Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mayor Announces New Construction of Fire Station 3

Was it in his budget?   No!
Did he just find an extra $3 million?  No!
Has he mentioned it before? No!
Was the Mayor about to be crucified in the press?  YEP!

But today Mayor Hayward announced on 1620 that he is going to rebuild Fire Station 3 as well as a new Bayview Community Center.

So why after 6 years in office and a union agreement mandating he act did the Mayor wake up in this new year and decide a new Fire Station was a good idea?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Councilwoman Myers had drafted and was to bring to Council an emergency action to rebuild Fire Station 3.  Hayward knew that he was facing an onslaught of issues with the Union and the press if he didn't act quick.
  2. A fire union agreement that stated he must correct the issues with the Station.
  3. He needed to give his loyal water toter Andy Terhaar a political chip.  Twice in his announcement on the radio he made reference to Councilman Terhaar was the representative of District 3.  Andy is up for reelection this year.  Council President Charles Bare's at large term is ending and the two of them life 250 yards from each other in District 3.  Hayward is beginning the campaign for Terhaar with some good ole fashioned spending in the District that Andy lobbied soooo hard for I am sure.
  4. All of the documents I will continue to post showing his broken promises and lies were going to show we have heard his promises before.
Folks, an announcement is a start.  But design is easy...copy station 6.  No cost!

And remember, he is using LOST money from beyond 2018.  He is effectively borrowing from the next Mayor's pot EVEN IF HE IS RE-ELECTED.

Keep checking back for the history of this rodeo.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Maren for keeping the focus on the unsafe conditions at this fire station. The firemen couldn't do it because they would have been fired/restructured out of jobs. Classic example of the lies we have experienced and excuses about no money when they find it for everything they want but don't have it for a real 'need'. The Mayor is only doing this now to get the credit because Councilwoman Myers had it on the agenda to discuss and get resolution to the problem. He's had years to fix this and ignored it.

George Hawthorne said...

I think Charles Bare will "clean Andy's clock" in a District 3 election head-to-head. I like Andy but Charles is a better elected official that has substantive ideas and initiatives that could help this City.

Sherri Myers said...

Maren, Last week I submitted an agenda item for the Council to consider on Janaury 11 and 14 with an emergency ordinance that will declare the conditions at Fire Station #3 an emergency due to the hazardous conditions of the facility where workers live and work. Every year I bring up the funding issue for Fire Station #3. During council's budget workshops I brought up the use of LOST funds for Fire Station #3. As far as I am concerned the City has had the funds to address this emergency. The ordinance, if council passes it, will require the council to hold a special meeting to re-allocate expenditures to come up with the funds. Also, it sets forth a time frame for the Mayor to accomplish certain things, such as have an RFP issued for the design and construction of a new fire station. The reason I use the emergency ordinance provision of the Charter to put this issue on the table is three fold: 1. The council and the Mayor need to act, 2.An emergency ordinance only requires one reading, and 3. The Mayor can't veto emergency ordinances. I find it interesting that yesterday the agenda conference items were published and today I understand the Mayor went on radio to address the issue. I think it is very important that this not become a political issue, but rather an issue that needs to be address simply become it is the right thing to do. Thanks for your continued support for the fire fighters all of these years.

Robert Sanclemente said...

Thank you Mrs. DeWeese for your support of Firefighters and Police. As well as Council Members Terhaar , Myers and Bare. Thank you as well for supporting those protecting citizens in your districts.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Myers, I have read the budget for almost 30 yrs. I can tell you where to find the money to pay for the fire station in just 3-4 yrs. The city will have a windfall of money from the fire pension cost this budget year. This savings could pay for the fire station in a few yrs. If you need the information on this savings Maren knows who to put you in contact with for this information.

Anonymous said...

Help us if Hayward is re elected again or elected to any other office.