Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Funnies from Last Nights Council Meeting

Last nights Council meeting was the funniest I have ever seen.  Here are some video gems that will make you laugh (or maybe cry).

John Peacock lambasting Council President Bare about his DIB opinions.

  • Hand Grenade Politics??
  • Peacock says Gallery Night is MORE than a Street Party.  Really John?  Who are you kidding?
  • Peacock "We have 44 blocks in the DIB.  Only one is good."  That's because you spend all the money from the other 43 on the 1.

14 Seconds into Boyd Forum

Brian Spencer votes on an assignment of a lease that benefits his business partner in an assisted living facility, Ray Russenberger, for the Oar House.

Consent agenda

Oar House Sunbiz

Council President Bare asks if there are any "negative benefits" of a cell tower at the Northeast YMCA.  What is a negative benefit?

  • negative benefit  
  • jumbo shrimp
  • deafening silence
  • irregular pattern
  • military intelligence

Larry Johnson derails President Bare on his taxi ordinance repeal.  President Bare asks the City Attorney as to how to table or postpone an item  At the 6:15 mark you can see City Clerk Ericka Burnett doing the job for the Bobblehead shoving the answers in front of her.

What the heck does the Boddlehead actually say at 7:14 mark?

Roger's rules?  WTH?  Who the heck is Roger?   

Then continue watching as Bare says the taxi driver can't speak and then he completely disregards Bare and speaks anyway.  Bare cant't even call the Cops because they were already escorting other speakers out of the Chamber.  Need more cops Mr President?

Sherri Myers stating " Why have a food truck ordinance if its only going to be allowed on private Property?"  Then she pulls her second.

Then Larry B. stating at the 11:00 minute mark to President Bare.  "I know you like being called President Bare. So I'm gonna say President Bare"

At 17 minutes Spencer tries to turn Larry B's comments to make his case for no food trucks.  Larry's face is priceless between 18:00 and 20:15 as he tries to keep calm.  I endured Spencer's rope a dope too many times, LBJ.  Hang in there.

Listen to the Bobblehead wander around aimlessly through City Attorney Communications.  

If you attend it will be with elected officials?  Really?

OMG...She said she morphed!! (2:50 mark)  Do we need to know about her personal issues?
Do you need to excuse yourself if you morph?

The woman is um....

Finally, Chief Alexander stating that although crime was up in 2015 over 2014 it was actually down! Repeatedly!!

The City should make Council meetings Pay Per View...It would pay for Station 3 faster!


Anonymous said...

The disrespect and disregard City Council shows the citizens of Pensacola is outrageous. I felt bad for the taxi drivers who wanted to speak last night. City Council once again postponed the topic not allowing the voices if their constituates to be heard. Councilman Johnson then proceeds to belittle us citizens.
These are the people you havr picked, Pensacola!! They are suppose to be our voices but they silence us!
Shame on Johnson, Bare, and Myers for the outright display of disrespectful snobbery!
Shame on the rest of the puppet Council for not standing up for the citizens! I hope you all remember this come re-election time.
Its time to clean house in the Council Chambers!

Anonymous said...

If Bare's deal passes, it wont help Uber or Lyft, or put them on even footing with taxis. What it will do, by wiping out EVERY LINE of the ordnance, is make everyone eligible to go park in front of the International Airport, the malls, or where ever.... and offer rides. There will be no rules, no over site by anyone in authority, everythoing will be free game.
Might be a great retirement gig for a few days a week. I do have a nicer car than most!!

Mark Clabaugh said...

"Finally, Chief Alexander stating that although crime was up in 2015 over 2014 it was actually down! Repeatedly!!"

Chief Alexander learned that from Sheriff David Morgan and Chief Deputy Haines. They say this repeatedly while people are being gunned down just around the corner from them.

I think that's a new take on "Say it enough times and it becomes the truth".