Thursday, February 25, 2016

Who finally told the Mayor Eau Claire Estates was in the City?

I grew up on LaBorde Lane in Eau Claire Estates about a football field away from the damaged homes on La Nain.  This neighborhood is part of the City of Pensacola.  Always has been.  Evidently the Mayor didn't know that yesterday when he was being interviewed by Andrew McKay as he stated that the only damage in the City of Pensacola was minor with some trees down.

Why?  Because as his AM 1620 intro music states "Downtown" is all he cares about.

AM 1620 has conveniently no podcast of the Mayor of Pensacola doing the interview yesterday. Wonder if the Mayor's PR folks called them once they heard the interview and asked their "news partner" to take it down?

I'm sure once someone told the Mayor that Eau Claire Estates was in the City, he got all tingly about getting to photo op with the Governor.

Ashton Hayward is an out of touch empty suit.

Mayoral Podcasts on 1620

Why is only one missing?

Inquiring minds want to know?

Andrew?  Newsman or Mayoral Infomercial Host?


Tony O. Stanfill said...

"Minor with some trees down"
Someone might direct him to McAdams Ct.just off Lansing and Tippin.

Anonymous said...

Hayward responds, "Huh! I thought the City of Pensacola was everything south of Cervantes, everything east of DeVilliers, and everything west of 17th Ave." "Anyways, who cares!" "Where's my photographer?" "I need to go over to Milan to figure out what we need to do next."

Anonymous said...

"How does my hair look?" "If any more residents complain about the stupid tornado damage, I'll have them fired."