Monday, January 25, 2016

Team Kerrigan All In on Studer Bashing

Mayor Hayward's string puller, Bob Kerrigan, has let his dogs, Cosson and Buchanan, loose in attacking Quint Studer on all fronts.

It started last week when Studer announced his resignation from the Studer Group.  Kerrigan "wrote" this nonsensical post on his blog.

Kerrigan is one of the only people I know who makes Donald Trump look focused.  Another wild Kerrigan tangent.

It continued as The Pulse, Cosson and Buchanan's "Blog for all things Pro-Hayward", who has only one main advertiser besides Buchanan's pedicab business, Kerrigan, began stating that the Studer Apartment development was suspended.  They had to walk the story back at least 4 times in the first night as the facts and rebuttal came out.

So that no one is confused, this is the same site that scored a videotaped sit down interview with the Mayor.  A Mayor who hasn't allowed other outlets a press conference in a year or more.

But that's what Kerrigan wanted so that's what the Mayor allowed.

Kerrigan, Buchanan and Cosson continued by putting up an article regarding the ECUA property and Studer's plans.  Evidently Studer is responsible to Kerrigan, Cosson and Buchanan for the timeline of his developments.

And finally, a hit piece where Cosson, clearly doing Kerrigan's bidding, tries to slam Studer while trying to mask the hit piece wrapped in faux admiration and appreciation.

Cosson states "I’m no Studer hater." as he writes "He’s a human being, just like you and me, and as we’ve seen with ventures like BLAB-TV and Bubba’s Sweet Spot, he’s not immune to failure or incapable of breaking promises."

Wow!  Bubba's Sweet Spot is a failure and its not even open?  And BLAB.  Better watch out Cosson. Studer only took that station to make Hayward's other string puller Levin happy.

As far as business people, Studer seems to have a better track record than either Cosson or Buchanan. Buchanan's pedicab sits unused day after day in front of Pensacola Bay Brewery and the Pulse appears to be reliant on Kerrigan for the vast majority of its support.

Well, I have some bad news for you Mr. Kerrigan.  Your boy Hayward is in a box and Quint Studer has the key.

The Mayor will be stroking a big check towards a parking deck for the Studer Apartments and the Mayor is already stroking a check for the Corrine Jones Pond that benefits Studer's ECUA property.

That's how big investments are treated, with help towards the infrastructure needed.

And here is what must hurt the most Mr. Kerrigan.  After six years, your boy Hayward still hasn't delivered on your opened up Government Street and your roundabout.

Ouch!  That must sting.


Anonymous said...

Cosson's post has this teaser text: "When we're talking about public dollars or public property, there are no sacred cows". Which is hilarious coming from him. Even more hilarious considering The Pulse's New Year editorial about "misplaced media priorities". Basically they whined about how the PNJ and other media shouldn't scrutinize the misconduct of a city employee (public dollars) or ask questions about the Longhollow radio tower (public property). Obviously when it comes to criticizing Cosson's former boss and coworkers, there are some sacred cows.

Anonymous said...

Can you feel it? I know I do. Whenever Quint Studer gets on TV and talks about a public-private investment my butt starts to pucker up! And whenever Studer lapdog Larry Johnson is on the same TV broadcast stating “I will do whatever it takes to make this project happen” you should all tie a frying pan around your backside! Like other Studer dreams, this one requires the city taxpayers to invest megabucks into Studer’s business so that Studer can make more money. Studer’s plan is for the taxpayers to pay for an unprofitable parking garage while he holds on to the money-making rental apartment units. This is very much the same scheme he pulled with the baseball stadium scam. By the way, don’t expect our mayor or most city council members to protect the city taxpayers from Quint Studer’s latest quest to raid the city treasury.

I do not find Kerrigan’s article to be “Studer Bashing.” It is simple a satirical piece making fun of a guy with a head so bloated that he wants the whole world to know every time he scratches his butt. It also makes fun of our local media that dutifully obliges the egomaniac and reports to us every time Studer scratches his butt. Channel 3 was so lacking in original news articles that it actually reported the same butt-scratching story about Studer two nights in a row. In order to understand Kerrigan’s article, however, you have to actually have a sense of humor!

Derek Cosson and Drew Buchanan are Studer lovers from way back. So telling us that these two are “attacking Quint Studer” is way out of line. What is happening, girlfriend, is that even these two nitwits are starting to realize that Studer is nothing more than a bag of hot air. Their articles are simply comparing the hot air that comes out of Studer’s lips to what he actually does. Don’t expect to see articles like that in the News Journal.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the puppet masters have a big hand in making sure those two Mayorial Cheerleaders keep their site up and running. If you cannot get favorable press from the other news outlets....make your own. PERCEPTION is everything to the Mayor and his two lap dogs (D&D).

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous at 1:06

I am laughing at you not with you.
Larry a Studer lap dog? What are you smoking?
The City made a promise (EDATE) it failed to keep which Studer relied on.
How do you know what the parking deal is? It hasn't even been discussed yet?
Kerrigan has a Studer issue. Has for years. Read his whole blog. Man appears jealous to me.
Derek and Buchanan are bought and paid for. Drew was on the advisory board for the Apartment but that was before he needed Kerrigan to fund their blog.
We do agree on the nitwit remark.
Their articles are doing nothing but Kerrigans bidding.
Thanks for posting. I guess its all in how you approach it.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Maren, you seem like you are one of Studer's lapdogs. Reliance? Studer bought the PNJ site and put his development intentions out all over the press BEFORE he asked for an EDATE. The City can't help the legislature's doing. As for Larry, he thinks Studer is sketchy.

Anonymous said...

Maren, did you see Haas center study. The City Hall's most hated group of employees is the most liked by the citizens.Firefighter turnover is at a high because this department is treated so terrible when it comes to pay that the new hires continue looking for better paying fire departments the first day and they get hired. Example of how bad it is. As recent as 10-15 years ago all the ranks in the Fire Dept were within 10% of the PD. Today it's not even in the ball park. Now firefighter and police starting pay are close, but that's where it ends. Fire LT starts at 43,000 and police SGT starts at around 64,000 and Fire Capt starts at 53,000 and police LT starts at70-72,000.

Anonymous said...

What on earth has Cosson ever done? Nothing. What buildings has he purchased, renovated, improved, brought businesses into? NONE. How many jobs is he single-handedly responsible for bringing to Pensacola? NONE. Who cares if Studer takes his time and develops a good business and development plan for his new property? It's his. I don't blame him for buying it. ECUA refused to allow it to be rezoned from Industrial so God knows what could have been built there that would have ruined that entire area. He bought and paid for it and keeps the grass mowed and the trash picked up. Wanna see some real issues of Land Banking? Look up all of Moulton Properties holdings in Pensacola. Look up all of Jim Reeves slum properties and all the other who's who of Pensacola who can't stand Studer because he actually SPENDS his money improving this town and raising property values. Cosson needs to go get some exercise and Vitamin D and quit pretending that he's anything close to resembling a real journalist.

Anonymous said...

Guess what haters? Studer. Already owns all of the prime property in pcola.

So really you can kiss his ass.

Anonymous said...

Kerrigan is nothing more than a prostitute. He has given nothing back to our community. All he does is take,take take. Why isn't his name listed on anything in town to give back for all he has received from pcola? St users name is on every program from the opera to waterfront mission. Hmmmm bob....I guess unless it's a lease agreement for your mistress you won't sign for it.

Anonymous said...

Maren DeWeese says -
“How do you know what the parking deal is? It hasn't even been discussed yet?”

Of course it has been discussed. Where have you been Maren and what have YOU been smoking? I know what the “parking deal” is because I heard it come right out of Quint Studer’s mouth. I guess you didn’t catch that episode of Channel 3 news even though they played the same thing two nights in a row.

Here are a couple of quotes from the D&D blog. I don’t think they made this up, do you?

“Asked what it would take to get the project done, Studer said “it’ll take taking some of the property taxes we pay and putting it into a parking garage.””

“Andrew Rothfeder, a partner with Studer Community Development Group, said that Studer has been seeking assistance and public investment in his $50 million proposed mixed-use apartment development in downtown Pensacola. “We’ve been very public that without some sort of assistance from city and county the project cannot work,” Rothfeder said.”

As a real estate developer, Quint Studer is STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! As a city taxpayer, I have absolutely no desire to spend my money on Studer’s stupidity. Knowing the corrupt people who sit on our city council, however, I have no doubt that they would vote to build a parking garage for the benefit of an apartment developer. Should the city pay for every business’ parking lot? Should the city reimburse all those who have already built parking lots with their own money?

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous at 10:48

Everyone knows parking will be negotiated but what that looks like is undefined.

That was my point.

Hayward can always say no thank you...but he won't. Then you can blame him. He's the CEO, Strong Mayor. Just ask him.

If a deal is done with Studer, Hayward has to own it to the Citizens. No one else.


Anonymous said...

Let me give you a hint about the way the apartment game is played. It doesn't matter how much Studer makes (or loses) on paper. Studer is making his money on the taxes he saves every year from an apartment complex, and Studer is certainly in a tax bracket needing tax write-offs. At the end of five years, after he has bled all of the accelerated depreciation out of the project, he will sell off the units as condos. That is the point where Studer cashes in.

Any one in our city government that votes to spend city money to buy this swine a parking garage needs to be indicted. Our tax money is meant to be spent on the public good, not to enrich a millionaire. Not that anyone in our city government is there for the public good, of course.

Anonymous said...

Cosson. That guy is a joke. Everything about him is laughable. Where other than Penscola, can a Walmart associate with minimal education become a confidant of the mayor and make ridiculous wages.

As soon as the mayor is out, Cosson will need his old job at Walmart back.

He has made zero contributions to Pensacola and has only served to divide the community.

Anonymous said...

How did someone like Drew Buchanan get on an advisory board dictating anything downtown, let alone development? This amature league in Pensacola is becoming a disappointment for everyone who has worked hard to bring a Renaissance to downtown.

Anonymous said...

... zing.

Anonymous said...

Drew Buchanan got on an advisory board because Quint Studer put him on that board. This board is a private board, not a public board, and is controlled by Studer. Unlike the original gist of this blog, Drew Buchanan has been kissing the Studer ring for quite a long time. The fact that Drew Buchanan is on the advisory board (presumably to give advice to Studer about developing an apartment complex) is a strong indicator why this project is so discombobulated....! Either the advisers have been giving Studer bad advice all these years or they have simply said "Yes sir!" whenever Studer told them what he wanted to do.

I don't really care what caused this mess. I just don't want Studer reaching into my pocket (again!) to finance his self-inflicted mess!