Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hayward's Criminal Defense Firm Involved In Fire Dept Investigation?

Mayor Hayward, who is under Federal criminal investigation, uses the Pensacola law firm Beggs & Lane for his personal defense in the Federal probe.

Beggs & Lane is a top tier firm.

But that firm also gets the lions share of all City work when it comes to keeping the Mayor out of trouble or acting as a tool to provide legal cover for the Mayor's actions.

  • Mayor wants to deny Studer lease at Maritime Park...Beggs & Lane raises objections to the lease
  • Mayor gets sued for improper use of veto power...Beggs & Lane argues successfully Plaintiff has no standing...not validity of veto
  • Mayor is sued for denying access of Council to City employees...Beggs & Lane wards off the Council
  • Mayor is sued by Merrill and Russenburger over Fish House lease...Beggs & Lane attempts to have case thrown out and bar video depositions of the Mayor
  • Mayor is sued for illegal gas franchise fees...Beggs & Lane is there to combat the Citizens against their own Mayor
And now, the Mayor wants to bounce his Interim Fire Chief and the Deputy Fire Chief who have both filed EEO claims against his senior staff.

Who ya gonna call?  
Beggs & Lane, of course.  
Will we find out that Beggs& Lane is the "outside agency"?

Well...the Chiefs were told any questions should be directed to:

The Distingushed Russell VanSickle, Esquire  

So...want to know a little more about Russell?

"His practice is focused on representing businesses in complex litigation, including class action and collective action cases, and representing and counseling management in all areas of labor and employment law. He represents employers and management in a wide variety of labor and employment litigation matters, including arbitrations, hearings, and trials in state and federal trial courts and appellate courts, and before governmental agencies, including the EEOC, NLRB, DOL, OSHA, OFCCP, and various state agencies including the Florida Commission on Human Relations."

I'm sorry but Mr. VanSickle's firm is about as independent in City matters as Rob Larkin's Allen Norton & Blue.

Mr. VanSickle is 100% from the management perspective.

Does anyone else hear the sound of railroad engines approaching in the distance?

These two firemen deserve to know who and what they have been accused of and what the City is investigating.

Who's your inside person Mr. Mayor?  Who's feeding Sisson stories from inside the Department?

Whoever that person is will eventually have to SWEAR UNDER OATH OUT IN THE PUBLIC.


Anonymous said...

Edward Dees is the man who is willing to testify against Glover.

Anonymous said...

Can you say "set up"? How about "conspiracy"? I hope that Karma comes knocking on City Hslls doors real soon!

Here's the row call Vernon since its your job to report it:


Word on the street is there's a GIGANTIC BOMBSHELL that's just waiting for the right time to be revealed...Just get your popcorn and watch it unfold. I know that everyone on the "list" believes that they're untouchable but there will be no escape from this. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Well this should come as no surprise to anyone in the Fire Dept because Dees has shown his hatred towards Joe for years

Anonymous said...

Time to circle the wagons again. I wonder if Sisson and Olson's career dissipation lights are fading.

Anonymous said...

Question: Does Ed Sisson aka the "Box Whisperer" have to give himself his own box? Schmitt and Glover should be escorting Walsh, Wilkins, Olson, Sisson, etc. much like they were treated. You know Karma is a -----!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but isn't the one gigantic conflict of interest! Does anyone seriously believe that the lawyer who works for the city, gets paid by the city, and looks out for the best interests of the city will be impartial? That's one of the most insulting things about city hall these days, they think the citizens are plain STUPID!!!