Friday, February 5, 2016

Fire Chiefs' Administrative Leave Related to COMPLAINT OF MISCONDUCT

I made a public records request of various documents related to the Schmitt/Glover situation which the City claimed exemption under Public records law.

Here is my request:

“All emails, documents, memorandums, administrative leave letters, HR letters, text messages instant messages, to or from the following employees relating to Chief Schmitt or Asst Chief Glover, their administrative leave and their claims against the City of Pensacola and any individual staff member from January 18, 2016 to February 2, 2016

  • Ed Sisson 
  • Tracy Walsh 
  • Keith Wilkins 
  • Eric Olson 
  • Ashton Hayward 
  • Vernon Stewart”

One statement they made revealed the following:

City asserts that certain records requested are confidential and exempt from inspection and copying under Act and states the statutory bases as follows:

"Section 119.071(2)(k) of Act pertaining to a complaint of misconducted filed with the City against a City employee and all information obtained pursuant to an investigation by the City of the complaint of misconduct."

In order to exempt the data, their must be a complaint of misconduct.


Anonymous said...

well...through their ham-handed public records non-response:

they now have 1) implicated a legal "liberty interest" of the employees (by publicly announcing there is a "misconduct" allegation), 2) without providing them a name clearing hearing or other due process proceeding...

Anonymous said...

What a disgrace our City has become under Hayward.

The City is isolating these fine men in order to recruit/bully other employees to testify on the City's behalf.

This action is retaliation from the City.

I hope they lawyer up and have enough savings set aside, because it will take about five years to get to this court. I hope they hire Joe Hammonds.

Thank you Maren for posting the long history of this case. It will make it easier for their attorneys.

I am very proud of these men that spoke up and filed the lawsuit.
I know how hard it is, but it is the right thing to do for future generations.

Anonymous said...

They don't have to worry about using their savings. The Fireman's Union will provide for attorney fees. In the mean time, they can sit home for the next five years drawing a salary (at our expense) and doing nothing to help the city. Hayward and company don't care. It isn't their money.

Anonymous said...

Oh but wait, the city has informed the press that the Chiefs are not under investigation as of late Friday. Yet they cite Section 119.071(2)(k) as justification to suppress information. I'm no attorney but it sounds like city staff just messed up big time. Thanks for exposing this corruption Maren.

Anonymous said...

Some essential information. Glover and Schmidt are not in the Union. The Fireman's Union will provide nothing. They are on their own if they hire attorneys. They will have to find away to pay of their own legal fees.