Tuesday, February 9, 2016

AM 1620 Interview Edited Version - Olson FLAT OUT LIES


In the interview with Andrew McKay, City Administrator Eric Olson first attempts to deal with the "coincidence" of the HR Manual being changed just hours after Chief Schmitt requested the appeals process when put on administrative leave.

He states that the change timing was just a coincidence and attempts to detail the process by which the change was made.

During the October November time frame Olson states that the City realized it did not have a personnel board as it promised the State of Florida in 2013 when the City's Civil Service was done away with.

City officials committed to replace the Civil Service Board with an Independent Personnel Board (Personnel Board)

“Like the current Civil Service Board, this board would
  1. handle minimum qualification changes,
  2. hear disciplinary appeals from city employees not otherwise protected by collective bargaining contracts, and
  3. be provided an attorney.
The Personnel Board would be composed of three members: one selected by the mayor, one selected by the employees, and one selected by the first two. Each would serve two-year terms. The existing Civil Service Board would assume the role of the new Personnel Board, where the members would finish their current terms and then hold elections according the policies governing the Personnel Board.”


He states the City needed the Board going forward and had a HR case that had reached that level so nominations were taken and an election scheduled for December 2, 2015.

THE ONLY NOMINEES were Kurt Larson, who would have to resign from the City Planning Board to sit on the Personnel Board and, yep, Maren DeWeese.

In a senior management meeting held during this time frame, Sisson stated to the entire Senior staff that there "was a nominee for the Personnel Board that we all know we can't have that individual be on the board.  We can't let that happen".

I don't know what Sisson has against Kurt Larson to make him say that!

Amazingly, the incident immediately requiring the Board was settled and the vote of all City employees to anonymously elect an independent representative to hear their HR cases scheduled for December 2, 2015 was cancelled on December 1, 2015 by Ed Sisson with no explanation.

Subsequent to that, the Personnel Board committed to the State of Florida was completely scrapped and now all power sits with the HR manager and the City administrator.

Olson lied.  Otherwise, Mr. Olson, hold the election!  Your Boss committed to the State, you have 2 nominees.

Let the City employees vote!  They don't want to live under Sisson/Olson tyranny.


CJ Lewis said...

Would not the city employees be subject to the policy in place at the time of the suspension? The City Charter's Section 4.01.(a)(1) grants only to the Mayor the power to suspend a city employee in the executive branch, "To exercise the executive powers of the City and supervise all departments, including, but not limited to, the power to appoint, discipline, and remove all officers and employees, unless otherwise provided in the Charter." Section 4.01.(a)(8) the suspension of a department head does not apply to permanent Interim Fire Chief Schmitt because the only way a person can become a department head is if the Council confirms the Mayor's nomination of a person to be a department head as provided in Section 4.01.(a)(7). Bottom line, notwithstanding who signs what forms, any and all administrative actions being taken against an employee of the executive branch of city government is taking in the name of the Mayor exercising the delegated authority of the Mayor. Ironically, this was the issue in the case improperly cited as controlling authority when City Attorney Messer argued that the Mayor's administrative authority extended beyond the executive branch. In that Tampa case involving a Police Captain who ran to be elected Mayor, the case having nothing to do with a separation of powers but what triggered Florida's Resign to Run Law, the court found that it was the Mayor who supervised the Police Captain not the Police Chief. By the way, Channel 3 had something about this last night on the 10 pm news and said it was going to have an interview with Olson tonight.

Anonymous said...

I called city hall to make an appointment to meet with Mayor Hayward.
Was transferred a few times, until Zachary Michael picked up.
And hung up.
That's how the Hayward administration handles city business.

Anonymous said...

McKay asked the obvious question: why would Olson and Sisson not also be placed on administrative leave, if this is a standard procedure to ensure the integrity of the investigation? His answer was it was the recommendation of the city's counsel, but that just doesn't pass muster.

Anonymous said...

I heard that both Schmitt and Glover are military veterans. If true that makes this all even more disgraceful...Is this the city's special way to say, "Thank you for your service"? How could anyone work under this horrible administration? Smh

Anonymous said...

The fix was in from the start! I've seen a lot of backstabbing railroad jobs in my day but this all had to be orchestrated from the top. Now that city administration has totally destroyed all credibility, it will be interesting to hear from the two public servants who were obvious targets that had to be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

The job requirements were changed in the HR book for Derek Cosson.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if they're vets but I do know that it's Black History month and Hayward made sure to make an "appearance" at the MLK parade last month and of course he will be there for the Kick Off forthe Chappie James Museum and flight academy photo ops. He's got to "appear" pro-black so he can continue to exploit African Americans! Oh, and please don't be hoodwinked by the, "David Alexander's the police chief how could he be racist" mumbo jumbo. What most don't realize is how desperately Ashton begged and pleaded with Chip Simmons to stay.

Anonymous said...

Neither Cosson nor Wells were put on leave during their investigations

Anonymous said...

If this is an investigation, why did Wilkins follow the firing protocol? They tried to screw these guys. People rose up. Now, they are trying to walk it back and failing miserably.

Anonymous said...

If this is an investigation, why did Wilkins follow the firing protocol? They tried to screw these guys. People rose up. Now, they are trying to walk it back and failing miserably.