Monday, February 8, 2016

UPDATE: Eric Olson On Andrew McKay Morning Show Tuesday @ 7:35

Andrew McKay announced today that he will have an exclusive "interview" with City Administrator :Eric Olson tomorrow on AM 1620 AT 7:35

Rick Outzen requested a real interview with Olson, with real questions, based on his blog today.

Olson declined to be interviewed.  InWeekly is not on the Mayor's PR team since Rick is not in this picture.

Later today I will post the response I received from a public records request of documents related to the personnel action involving the two Chiefs.  What it will show beyond any doubt is AM 1620 scripts out their interviews with Mayor Hayward prior to the interview.  I assume Olson will also be scripted.
  • Questions are texted to Vernon Stewart of the Mayor's office
  • The order of the questions is discussed and agreed
  • The answers to the questions are discussed and agreed
  • Just consider "Audio Upwards"
This interview tomorrow is VERY DANGEROUS for Olson.  
  1. He is the subject of an EEO complaint by the Chief's.
  2. He was so concerned about the appearance of impropriety that when the Chief's were put on leave, he had Wilkins do his dirty work
  3. Based on his and Sisson's new HR manual, Olson is the final reviewer.  Shouldn't he stay out of the public discussion?
  4. The Mayor stated on AM1620 last week that the City would have no comment on the investigation.  Ashton_Hayward_-_Mayor_of_Pensacola
  5. One week, a ton of bad press and a potential illegal act of changing the HR Manual after the personnel actions against the Chief's later, the subject that would not be discussed by the City is going to be discussed by the City?
  6. Why can he discuss it tomorrow but no one could discuss it for a week or disclose it to the Chief's?
For all involved...TAPE THE "INTERVIEW" in case a podcast of the interview conveniently is not made.

Tape it for the EEOC complaint.
Tape it for a possible Firefighter Bill of Rights violation claim.
Tape it for a possible State Attorney inquiry regarding conspiracy regarding the HR practices.

Andrew, if you don't get the City Administrator to answer what he said he would when he made the boneheaded decision to provide evidence in the form of your interview, at least ask the former naval officer what the heck he was thinking when he acted like the village idiot in front of the President of the United States.

Hope Olson doesn't call my boss...Oh, I don't have one.

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Anonymous said...

Olsen is an embarrassment to all military personnel.