Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Has Rusty Wells Been Violating the Firefighters Rights?

Rick Outzen reported that Assistant City Attorney Rusty Wells has been briefing Council on the Firefighters investigation.

According to Rick,

"Assistant City Attorney Rusty Wells has been briefing the city council privately on the investigation that prompted City Administrator Eric Olson to place Fire Chief Matt Schmitt and Deputy Chief Joe Glover on administrative leave."

Further Charles Bare told WEAR:

“They had deviated from the procedure they used to use and are now using a procedure that’s warranted an investigation,” Bare explained, saying the information came from a private meeting with Rusty Wells, special assistant to the city administrator.

If so Wells should be terminated immediately, AGAIN!

Under the City Charter, the Mayor has the sole power and duty to:
(1) To exercise the executive powers of the City and supervise all departments, including, but not limited to, the power to appoint, discipline, and remove all officers and employees, unless otherwise provided in this Charter."

One of the Mayor's employees, Wells, is disclosing information regarding HR issues relating to two other of the Mayor's employees to people with no need to know as the Mayor is responsible for all HR matters for City employees.

Council has no need to know!

Wells is violating the rights of Schmitt and Glover each time he discloses an internal HR investigation to others when the men Wells says are under investigation have not been informed of the charges against them.

Wells, as an Assistant City Attorney, has no more legal authority under employment law to brief Council on these confidential matters than to brief me on the matter.

Rusty has got to go, AGAIN!


Anonymous said...

Actually, the mayor has to go. Wells is doing exactly what Hayward tells him to do.

Anonymous said...

Both need to go. We pay for our city attorneys to uphold the law not break it.

Anonymous said...

This is Mr. Wells new job:

How many assistants does the City Administrator need? There are two Assistant City Administrator's job descriptions and now a job created for MR. WELLS.

Anonymous said...

Is the "investigation" still on-going? Either what these two did was so horrendously unacceptable that termination is a must OR what seems more likely from everything I've read, there is a major conspiracy and retaliation going on with the EEOC defendants leading the "investigation". A week into the "investigation" and still no smoking guns on the Chiefs. worries there's still time to plant the evidence needed!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the "code red" may have backfired. I'm guessing City Adminwishes they could get a mulligan for last Tuesday. Too much illegal stuff out in the open to cover up now. Time to for serious damage control.

Anonymous said...

Rusty Wells is a worthless piece of garbage who has been a part of what's wrong with Pensacola. He needs to go out with the rest of the trash on the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

Take out the trash. Rusty, Olson, Hayward, and newest lying minion Wilkins. Wilkins allowed black neighborhoods to be poisoned for years under his Environmental and Community Development position with the County and now he's at City Hall attacking more black people with more poison.

Anonymous said...

So, almost 10 days into the investigation that Olsen publicly claimed was due to the EEOC Complaint filed against himself and his Bassett buddy Sisson, it appears that he once again lied to the citizens of Pensacola.

I wonder how far into the real investigation the law firm contracted for by the City was in before the two men were notified? Were they notified before or after the gag order?
Also of note, in Rick's blog today it was revealed to no one's surprise, there was no notification to employees about the changes to the HR manual.

The City of Pensacola needs to adopt 2 in & 2 out immediately! In with the 2 chiefs and out with Sisson and Olson! As someone put it at the council meeting, "Mr. Olson, you need to go home and don't come back!"