Wednesday, February 10, 2016

City Employees...Introducing your new HR Manual

Today on AM 1620, Mayor Hayward was asked what will happen to the Chiefs under the City's administrative leave policy after the paid 10 calendar day limit noted in the City's HR Manual expires.

In the interview, Hayward states:

"If I can extend it, if its legally able to do that...blah blah blah"

Excuse me?  Doesn't the HR Manual mean anything?

Its states:

"If separation from employment or some other form of resolution does not occur within the ten (10) calendar days, personal time off leave or leave without pay must be used in lieu of administrative leave."


HR Manual Page 36

By the way Sisson, you are terrible at your job!

The HR Manual you changed without telling any employees still lists the Personnel Board you and Olson abolished in the table of contents in Section F.

Does no law, rule, statute, policy, commandment or any authority ever apply to the Mayor in Pensacola?

I have developed a new HR manual for the Mayor.  Please find it below.


Anonymous said...

Even after all of this, I can imagine Rusty Wells or one of the other overpaid, incompetent attorneys telling Hayward, "Don't worry, we can fix this". If this crap wasn't costing the tax payers so much, this would be comical.

Anonymous said...

Close Maren. Very close. Welcome to the intersection of arrogance and ignorance:

I am the the mayor. Whatever my pinheads tell me the rules are, are the rules. I really don't care. Haven't read them anyway. Wouldn't know if they are right or wrong.

I do what my pinheads tell me whenever they want me to (as long as ther is a script and a camera). They only bring me out when they need a smile and photo. No camera = no mayor.

If you don't like it, one of my pinheads will decide to fire you and we will send you a box, a pinhead and a witness. I don't care. Up to them. I can barely find city hall much less run it.

I won't know and certainly don't care. I'm the mayor i got mine.

See me riding around in my Lexus and charging meals and mileage to you suckers, I mean citizens. Now Jerry, when is the Masters? If I give you, my dads company, and Roads Inc some more no bid contracts, can I go? Please?

Those are the real rules. You give that empty headed stuffed shirt WAY too much credit. He can't run two sentences together without saying like or you know. How the heck can he sort through EEOC issues?

Anonymous said...

And he's just stupid enough to keep believing Rusty Wells. Think about it, there has never in the history of Pensacola been this many screw-ups and news articles written about any of our former Mayor's administrations. The word "Strong" mayor is not written anywhere in the new Charter. It's a term he coined for himself. Mayor Hayward is not strong. He is not a leader.

Anonymous said...

Well city employees there you have it! Proof that Hayward and his henchmen could care less about you. Remember that he has removed ALL of your rights as an employee to appeal anything they do to you. Your appeal will be put in the incapable hands of Ed Sisson and Eric Olson. Enjoy the rest of your career suppressed and unable to speak up regardless of how egregiously you've been treated. So glad that I don't have to work under such deplorable conditions.

Anonymous said...

Contract employees have been told the entire manual doesn't apply to them anyways.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor should be investigated for trying to run City Employees over while speeding in his Lexus in the City Hall parking lot. He's done this to at least 5 7 different people including me.

Anonymous said...

Rusty Wells can spin whatever the Mayor wants.

He can throw in all the lawyer speak and dress it up with legal terms, but that doesn't mean it isn't a fabricated piece of legal bullshit that means nothing.