Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did Divine Word Falsify Florida NFP Application or Board Resolution?

In 2006, Divine Word Communications (which appears, based on documents provided by Gene Church, to be just Gene and Jeaniene Church pretending to be a corporation) filed with the state of Florida as a Foreign (Alabama) Not for Profit.

In their Board Resolution of November 27, 2006, the Churches claim that the Board (the two of them) desire to carry out lawful activities in the State of Florida.

Never mind their own corporate bylaws are violated by only having 2 Board members, they proceed in their application to allocating to themselves all of the required officer roles called for in their Bylaws.

The issue is that the Board resolution is signed by:

Gene Church as President and
Jeaniene Church as Secretary

BUT the application states:

Gene Church - President
Jeaniene Church - Vice President
Gene Church - Secretary
Jeaniene Church - Treasurer

Did they falsify their Board Resolution or their application with the State of Florida?

Divine Word Florida Filings

This "corporation" is as smelly as a two day old mullet on the dock in my opinion.

Is it time to start undoing many of these actions by these two individuals acting outside their corporate bylaws?

What is the impact of these apparent failures to abide by state corporate law and IRS requirements?

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Anonymous said...

Gene and Jeanine Church plead God's work to get tax free donations from the elderly and then use it to purchase expensive condos in Porto Fino and an in-town mansion in the City, paying no income taxes whatsoever because these expenses are paid by the "church" they operate. The feds need to investigate this corruption.