Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And As for the Hawkshaw Property, Asked, Answered and Paid For in 2009

What else do you need Spencer?  Are you going to keep doing studies until you get the answer you want?

Aragon East Development site (bounded by Colfax St, 10th Ave, Romana St, and 9th Ave.) in the Gateway District is currently under control of the CRA and presents an opportunity to transition suburban scaled office campus over to the urban pattern and scale of the Aragon Neighborhood and Pensacola Historic District.

The CRA should implement the following tasks to achieve the goals and vision for this redevelopment as presented in the Volume I: CRA Plan.

  • Consider either rezoning the property or applying an overlay design guideline to establish a dense development pattern that upholds the principles of good urban design
  • Promote and select a private development plan that achieves the following goals:
− Respects and leverages recent investments made along west side of 9th Avenue at Aragon
− Provides economic growth for Urban Core CRA by providing a dense mix of uses that could include office, retail and residential programs
− Fronts buildings directly onto 9th Avenue and Romana Street R.O.Ws. along wide, tree lined sidewalks
− Buildings should conceal parking lots/structures from 9th Avenue and Romana Street views
− Parking lots/structures along 10th Avenue and Colfax Street should be screened with low walls, landscapes and architecturally appropriate garage facades
− Plan should consider possibility of future expansion north across Colfax Street onto adjacent property
− Plan should include ground floor uses that activate the streetscape along 9th Avenue (e.g. retail shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.)

See page 26


Anonymous said...

Nothing like paying the same firm twice to study the same piece of property:

Anonymous said...

These documents are the CRA Plan and supposedly cra funds cannot be used for projects/activities that are not covered in in the plan.

Anonymous said...

It’s really easy to understand what the council members don’t understand if you will just listen to the babble-talk that came out of the mouth of one of the members. The following quote sums it all up, as this council member turns a simple land sale into a mind-blowing psychedelic experience.

"For example, the citizens had some concern that they mentioned about the last RFP, and so it was wanted to look at those concerns so that those concerns would be looked at.”

Did y’all get that? That statement, in a nutshell, tells us that there is a complete misunderstanding by our council members that we hired to understand things for us. Here’s another quote from the same council member.

“Again, when we deal with our developer community, it was not meant that we were going to work with them, but we wanted to make sure that we were going to look at the information that was provided there, the concerns from the citizens in reference to those two RFPs, and the total process as a whole to making sure that it was fair."

There it is again! A complete misunderstanding of what is going on. This council member wants to make sure that the thing-a-magig is “fair” while at the same time ignoring how unfair it was to issue several RFP’s and then reneging on them. Talk about unfair!

Y’all have to understand that the $25,000 will be money well spent. Obviously, we need to show this council member some understanding and have someone come down from Massachusetts to show her how to understand all the things that she doesn’t understand about doing her job. And this council member is actually one of the smarter ones! She has a Masters Degree from some college somewhere and is the Dean at one of our high schools! If she can’t understand it, you know the others are completely lost!

What I still don’t understand is, when the money-sucking consultant comes down from Massachusetts and explains it to them again will they understand it this time or will they have to find someone else to explain it to them all over again. This is s-o-o-o hard to understand it is making my head explode!

Anonymous said...

Hey council, just sell it as a low to moderate income area like the 21-22 lots at Aragon that were demanded by council. It's in the council's contract with the Aragon group. I'll kiss your #$$ in the middle of palafox and garden if anyone in this neighborhood is low or moderate income. Just another sham by the in crowd. If I had won the big lottery I would have paid more than it was valued at, so that I could build an apartment or condo complex for police,fire and normal employees with a doorman to keep the in croud out. We would have a keg party every weekend. Instead of a wine tasting bar, we would have PBR tasting for free.