Friday, January 29, 2016

Kerrigan Flunky Continues Studer Attacks

The Pulse continues to poke and prod at Quint Studer.  This time it has to do with Studer's campaign contributions and his stated desire to take a greater interest in politics.

In Kerrigan's minions latest "article", Drew Buchanan states:

"The actual influence Studer and other major campaign contributors have over lawmakers and public policy is unclear, but a review of Studer’s political donations shows his potential political leverage."

He then details Studer's campaign contributions since 2006 (over $130,000)

The COMEDY occurs after a lecture on all Reuben Askew did for the state of Florida.  (Evidently some long lost relative of Buchanan).

The hit piece discusses a "LLC loophole" whereby LLC's can donate to political campaigns in Florida.  He pokes at Studer, the Bear family, Terhaar and Cronley.

"Similarly, the prominent Lewis Bear family has given more than $100,000 in recent Escambia County elections through personal and corporate contributions, official records show. The Terhaar & Cronley families have given more than $60,000 under various LLCs and local companies."

Convenient Drew.  Let's dive in the LLC pool and quit wading in the shallow end!

Ashton Hayward Campaigns

  • Robert G. Kerrigan    
  • With 1985 LLC
  • Wetappo Creek Investments LLC
  • Wengor Air LLC
  • Scenic -Cervantes Inc.
  • RGK Investments Inc
  • Kerrigan Family LP
  • Point 3 Properties LLC
  • Farm Vision Investments LLC
  • Ecko Air LLC
  • Diameter Share Inc
  • K Limited
  • Sunshine LMDS Network Inc
  • Parrallel Parcel Inc.


What does that get you with the Mayor?  It gets you this:

From: Bob Kerrigan []
Sent: Friday, August 07, 2015 9:27 AM
To: Ashton Hayward
Subject: RE: Class Against Lawsuit Filed Against the City of Pensacola

A simple legal issue. I would send to John D and he can start on it. He will best be able to advise you. Don’t worry about this one. If the fees are illegal the city will have to reimburse the customers some amount and that would be a compromised settlement amount.

From: Ashton Hayward []
Sent: Friday, August 07, 2015 9:02 AM
To: Bob Kerrigan
Subject: Fwd: Class Against Lawsuit Filed Against the City of Pensacola

Sent from my iPhone

The Mayor actually just forwards City business emails to Kerrigan immediately on receipt so Kerrigan can run the City.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hayward Has Some Ethics Issues to Deal With

Redfish Harbor is moving forward after many, many, many misstarts.  But with that the truth is coming out.

According to the document below, despite the efforts of the partners to conceal the Mayor's participation, the partners are Ashton Hayward III, Matt Pair and Cody Rawson.

Certificate by Members

"1. The undersigned hereby certify that Cody L Rawson, Matthew J. Pair and Ashton J. Hayward III are the only members of the Company.  The Company is managed by its members, even though the annual report filed with shows two managers."

Pause...Clear Charter violation?  Ashton Hayward is a manager of Redfish Harbor and actively participates in the Company.  The Charter states:

"(14) To devote his or her entire work time to the performance of the duties of the Mayor’s office, and hold no other elected public office while Mayor."

Does he get to participate in managing Redfish Harbor from the 7th Floor?

The document also states the group owes $4,758,000 on the property.  Is the Mayor a co-maker of the note to AMFI?  If so, we have an ethics violation as the Mayor did not list any related liability on his Form 1 with the State.

"If you are a “co-maker” and have signed as being jointly liable or jointly and severally liable, then this is not a contingent liability."

Additionally, Hayward does not disclose the ownership in the Redfish Harbor LLC on his Form 1.

Describe any intangible personal property that, at any time during the disclosure period, was worth more than 10% of your total assets, and state the business entity to which the property related. Intangible personal property includes things such as cash on hand, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, vehicle leases, interests in businesses, beneficial interests in trusts, money owed you, Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) accounts, the Florida Prepaid College Plan, and bank accounts. Intangible personal property also includes investment products held in IRAs, brokerage accounts, and the Florida College Investment Plan. Note that the product contained in a brokerage account, IRA, or the Florida College Investment Plan is your asset—not the account or plan itself.

In order to decide whether the intangible property exceeds 10% of your total assets, you will need to total the fair market value of all of your assets (including real property, intangible property, and tangible personal property such as jewelry, furniture, etc.). When making this calculation, do not subtract any liabilities (debts) that may relate to the property. Multiply the total figure by 10% to arrive at the disclosure threshold. List only the intangibles that exceed this threshold amount.

Form 1 Link...See Instructions

Assume the intangible value of Redfish Harbor LLC (not considering debts) is at least $4,758,000 (the amount of the debt).

Assume the Mayor owns only 10% of Redfish Harbor (not 1/3).

The fair market value of the Mayor's total assets would have to exceed $4,758,000 for the investment in Redfish Harbor to not meet the 10% threshold and require disclosure.

Umm.  Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Per Form 1

In addition, failure to make any required disclosure constitutes grounds for and may be punished by one or more of the following: disqualification from being on the ballot, impeachment, removal, or suspension from office or employment, demotion, reduction in salary, reprimand, or a civil penalty not exceeding $10,000. [s. 112.317, F.S.]

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And As for the Hawkshaw Property, Asked, Answered and Paid For in 2009

What else do you need Spencer?  Are you going to keep doing studies until you get the answer you want?

Aragon East Development site (bounded by Colfax St, 10th Ave, Romana St, and 9th Ave.) in the Gateway District is currently under control of the CRA and presents an opportunity to transition suburban scaled office campus over to the urban pattern and scale of the Aragon Neighborhood and Pensacola Historic District.

The CRA should implement the following tasks to achieve the goals and vision for this redevelopment as presented in the Volume I: CRA Plan.

  • Consider either rezoning the property or applying an overlay design guideline to establish a dense development pattern that upholds the principles of good urban design
  • Promote and select a private development plan that achieves the following goals:
− Respects and leverages recent investments made along west side of 9th Avenue at Aragon
− Provides economic growth for Urban Core CRA by providing a dense mix of uses that could include office, retail and residential programs
− Fronts buildings directly onto 9th Avenue and Romana Street R.O.Ws. along wide, tree lined sidewalks
− Buildings should conceal parking lots/structures from 9th Avenue and Romana Street views
− Parking lots/structures along 10th Avenue and Colfax Street should be screened with low walls, landscapes and architecturally appropriate garage facades
− Plan should consider possibility of future expansion north across Colfax Street onto adjacent property
− Plan should include ground floor uses that activate the streetscape along 9th Avenue (e.g. retail shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.)

See page 26

Save the $25,000; Open the Drawer; The Answers are Already There

In 2009 the CRA paid a firm $200,000 to put together a Master Plan for the CRA.  What did it say?

The CRA Economic Development strategy is comprised
of the following key components:
1. Residential
2. Retail
3. Office
4. Tourism, Arts and Entertainment

Opportunities for construction of housing in the Downtown core should concentrate on higher- density housing types which support urban development and redevelopment. This includes rental lofts and apartments, for-sale lofts and apartments, and for-sale townhouses/rowhouses and live-work flex units.

Multi-Family Development (For-Rent) The lack of apartment options in the CRA has effectively reduced its appeal to those people who: (1) can’t afford to live in a single family home, (2) don’t
wish to live in a single family home, or (3) don’t wish to care for a large home and lawn. People in their twenties and early thirties; one of the key demographic groups underrepresented downtown,
often prefer to rent as they begin to establish their careers and are not yet ready for marriage or
financially ready to purchase a home.

In a traditional neighborhood development within the CRA, the base rent price for multi-family
apartments would be $650/month for a 550 SF studio, $850/month for a 750 SF 1br/1ba unit,
$1,050/month for a 2br/1ba unit, and $1,200/month for a 1,100 SF 2br/2ba unit.

The limited availability of condominium developments in the CRA is also a constraining
factor for some people who would live in Downtown Pensacola. These housing types are desirable to first homebuyers, empty-nesters, investors, and second homebuyers. They typically are smaller in size than single family homes and sit on less land area. In the case of condominiums, no land area transfers with the unit and thus the cost of land does not contribute greatly to the purchase price, which can improve their affordability.

According to Zimmerman/Volk, the for-sale price range for condominiums could vary greatly. The
range for a soft loft unit would be $145,000 for a 600 SF studio, $190,000 for an 800 SF 1br/1ba,
$235,000 for a 1,000 SF 2br/1ba, and $290,000 for a 1,250 SF 2br/2ba. For high-rise or luxury units, forsale mansion apartments would be priced at $215,000 for an 850 SF studio, $325,000 for a
2br/2ba 1,300 SF unit, and $375,000 for a 1,500 SF 2br/2.5ba/den unit.

2009 Master Plan

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hey Fire Department, Kerrigan Doesn't Think You Need a New Station

Bob says:

"This is not a municipal meeting building; a fire station building receives minimal public use. Is it really a good idea to build a new one with our money without really exploring other options?"

Sounds exactly like his minion Hayward's quote to me in 2011.

"Come on Maren.  Three guys in a new Fire Station is not economic development."  - Ashton J. Hayward III

Thank goodness Hayward doesn't listen to Bob all the time.  But Hayward hasn't made a proposal to Council yet either has he?

Will Hayward waffle?

Sherri keep that emergency ordinance handy!!!  Stranger things have happened.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Team Kerrigan All In on Studer Bashing

Mayor Hayward's string puller, Bob Kerrigan, has let his dogs, Cosson and Buchanan, loose in attacking Quint Studer on all fronts.

It started last week when Studer announced his resignation from the Studer Group.  Kerrigan "wrote" this nonsensical post on his blog.

Kerrigan is one of the only people I know who makes Donald Trump look focused.  Another wild Kerrigan tangent.

It continued as The Pulse, Cosson and Buchanan's "Blog for all things Pro-Hayward", who has only one main advertiser besides Buchanan's pedicab business, Kerrigan, began stating that the Studer Apartment development was suspended.  They had to walk the story back at least 4 times in the first night as the facts and rebuttal came out.

So that no one is confused, this is the same site that scored a videotaped sit down interview with the Mayor.  A Mayor who hasn't allowed other outlets a press conference in a year or more.

But that's what Kerrigan wanted so that's what the Mayor allowed.

Kerrigan, Buchanan and Cosson continued by putting up an article regarding the ECUA property and Studer's plans.  Evidently Studer is responsible to Kerrigan, Cosson and Buchanan for the timeline of his developments.

And finally, a hit piece where Cosson, clearly doing Kerrigan's bidding, tries to slam Studer while trying to mask the hit piece wrapped in faux admiration and appreciation.

Cosson states "I’m no Studer hater." as he writes "He’s a human being, just like you and me, and as we’ve seen with ventures like BLAB-TV and Bubba’s Sweet Spot, he’s not immune to failure or incapable of breaking promises."

Wow!  Bubba's Sweet Spot is a failure and its not even open?  And BLAB.  Better watch out Cosson. Studer only took that station to make Hayward's other string puller Levin happy.

As far as business people, Studer seems to have a better track record than either Cosson or Buchanan. Buchanan's pedicab sits unused day after day in front of Pensacola Bay Brewery and the Pulse appears to be reliant on Kerrigan for the vast majority of its support.

Well, I have some bad news for you Mr. Kerrigan.  Your boy Hayward is in a box and Quint Studer has the key.

The Mayor will be stroking a big check towards a parking deck for the Studer Apartments and the Mayor is already stroking a check for the Corrine Jones Pond that benefits Studer's ECUA property.

That's how big investments are treated, with help towards the infrastructure needed.

And here is what must hurt the most Mr. Kerrigan.  After six years, your boy Hayward still hasn't delivered on your opened up Government Street and your roundabout.

Ouch!  That must sting.

Friday, January 22, 2016

New State Corruption Push is More of the Same

The Florida Legislature is talking tough on public corruption.  This is nothing new.  As recently as 2010 the Florida Department of Statewide Prosecution convened a Statewide Grand Jury to look at public corruption.

Below is a link to their findings:$file/19thSWGJInterimReport.pdf

Some statements in the report are a little to close to home for many of our elected officials.  Some even make the statement in the press.

  • "We heard testimony about a legislator who wanted to secure parking for a football game in a full lot. When the legislator was told he would not be let in, he tried to use his public position of authority to gain access to the parking lot. We find no reason that actions such as this should require a corrupt element to be a civil violation of the Code of Ethics."
  • "Amend F.S. 112.3143 by replacing the language “special private gain or loss” with “any gain or loss.”
  • "In addition, the Florida House and Senate have rules requiring disclosure of potential conflicts of interest and abstention from voting. House and Senate rules can be stricter than the Florida statutes. Both Senate and House rules regarding conflict of interest use the term “special private gain”. Senate Rule 1.20 requires every Senator, unless excused, to be present and vote on each question in Chamber or committee. “However, a Senator may abstain from voting if, in the Senator’s judgment, a vote on a question would constitute a conflict of interest as defined in section 112.312(8), Florida Statutes.”
I don't hold out too much hope for the revisions.  Neither did the 2010 Grand Jury but their report did state this...

This discussion raises the other issue of the effectiveness of corruption prosecutions in the state system versus the federal system. While not the focus of this Report, it does bear comment. There are two distinct advantages to law enforcement in the federal system – superior resources and secrecy. The government’s resources allow them to develop corruption cases over years and particularly in this area, that makes a big difference. While it seems odd to discuss secrecy in a report on transparency, we must acknowledge that without secrecy, witnesses are reluctant to come forward against powerful political figures. 

These citizens recommendations as a Grand Jury were largely ignored by the State.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Roads Inc. is UPSET!

The 2016 Street Reconstruction Project was recently awarded to Gulf Atlantic Constructors Inc.

In the email below, Roads Inc. begins what I hear has become an all out campaign by the Company to run Derrik Owens out of his job as City Engineer.

Roads Inc. was loving Derrik Owens when he was approving contract bonuses a few years ago that weren't earned and no-bid emergency road work after the flood.

I'm sure Cody Rawson and Ashton Hayward have NEVER discussed this at Redfish Harbor meetings.

From: Josh Haggard <>
Sent: Thursday, January 7, 2016 5:16 PM
To: Brad Hinote
Cc: Derrik Owens; Rebecca Donahue; George Maiberger; Charles Bare; Brian Spencer; P.C. Wu; Sherri Myers; Andy Terhaar; Larry B. Johnson; Gerald Wingate; Jewel Cannada-Wynn; Eric Olson; Sheri Carlton; Byron Bauer; Stevan Hite; ROBERSON ESCAVATION ; ''; Chase; Robby; Brett
Subject: RE: 2016 Street Reconstruction Project

During the pre-bid meeting, the representative from APAC specifically asked you if you would award this project if it went over budget and you answered that your budget is your budget and you would not be able to award it if the money isn’t there.
We have a published budget through addendum #1.  The total awarded amount exceeds the budget by approximately 27.5%. 
Could you please explain to all of us how you justify awarding this project based on your statement at the pre-bid and the resulting bid results?
Thank you,
Josh Haggard
Estimator/Project Manager
106 stone blvd. cantonment, fl 32533

I will be making a detailed records request to get to the bottom of whats going on.

Oh the irony!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Did Divine Word Falsify Florida NFP Application or Board Resolution?

In 2006, Divine Word Communications (which appears, based on documents provided by Gene Church, to be just Gene and Jeaniene Church pretending to be a corporation) filed with the state of Florida as a Foreign (Alabama) Not for Profit.

In their Board Resolution of November 27, 2006, the Churches claim that the Board (the two of them) desire to carry out lawful activities in the State of Florida.

Never mind their own corporate bylaws are violated by only having 2 Board members, they proceed in their application to allocating to themselves all of the required officer roles called for in their Bylaws.

The issue is that the Board resolution is signed by:

Gene Church as President and
Jeaniene Church as Secretary

BUT the application states:

Gene Church - President
Jeaniene Church - Vice President
Gene Church - Secretary
Jeaniene Church - Treasurer

Did they falsify their Board Resolution or their application with the State of Florida?

Divine Word Florida Filings

This "corporation" is as smelly as a two day old mullet on the dock in my opinion.

Is it time to start undoing many of these actions by these two individuals acting outside their corporate bylaws?

What is the impact of these apparent failures to abide by state corporate law and IRS requirements?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Divine Word Violates Own Bylaws in Operation

In the Not For Profit IRS tax return filed in 2013 below, Part VI Section A 1a. asks the following question:

Enter the number of voting members of the governing body at the end of the year.

Divine Word entered:  2

Further, Part VII Section A lists the Directors and Officers as:

Gene Church  - Board Member and President
Jeaniene Church - Board Member and Vice- President

Divine-Word 2013 Return

However, in the Corporate bylaws below obtained under a public records request from Divine Word Article V Section 1 of the bylaws states:

"There shall be a board of directors of not less than three reputable persons who are elected annually to administer the affairs of the corporation."

Divine Word is violating this requirement of their own bylaws.

Further Article V Section 2 of the bylaws states:

"The officers of the corporation shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such other officers as the Board of Directors may determine and as may be elected in accordance with the provisions of this article."

Again, Divine Word is violating this requirement of their own bylaws.


So what are the implications of these failures by the Churches and Divine Word?

First, there is a doctrine called ultra vires. It is a Latin term that essentially means that acts outside the permissible scope of authority set forth in the governing documents is unauthorized activity that cannot be ratified by the board. As an example, if a nonprofit enters into a contract that is outside the scope of its permissible activities, the contract could be voided. While there may be other arguments that could be raised to enforce an ultra vires contract, acting “ultra vires” puts the nonprofit at risk as well as those that are entering into transactions with it.

Second, if directors act in ways that conflict with the nonprofit’s governing documents, they may be opening themselves up to an argument that they are breaching their fiduciary duties including the duty of due care and the duty of obedience. In most states, fulfilling one’s fiduciary duties is a prerequisite to a statute that basically says the board members can’t be held personally liable for their mistakes so long as the mistakes were made in good faith, out of loyalty and obedience to the corporation, and with due care. By failing to fulfill their fiduciary duties, the directors risk personal liability for any harm caused by their actions.

Read more:

We seem to have a problem with Divine Word and its actions.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Funnies from Last Nights Council Meeting

Last nights Council meeting was the funniest I have ever seen.  Here are some video gems that will make you laugh (or maybe cry).

John Peacock lambasting Council President Bare about his DIB opinions.

  • Hand Grenade Politics??
  • Peacock says Gallery Night is MORE than a Street Party.  Really John?  Who are you kidding?
  • Peacock "We have 44 blocks in the DIB.  Only one is good."  That's because you spend all the money from the other 43 on the 1.

14 Seconds into Boyd Forum

Brian Spencer votes on an assignment of a lease that benefits his business partner in an assisted living facility, Ray Russenberger, for the Oar House.

Consent agenda

Oar House Sunbiz

Council President Bare asks if there are any "negative benefits" of a cell tower at the Northeast YMCA.  What is a negative benefit?

  • negative benefit  
  • jumbo shrimp
  • deafening silence
  • irregular pattern
  • military intelligence

Larry Johnson derails President Bare on his taxi ordinance repeal.  President Bare asks the City Attorney as to how to table or postpone an item  At the 6:15 mark you can see City Clerk Ericka Burnett doing the job for the Bobblehead shoving the answers in front of her.

What the heck does the Boddlehead actually say at 7:14 mark?

Roger's rules?  WTH?  Who the heck is Roger?   

Then continue watching as Bare says the taxi driver can't speak and then he completely disregards Bare and speaks anyway.  Bare cant't even call the Cops because they were already escorting other speakers out of the Chamber.  Need more cops Mr President?

Sherri Myers stating " Why have a food truck ordinance if its only going to be allowed on private Property?"  Then she pulls her second.

Then Larry B. stating at the 11:00 minute mark to President Bare.  "I know you like being called President Bare. So I'm gonna say President Bare"

At 17 minutes Spencer tries to turn Larry B's comments to make his case for no food trucks.  Larry's face is priceless between 18:00 and 20:15 as he tries to keep calm.  I endured Spencer's rope a dope too many times, LBJ.  Hang in there.

Listen to the Bobblehead wander around aimlessly through City Attorney Communications.  

If you attend it will be with elected officials?  Really?

OMG...She said she morphed!! (2:50 mark)  Do we need to know about her personal issues?
Do you need to excuse yourself if you morph?

The woman is um....

Finally, Chief Alexander stating that although crime was up in 2015 over 2014 it was actually down! Repeatedly!!

The City should make Council meetings Pay Per View...It would pay for Station 3 faster!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why President Bare is Wrong on Taxis

City Council President Charles Bare has proposed doing away with the entire taxi ordinance including background check provisions.  Besides the absurdity of a bidding war at the airport, mall or boardwalk for every passenger that walks to the taxi que, the provisions of the taxi ordinance are there for the protection of the public.

Getting into someone's car is the pinnacle of surrendering control of your person to someone else.

Don't you want to know if the person's car you are getting into:

  • is a child sexual offender
  • was acquitted because they were deemed insane by the court
  • is a child fondler
  • is a rapist
  • is a child abuser
  • had multiple DUI convictions
  • is a sexual offender
  • is a prostitute
  • had committed crimes in cabs before
  • had committed aggravated battery
  • had committed robbery with a firearm
  • was selling cocaine
  • exposed their sex organs
In the attached public record obtained from PPD, all of the above have been denied a taxi driver permit by the City due to the current ordinance in place.

Charles Bare wants Council to do away with the checks and regulating cabs at all.

I think that's a bad idea!  But that's just me.  You may want to roll the dice with potential murderers.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Deal With the Devil...District 3 Got Screwed Again by Hayward

As Mayor Hayward was preparing to finalize his first budget for 2011-2012, we had a personal in-depth conversation on his "need" to pay the May's back for their campaign support and his "need" to pay John Jerralds back for supporting him in the campaign.

He felt that without their support in the African American community, he would not have won the election and the promised community centers were his promises to them before the election.

Hayward recognized the Fire Station 3 commitment he made to me and to the firefighters and committed to adding approximately $84,000 to the 2011-2012 Penny for Progress funds for the mold study and abatement to be conducted with the assurance that money for the rehab would be brought before council in the first quarter of 2012.

I pushed him on his commitment until he added the following to his 2011-2012 budget document on Page 327.

Program Name:  Facilities and Apparatus Management

Creating Jobs

  • Control the costs of operational supplies through effective resource and supply management
  • Renovate Fire Station #3 within an effective timeline and within budgeted funds.

At this point I had lost any trust in the Mayor but I had his commitment to bring the Station forward in Q1 of 2012.  Jamie Page of the PNJ also confirmed his commitment for this and the return of rescue trucks.

After the budget passed and the community centers were delivered to the Mays and Jerralds, I started pushing the Mayor, Asmar and Reynolds on Station 3.

By this time the Mayor was not returning my calls directing me to either Asmar or Reynolds.  The new budget was taking shape so I kept pushing.

From: Bill Reynolds
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 4:35 PM
To: Maren Deweese
Subject: FW: Meeting request for Mr. Reynolds

Councilwoman DeWeese,
I am out of the area until Thursday.  I looking at your list, the areas of concern are budget issues. I do not have the responsibility for budget. I would suggest you contact Mr. Asmar to discuss.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

-----Original message-----
From: Elisabeth Buswell <>
Bill Reynolds <>
Mon, May 14, 2012 20:29:53 GMT+00:00
FW: Meeting request for Mr. Reynolds
Please confirm the scheduling of this meeting for Thursday.


From: Maren Deweese
Sent: Monday, May 14, 2012 9:17 AM
To: Elisabeth Buswell
Cc: Bill Reynolds
Subject: Meeting request for Mr. Reynolds

Good Morning, 

I would like to follow up on our conversation from Friday. 

I would like to meet with Mr. Reynolds regarding FY'12 Mayoral commitments for Fire Rescue Truck manning,  Rehab/Rebuild of Fire Station 3. 

I also would like to discuss budget issues in advance of the FY'13 proposed budget.

Please let me know Mr. Reynolds availability this week.  30 minutes should be plenty of time. 

I have some possible times:
Tues 9am or between 12-2pm
Wed  9am or between 11am-2pm
Thurs  between 930am-2pm

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

My Best,

Maren DeWeese                 
District 3 Representative
2435 Semoran Drive
Pensacola FL 32503-8203

Nothing was done on either front.  Just more lies from Hayward.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Once elected, Hayward tried to forget about Station 3...I had to remind him.

In September 2011, as Hayward's team was finalizing his first budget as Mayor, the omission of the two major campaign promises he made to me and the firefighters, rescue trucks and Station 3, prompted me to remind the liar that he needed to keep his word.  He told me that although not in his first budget the issues would be dealt with in the first quarter of the year.

Typical Hayward...once he uses you for his needs, no response.

FYI...I tried nice.  It didn't work.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "Maren DeWeese" <>
Date: Sep 7, 2011 10:50 PM
Subject: Fwd: Wiggins WOULD NOT allow "Vote of Confidence" for City Firefighters
To: "ashton hayward" <>


Thank you for your continued support of the Pensacola Fire Department.  You made a commitment to the firefighters early in your campaign for Mayor and I look forward to your follow through on the Rescue Trucks and Station #3 funding in the first quarter of the new FY 2012 budget. 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ashton Hayward for Mayor <>
Date: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 5:30 PM
Subject: Wiggins WOULD NOT allow "Vote of Confidence" for City Firefighters

An independent study released today found "minimal issues with any outside employment" by our city firefighters.

In fact, of the 19 firefighters investigated in this witch hunt, only 1 firefighter may have an issue and it is non-disciplinary, reported the city manager.

When City Councilwoman Maren Deweese called for a "Vote of Confidence" for our City Fire Department, Wiggins referred it to staff. This effectively killed that motion. Diane Mack was vehemently opposed to this action, as well.

Just 38 seconds after the City Council voted to discipline City Attorney Rusty Wells over inappropriate emails he sent, the City Council gave him a "Vote of Confidence." Rusty Wells and Mike Wiggins were schoolmates at Pensacola High, graduating together in 1962. Wiggins "conducted" the investigation of his childhood friend, Wells.

I want you to know that firefighters are heroes in my book. You're willing to put your lives on the line and that kind of honor and courage deserves a "Vote of Confidence" and much more.

In my administration, you will have a seat at the table in the decision-making process. My door will always be open. I will not balance the city budget on the firefighters' backs and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the equipment, training and staffing you need to protect yourselves and our citizens.

I want to thank you for your endorsement of me early on this race. I appreciate all the hard work you've done for my campaign. With just 8 days left, I hope you will show your support now more than ever. Remember, it's our city
, let's take it back.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

100% Undeniable Proof Hayward Lied to Firefighters to Get Elected

I am so glad I keep everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Campaign promises, in the immortal words of your wife's business partner Fred Levin, are a "expletive deleted"

Ashton J. Hayward III...You lied to me.
Ashton J. Hayward III...You lied to the firefighters.
Ashton J. Hayward III...You did try to balance the budget on the firefighters backs.
  • Airport fire staffing
  • Pensions
  • Rescue trucks
  • Adequate staffing for 2 in 2 out
  • Two community centers as political paybacks before Station 3
Ashton J. Hayward III...You promised the return of rescue trucks...another lie.
Ashton J. Hayward III...You promised Station 3 would be rebuilt when you were elected.  You lied.
Ashton J. Hayward III...You haven't appointed a fire chief after 6 years. You lied and lied and lied.

This email was sent to the Union President just before the election.


This is a copy of the email I recieved from Ashton. I thought that everyone should see this. .......Gary

An independent study released today found "minimal issues with any outside employment" by our city firefighters.

In fact, of the 19 firefighters investigated in this witch hunt, only 1 firefighter may have an issue and it is non-disciplinary, reported the city manager.

When City Councilwoman Maren Deweese called for a "Vote of Confidence" for our City Fire Department, Wiggins referred it to staff. This effectively killed that motion. Diane Mack was vehemently opposed to this action, as well.

Just 38 seconds after the City Council voted to discipline City Attorney Rusty Wells over inappropriate emails he sent, the City Council gave him a "Vote of Confidence." Rusty Wells and Mike Wiggins were schoolmates at Pensacola High, graduating together in 1962. Wiggins "conducted" the investigation of his childhood friend, Wells.

I want you to know that firefighters are heroes in my book. You're willing to put your lives on the line and that kind of honor and courage deserves a "Vote of Confidence" and much more.

In my administration, you will have a seat at the table in the decision-making process. My door will always be open. I will not balance the city budget on the firefighters' backs and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the equipment, training and staffing you need to protect yourselves and our citizens.

I want to thank you for your endorsement of me early on this race. I appreciate all the hard work you've done for my campaign. With just 8 days left, I hope you will show your support now more than ever. Remember, it's our city, let's take it back.


Hey Firefighters...Straight out of his Mouth...Without Editing

"We have to set priorities and (Fire Station 3) has always been a priority, but the bottom line is it wasn't my top priority ... Now it's shelf life is up and it's time to do it. Two years ago I didn't feel like that."

Any firefighters at station 3 over the last six years, print this article in case you ever have respiratory issues.  It could go to the gross negligence claim.  

Can you say punitive damages?

That is not what he told me or the firefighters in his first election run when he needed their support to get elected.  What does that make the Mayor?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Downside of Uber...And Council wants to Double Down

The Mayor is all hot and bothered to open the doors for UBER since he was wined and dined by UBER while out in San Francisco for a "conference".  He has allowed them to operate unchecked in the City.

Here is the downside of UBER which few have discussed:









Here is the contents of the last link:

We wanted to let listserv members know about this rape, which occurred in Cleveland Park early Friday morning. Below is the information we received.

Bill Adler and Peggy Robin
Publishers, Cleveland Park Listserv
A woman’s teen-age daughter used Uber car serve to return to her home last night after a late evening. The car drove up the family’s driveway around 3:30 AM. The girl walked to the door but the driver called her back. When she went back, the driver struck her on the head and raped her.
The family has a security camera in the driveway. The camera showed the driver carrying the girl’s limp body back to the house. She is now at home, trying to rest. The entire family is of course very shaken.

Because of the cameras, they know who did it. As of this morning, he had not yet been arrested, but many officers are involved and he will be.

Do you want to know UBER's's in the last rape allegation

Update from Uber:
While there are not many details available, we take these matters extremely seriously. Uber is working closely with the authorities to help in any way possible. We cannot comment on an ongoing criminal matter, but it is our policy to deactivate the driver account of someone if we receive information that they have been suspected of committing a crime. The safety of our users is absolutely paramount, and we will continue to be vigilant that riders’ safety and security are protected. – Rachel Holt, Washington, DC General Manager, Uber

Sounds like if something happens UBER merely "unlikes" the driver.

That's your Mayor... and a member of Council wants to double down and deregulate ALL FOR HIRE VEHICLES.

  • No required background checks
  • No vehicle safety
  • No driving safety regulations

Google Uber Rapes Yourself.

Mayor Announces New Construction of Fire Station 3

Was it in his budget?   No!
Did he just find an extra $3 million?  No!
Has he mentioned it before? No!
Was the Mayor about to be crucified in the press?  YEP!

But today Mayor Hayward announced on 1620 that he is going to rebuild Fire Station 3 as well as a new Bayview Community Center.

So why after 6 years in office and a union agreement mandating he act did the Mayor wake up in this new year and decide a new Fire Station was a good idea?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. Councilwoman Myers had drafted and was to bring to Council an emergency action to rebuild Fire Station 3.  Hayward knew that he was facing an onslaught of issues with the Union and the press if he didn't act quick.
  2. A fire union agreement that stated he must correct the issues with the Station.
  3. He needed to give his loyal water toter Andy Terhaar a political chip.  Twice in his announcement on the radio he made reference to Councilman Terhaar was the representative of District 3.  Andy is up for reelection this year.  Council President Charles Bare's at large term is ending and the two of them life 250 yards from each other in District 3.  Hayward is beginning the campaign for Terhaar with some good ole fashioned spending in the District that Andy lobbied soooo hard for I am sure.
  4. All of the documents I will continue to post showing his broken promises and lies were going to show we have heard his promises before.
Folks, an announcement is a start.  But design is easy...copy station 6.  No cost!

And remember, he is using LOST money from beyond 2018.  He is effectively borrowing from the next Mayor's pot EVEN IF HE IS RE-ELECTED.

Keep checking back for the history of this rodeo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fire Station 3 - Budget Summary for FY 2010

FY 2010 was my first year on Council. It was prior to the Hayward Administration.  During this year while Station 6 was under construction, I pushed for the City to address the issues with Station 3.  As a result, $286,104 was budgeted for the rehab of Station 3.  That money was diverted to Station 6.

The budget commentary stated:


  • 􀀗 Develop applicable compliant specifications for new apparatus, equipment and uniforms that meet current national and safety standards.
  • 􀀗 Provide appropriate renovations and upgrades to existing facilities to extend their service life.
  • 􀀗 Maintain older fire apparatus creatively and effectively to extend their service life in lieu of apparatus manufacturers being out of business.
  • 􀀗 Obtain funding for a regular replacement program for apparatus and necessary special equipment, such as breathing apparatus.
  • 􀀗 Upgrade older facilities when funding permits to utilize the latest in building energy saving technology.

See pages 94 and 218 of the budget

The unfunded Penny for Progress project list stated:

Fire Station #3 is 40 years old. It is fast approaching the end of its life span without major renovations, like currently in process at Station #6. The exterior brick and vermiculite insulation need to be removed to address moisture issues. The interior components, appliances, HVAC systems and other mechanical systems need to be completely renovated in order to sustain functioning operations of the station into the future. We will be submitting a federal grant to fund this project under the
ARRA stimulus packaqe, but will not know its status before the beginning of FY2010. The city would not be required to provide match, but localities that can provide a match are looked upon more favorably. Our recommendation is to use the existing $268,000 for the roof as match to improve our ability for approval.

The "our"above is Barker.  He is still sticking it to the Fire Department just under a new boss!

Nothing was done!  It's been seven years!!

Monday, January 4, 2016

In Case You Missed It...Fire Station 3 in PNJ

Below is a link to an article from the PNJ regarding Fire Station 3 in the City of Pensacola.

For those that have followed my blog since the beginning, this is an issue that Mayor Hayward used to get me to endorse him for Mayor.  He promised repeatedly that a new station would be built upon him being elected.  These promises are documented.

Over the coming days, I will document all of the Lies, Deceptions and Inside deals that diverted City Local Option Sales Tax funds from Fire Station 3 to fund other political favors bestowed on supporters of the Mayor.

Mayor Ashton J. Hayward III has mistreated, cheated, lied too, swindled, put at risk and abused our Firefighters since the day he took office. Nothing has changed.