Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nothing About This Screams Employment Issues With the City.

City Employees

Dr. Evil - Olson
Mini Me - Sisson
Employees - Scott

From: Maren DeWeese
Date: February 11, 2016
To: All City Staff
Subject: Communications on Behalf of Yourself

All City Employees,

In your capacity as Citizens, you are authorized to speak on behalf of yourself about the following subject matters:

  1. any ongoing investigations within the fire department
  2. any pending EEOC claims against the City; or
  3. any current City employees placed on administrative leave.
If you should do so, you may be subject to nothing.

As always, feel free to anonymously post your thoughts to my blog!


Maren DeWeese
Fellow Citizen


Anonymous said...

It was said time and time again that Hayward has never before managed a snowball stand much less a city. Now he has 800 or so employees to manage and is completely lost. This is a textbook case on how to get yourself sued. Unfortunately, it will be the taxpayers who pick up the tab for a series of monumental mistakes that just keep on a'coming.

Anonymous said...

Olsen might want to read the Pickering v Board of Education Decision. Whether he likes it or not, public sector employees have the right to comment on matters of public concern. He sure does like to muzzle employees -- or least likes to try.

Anonymous said...

Does that make the mayor the hairless cat? Just laying around getting stroked by everyone and doing absolutely nothing

Anonymous said...

Does Mayor Hayward not have a role? Where is that guy anyway?

Anonymous said...

If City Employees want to comment on the incompetence and Discrimination that reeks within the walls at City Hall they have every right to do so, in their homes, on their free time they have every right to. Olson you should be fired! Sisson you need to grab your own box and hit the street. All City employees should voice their opinions because you could be next. I hope this is remembered come election time because HAYWARD YOU ARE TRULY A DISGRACE TO THIS CITY TO ALLOW RAMPANT RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION TO CONTINUE.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Never thought that I would write these words....but what a GREAT City Council meeting tonight. It was a joy to hear so many people get up to the podium and tell Olson and Hayward that they both should GO HOME, and be fired. People have had enough of their garbage and their days are numbered. No one believes your lies anymore Ashton. City Hall is imploding on you.

Anonymous said...

What really stinks about the whole thing - the City has mucked up the chance to address any actual complaint about the 2 chiefs who may, (or may not - no one's said), have been doing even remotely decent jobs. This, in and of itself, is criminal.

To label the whole thing as racism is as narrow-minded as racism itself. Chief Schmitt has been "Interim" since before King Mayor was elected. If the entire of City Hall was wholly set on blocking the rise of Deputy Glover (who was already promoted quickly) - why not make Schmitt the ACTUAL chief? They didn't. Instead Schmitt has been sitting in the Fire Chief's chair for years. Why not make him permanent? That seems worthy of crying foul. A department so disregarded that the Mayor and him minions can't see fit to appoint an actual Fire Chief? And in all this time - not one person has asked why?

Anonymous said...

Olson: hey Ashton, I noticed we've had an interim fire chief for years???? Isn't this unusual ?

Ashton: yawn.... What time is my flight to Milan? I can't wait to see the car they pose us on this time!!!

Anonymous said...

Based on Olsen's pic it doesn't seem like much has changed. He's still really good at making a complete fool of himself. As a retired military officer he is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to all who have served. Zero honor and less integrity! Ed Sisson is as spineless as a jellyfish and is no better. They have blundered over and over in this obvious conspiracy to retaliate even with all of the resources at their disposal. Epic fail at harassment which is going to ultimately cost the taxpayers.