after the storm, neither the Mayor nor Olson knew there was damage in the City.  Who was in the EOC from the City?  Public records requests are flying over any sign in sheets at the EOC.  Camera footage? Where was Olson?  The City Administrator should have been the City's lead on this.  Police, Fire and Public Works roll up to him on the org chart. Hey Olson, hate to break it to you but Council members are calling your Boss about your job performance.

Automatic Aid - Fire Union opposes it.  City residents oppose it.  Leaves the City exposed.  But hey, I hear many including a local radio host think that we the Citizens of Pensacola owe it to those who live in the County to use our City tax dollars to protect the County residents for free.  It never ceases to amaze me when ultra conservatives rant about their federal tax money going to social programs but don't acknowledge that it's the same thing at the local services level.  Why should City Tax Dollars fund someones service when they very easily could chose to ask to be annexed by the City and then they can pay for the service they desire to receive.  I could be wrong as I did not hear the comments. I must have flipped over to Pensacola Speaks while doing the afternoon sports shuttle.

YMCA Parking - The building is going up fast and, according to the PNJ, the building will be 52,000 square feet.  The Y currently has 3,000 members, 100 staff and tons of new programs.



Bill Weeks, go can go ahead and start pulling the paperwork for parking at the Y.  Public records request on the way!

Food Trucks - What constitutes a permit under the City ordinances?  Business license?

Access to City Hall - The Mayor and the City Administrator are:
  • participating in attacking the integrity and careers of two public servants and 
  • are allowing retaliation against the employees for the City's EEOC violations and
  • are using City Funds to fund the witchhunt with the Mayor's nonindependent criminal defense attorney and
  • can't effectively stay informed and manage the City in time of a weather related disaster and
  • are in the process of, without any legislative direction or appropriated funding, giving away City services to non-taxpaying County residents and
  • allowing the worst attorney in the history of City attorney's to mumble her way through the highest paying job in the City and
  • continue to allow an illegal lease for the Longhollow radio tower the Council voted to investigate and
all the City Council can muster is to complain that the Mayor and Olson won't allow them unescorted access to a floor at City Hall staffed by people the Mayor forbids them to talk too without his permission?

Really?  Eye on the ball people!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Dance Ashton Dance!!

Team AM1620 recovered today from the catastrophic technical difficulties it experienced last week when the Mayor went on the radio and announced no tornado damage in the City.

The Newsradio team was able to record the Mayor's interview this week and asked some pretty pointed questions of the Mayor.  Here's some highlights:

On why the Mayor stated on the show that there was little damage by the tornado in the City:

"Obviously later on in the morning I got the update on Dunmire Woods, we had 104 residential structures damaged..."

"we definitely had a lot of damage but we were focused on that east side (outside the City) and collaborating with the County and trying to work together because we were able to see the feed on Channel 3 all night"

See the feed!  Really!  Why are you not out there?  Why is Sherri Myers driving the streets, Charles Bare on the phone, and you are seeing the feed on Channel 3?

Is Allen Strum running the City?
Is TV where our City leader gets briefed?

Leave your house and do your job!

Andrew:  Was there a breakdown of information?
Hayward: No

I did hear that Eric Olson "dropped by the EOC for about an hour the night before".  I'm sure he was rushing home to see if the latest issue of Outside magazine arrived.

"So obviously I'm on the radio with you at 7:30 in the morning so I hadn't seen right there off west of Ninth Avenue"

By 7:30 AM after a storm that hit at 8:15 PM the night before, the leader of our City, the Strong Mayor hadn't had a call, text, or meeting regarding catastrophic damage in the City.

What?  Is that how being the leader works? Hey Mr. President, we had a natural disaster last night, but we didn't want to bother your evening.

Who is running this Circus you call a City Mayor?

More later on Hayward dancing on the issue of automatic aid.

Andrew, Great Job! When you get going on an issue, your dancing monkey dances right along.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In a Fire When Seconds Count, We Need the Fire Service We Pay For

I am hearing concerns from fire experts on the statements by the Escambia County's Public Safety Director regarding the fire that claimed the lives of 4 children.

In a Channel 3 interview, it was reported:

"The house was in the county, prompting a county fire station to respond. They were about 2 and a half miles away, but a city fire station was about a mile closer.

"It's definitely a tragic event, but I don't think that distance would have made a difference," said Mike Weaver.

People need to know how quickly fires spread and that they spread exponentially. A properly functioning smoke detector will generally sound within 10-20 seconds.

The following videos demonstrate this

The reason automatic aid is a bad idea is that when seconds count, City resources don't need to be off on calls for people unwilling to pay for them.

"When giving Automatic Aid, be sure 50% of your firefighting capacity stays inside your service area and does not respond."

Most Pensacola Stations have only ONE operational vehicle.  If it's off on County calls, how is 50% maintained in the service area of that station?

Mayoral Fire Math

1 truck - 1 truck = 50% coverage
3 firefighters on a truck = 2 in 2 out
2 men and two trucks =  proper International Airport coverage