Monday, February 1, 2016

The Real Reason the Mayor is Building a New Fire Station

He has to!

In the union agreement below, the City of Pensacola made the following agreement:

SECTION 4. Within 12 months following the Florida Legislature’s approval of the jointly submitted pension changes as outlined elsewhere in this Agreement, the City will have the hazardous mold conditions at Fire Stations 3 and 4 eradicated.


Also in the Agreement it is stated:

SECTION 1. MINIMUM STAFFING – The City agrees to maintain the following minimum levels of
daily staffing in the fire department:

A. 5 Engines each staffed as follows:

1 Captain or Acting Captain
1 Lieutenant or Acting Lieutenant
1 Firefighter

This is what will one day catch up with the Mayor.  Mayor Hayward can only count to 3!!

What is two in / two out?

2. Why is this standard important to fire fighters?
This standard, with its two-in/two-out provision, may be one of the most important safety advances for fire fighters in this decade. Too many fire fighters have died because of insufficient accountability and poor communications. The standard addresses both and leaves no doubt that two-in/two-out requirements must be followed for fire fighter safety and compliance with the law.

But then again laws don't matter to the Mayor!,_two-out


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