Friday, February 12, 2016

Why is the Battalion Chief ALSO Not on Administrative Leave?

Evidently, they are investigating the Chiefs according to Council President Charles Bare on WEAR.

Council President Charles Bare was quoted by WEAR stating:

“They had deviated from the procedure they used to use and are now using a procedure that’s warranted an investigation,” Bare explained, saying the information came from a private meeting with Rusty Wells, special assistant to the city administrator.

“There was a pool of employees and apparently the chief and deputy chief picked eight of them to interview and it was a departure from the way they've done it in the past,” Bare said.

The process noted above was administered by a Battalion Chief, who lists his position on Linkedin as Battalion Chief (Training and Safety Officer).

I understand he was the point of contact for all applicants.

The Battalion Chief continues to be on the job, while Schmitt and Glover are on leave that runs out today.


The question being asked:  Is the Battalion Chief's cousin at City Hall protecting him?


Anonymous said...

who is the uncle?

CJ Lewis said...

Do departments determine their own procedures? Would not the procedures for hiring people be set by the Human Resources Department/Division acting under the authority of the Mayor? The way this story is being painted it is as if we are expected to believe that Interim Fire Chief Schmitt, who is not a department head, somehow went rogue, Assistant Chief Glover too, taking unauthorized actions unknown to Sisson, Wilkins, Olson and Hayward. That is just not believable.

Anonymous said...

CJ - You would be correct my friend. I will remain anonymous because unfortunately I currently work for the City and wouldn't want to get fired for exercising my Constitutional Rights! But what a total sham the City bought into with this form of government. One thing that city admin has done is encourage all employees who are able to seek protections under a collective bargaining agreement.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's uncle, cousin or other, but the relative is Dick Barker.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Throw in Al Coby with Wells and you have the evil triad. Barker and Wells need a box. Coby needs to never come back.

Anonymous said...

The plot thickens! City employees are living a real live soap opera. Couldn't imagine working under this crooked administration. I hope that the chiefs stand their ground for the sake of all city employees.

Anonymous said...

The battalion chief is not on leave because he didn't file an EEOC complaint and the other two Chiefs did plain end simple.