Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fire Station 3 - Budget Summary for FY 2010

FY 2010 was my first year on Council. It was prior to the Hayward Administration.  During this year while Station 6 was under construction, I pushed for the City to address the issues with Station 3.  As a result, $286,104 was budgeted for the rehab of Station 3.  That money was diverted to Station 6.

The budget commentary stated:


  • 􀀗 Develop applicable compliant specifications for new apparatus, equipment and uniforms that meet current national and safety standards.
  • 􀀗 Provide appropriate renovations and upgrades to existing facilities to extend their service life.
  • 􀀗 Maintain older fire apparatus creatively and effectively to extend their service life in lieu of apparatus manufacturers being out of business.
  • 􀀗 Obtain funding for a regular replacement program for apparatus and necessary special equipment, such as breathing apparatus.
  • 􀀗 Upgrade older facilities when funding permits to utilize the latest in building energy saving technology.

See pages 94 and 218 of the budget

The unfunded Penny for Progress project list stated:

Fire Station #3 is 40 years old. It is fast approaching the end of its life span without major renovations, like currently in process at Station #6. The exterior brick and vermiculite insulation need to be removed to address moisture issues. The interior components, appliances, HVAC systems and other mechanical systems need to be completely renovated in order to sustain functioning operations of the station into the future. We will be submitting a federal grant to fund this project under the
ARRA stimulus packaqe, but will not know its status before the beginning of FY2010. The city would not be required to provide match, but localities that can provide a match are looked upon more favorably. Our recommendation is to use the existing $268,000 for the roof as match to improve our ability for approval.

The "our"above is Barker.  He is still sticking it to the Fire Department just under a new boss!

Nothing was done!  It's been seven years!!

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