Friday, January 8, 2016

Once elected, Hayward tried to forget about Station 3...I had to remind him.

In September 2011, as Hayward's team was finalizing his first budget as Mayor, the omission of the two major campaign promises he made to me and the firefighters, rescue trucks and Station 3, prompted me to remind the liar that he needed to keep his word.  He told me that although not in his first budget the issues would be dealt with in the first quarter of the year.

Typical Hayward...once he uses you for his needs, no response.

FYI...I tried nice.  It didn't work.

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From: "Maren DeWeese" <>
Date: Sep 7, 2011 10:50 PM
Subject: Fwd: Wiggins WOULD NOT allow "Vote of Confidence" for City Firefighters
To: "ashton hayward" <>


Thank you for your continued support of the Pensacola Fire Department.  You made a commitment to the firefighters early in your campaign for Mayor and I look forward to your follow through on the Rescue Trucks and Station #3 funding in the first quarter of the new FY 2012 budget. 

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From: Ashton Hayward for Mayor <>
Date: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 5:30 PM
Subject: Wiggins WOULD NOT allow "Vote of Confidence" for City Firefighters

An independent study released today found "minimal issues with any outside employment" by our city firefighters.

In fact, of the 19 firefighters investigated in this witch hunt, only 1 firefighter may have an issue and it is non-disciplinary, reported the city manager.

When City Councilwoman Maren Deweese called for a "Vote of Confidence" for our City Fire Department, Wiggins referred it to staff. This effectively killed that motion. Diane Mack was vehemently opposed to this action, as well.

Just 38 seconds after the City Council voted to discipline City Attorney Rusty Wells over inappropriate emails he sent, the City Council gave him a "Vote of Confidence." Rusty Wells and Mike Wiggins were schoolmates at Pensacola High, graduating together in 1962. Wiggins "conducted" the investigation of his childhood friend, Wells.

I want you to know that firefighters are heroes in my book. You're willing to put your lives on the line and that kind of honor and courage deserves a "Vote of Confidence" and much more.

In my administration, you will have a seat at the table in the decision-making process. My door will always be open. I will not balance the city budget on the firefighters' backs and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the equipment, training and staffing you need to protect yourselves and our citizens.

I want to thank you for your endorsement of me early on this race. I appreciate all the hard work you've done for my campaign. With just 8 days left, I hope you will show your support now more than ever. Remember, it's our city
, let's take it back.


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Sherri Myers said...

In 2011, the council voted to spend $3 million dollars of LOST funds to build a community/resource center at Legion Field. This project was a misuse of LOST funds. Corrine Jones at Sanders Beach had been completed just a few years before and is about a mile from Legion Field. There was a west side library that was greatly needed and used on Cervantes,just 6 blocks away and it was sacrificed for the Legion Field project. This project was a political pay back on the part of the Mayor and the council rubber stamped it. I was the only council member who voted NO!!! This money should have been used to rebuild Fire Station #3. A true need and emergency then as now. So, for another 4 years the Fire Station workers had to deal with unsafe and unsanitary working conditions. And, will continue to do so until a new fire station is built. I am tired of hearing people say they are not being exposed to "hazardous mold". All mold is hazardous to a lot of people. Perhaps those in charge of the "government" should simply go to the EPA, CDC and Floria Dept. of Health and get the facts about mold and damp buildings. Maren, think the world of you, but you too voted for Legion Field. I know we both have regrets about things we supported that didn't turn our the way we were told or expected. I want to post this but have to prove I am not a robot. Perhaps we need one of those "I am not a robot" things on the dais.